The Greatest SPACE GAMES at PAX West 2022

PAX West 2022 recently showcased a number of Space Games, here is a selection of highlights. A few games were also shown and Gamescom, hence they aren’t included in this video (as there were featured in my Gamescom video).

Here’s a list of most of the games from PAX West 2022:

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00:00 Intro and Falling Frontier
01:38 Boundary
03:19 Nebulous: Fleet Command
04:50 Moon Mystery
05:52 Fragile Existence
07:01 Homeworld 3



  1. I recognized every single asset moon mystery used from the Unreal Marketplace. looks like a classic example of buying a bunch of pre-made assets throwing them together and calling it a game.

  2. The engine trails on homeworld 3 are well OTT…

  3. be funny if boundary did real physics and none of those gunpowder weapons could fire without an oxygen atmosphere

  4. Boundary looks to me like a remake of Shattered Horizon, which was another EVA FPS. Given how poorly Shattered Horizon did, I'm not sure how much faith I'd have on its success.

  5. Nice recap. Yeah I can see the superficial reason to compare Nebulous to Homeworld but they are very different games and it’s a bit of a disservice to Nebulous. As a long time HW fan a game that is in my top 2 (usually #1) I find Nebulous deserves to be its own thing and it is great all on its own.

  6. Boundary just looks like a newer version of Shattered Horizon

  7. I’ve known about Falling Frontier for awhile and can’t wait for that but Fragile Existence also really caught my attention, game looks very cool

  8. Pretty weak showing for space games, Where are the awesome games updated for our generation, games like Bridge Commander, Star Trek Armada II, A space version of Subnautica…? WHERE!?

  9. Holy shit Falling Frontier looks ELEGANT AF

  10. RTS is kind of a genre I can only sometimes get into.
    Scale is usually a deal breaker for me.
    That said, these games all look like they have cool qualities, and I'm happy that sci-fi games in general are getting more attention recently.

  11. You didn't link your video about Nebulous: Fleet Command in the video description.

  12. HW3 has the biggest hype for me. Cant wait for that game.

  13. I imagine a space action games with the first five seconds of this clip in first person with all those cruisers and carriers.

    Mind blown.

  14. Look up how you say Boundary dude your saying it very wrong

  15. Played the boundary demo last year and it was so amazing! I will def wait for that one. It's like CS but in space.

  16. Fragile Existence looks like Planetary Annihilation upside down…

  17. Fragile existence looks like planatery annihilation

  18. Im sad Falling Frontier is only single player…

  19. If you were on the discord, you would get lots of news about Falling Frontier. The developer always shares some cool stuff with us.

  20. Wtf is this guy the same as the one from Kursegazst?

  21. Homeworld 3, hell yes!!!
    Just for the epic story alone. 🔥🔥🔥

  22. Falling Frontier in Korean language please. Developers

  23. So surprised he didn't say star citizen. Chris Robert's must of missed a payment

  24. Steam deleted the best one. Which was going around mining rocks and traveling to the next zones through portals.

  25. Falling Frontier is taking too long. They've already postponed it several times. If they don't get ahead, they'll be shadowed by Homeworld 3

  26. boundry looks like a reskin of shattared horizen

  27. Thank god for aa and indy , I would given up gaming without them

  28. I played a zero grav shooter a long time ago , very hard to play

  29. I do not see the link in your video description for Nebulous Fleet Command 😞

  30. there was a newtonian first person pvp shooter very similar in appearance to Boundary a few years ago, although the name of it escapes me.

  31. Great video as always! I’m on a fantasy MMO kick currently but space will pull me back… it always does 😊

  32. I have my eyes on Homeworld 3 but to be honest, the only one I'm waiting for is Falling Frontier. Until then I will keep playing Endless Space 2 🙂

  33. Boundary remembers me Shattered Horizon, and that was a great game.

  34. No Expanse game will ever be an RTS…We need a Cyberpunk in space style Expanse FPS game…

  35. I enjoy your videos as they are very well put together but this one annoys me. Having a video show up in my feed and watching it only to be told to go watch other videos for what seems like half the stuff brought up in this video feels a lot like click bait and that's annoying. Just thought I'd share in hopes this doesn't become common.

  36. And here I am. Still waiting for Sins of a Solar Empire 2… What drove the Vasari from their system? What is the unknown threat that is following them?

  37. Dude are you David Attenborough's grandson? No? The why you talk like that?

  38. Love your videos, but could you also mention (or put on the screen) the platforms for each game?

  39. What would really be nice is if the games let you play offline and then let you online with your progress.
    Then you could save the progress offline prior, and gather resources also..

  40. there's so many rts space games I don't think we need another. Star Citizen is still the best space game no matter how many bug's the game is very playable and the only people that hate on it are the ones that haven't tried it or just hate themselves and life.

  41. Loved your Nebulous: Fleet Command video. Somehow, the game passed under my radar and it was your video that brought it to my attention. Amazing game (especially if one loves the Expanse). Thank you!

  42. I would like a falling frontier-style game but I want one where the ships don't battle so close like they are 18-century frigates! Shoot a missile across an expanse to about 2 to 3 million kilometers and energy weapons far as well but make sure it gets more accurate and closer to a hit with better battle computers.

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