The Future Of Space Games Is Single Player

A look at some of the largest upcoming space games, seems to suggest that the future of the genre is single-player focused. Whilst current big titles are certainly multi-player, there appears to be little lined up to supersede them in the future. At least for now.

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  1. Haven't played any MMO computer games, but, do not think as entertaining as a sit down with buddies to beat up on each other in something like Risk or Star Trader or, even, Parchesi.

    A board game among friends about most laughs ever.

  2. I'm going to disagree. Single player for the win.

  3. It's great that games are becoming more single player based. I think there's a big thing people that play a lot of multi-player games tend to forget is that MOST people who play video games today just want to play alone. Everything a multi-player game comes out the biggest question is always "can it be played solo" because for the majority of gamers they will play a single player game if it has multi-player but does not goes both ways so multi-player only games only get people that enjoy multi-player and most who don't or tend towards single player are just going to avoid the multi-player only games. Games built with single player in mind but then also have a multi-player function instead of the current live service so multi-player people love it but anytime a multi-player games gets a single player mode it's always either just not worth buying the game as you'll probably only play half the game and since it was built around multi-player the single player suffers. That again does not go both ways though because if a game works for 1 single person, that game is then very easy at least from a design and gameplay point to add multi-player into a Single player game as opposed to adding single player to a multi-player game. More people will buy the single player game knowing that if they want to they can then choose to play with their friends or others but if a game is made for multi-player and then has a half ass attempt at some single player nonsense less people will play it. It will always be better to have a base that is fine tuned to 1 person because then adding more people is simply working out the server the bugs introduced. Instead of a multi-player game having to be completely re-engineered to make it at least fun for one person to play. Multi-player has way too many small details from balancing to player interaction and everything else that theb changing that to work for a single person is either too time consuming to do properly so it turns out like battlefield 1, or it turns out like trash where all the weapons either feel way overpowered or way too weak because of balancing from the multi-player side of things. There are just far too many details in games today to make something multi-player and add in single player as opposed to dialing in a game and its systems for a single person and branching out to add Co op or whatever. Obviously multi-player only and single player only games will forever be a thing. But for video games most people want a good story and good gameplay and so far multi-player has basically no good story except in a very few small cases. Single player games are just honestly better for the consumer as well as multi-player led to live service and all that is leading to is developing a game then releasing only 50% of the game you made so you can then sell it to the players for $20 a bop. Multi-player and live service are the only ones to blame for that trash which has actively made gaming overall worse.

  4. I'd have a stab at, 90% of MMO's are played 90% of the time as single player games.

  5. The the x franchise is the type of game I believe the future is it’s an old franchise but it’s model has a lot of potential. You can build your own empire or company from the ground up with full control over everything in a dynamic universe It can be an economy simulator or a real time strategy game or you can fight for one of the factions commanding your own fleet.
    As technology improves games will be able to simulate your life and the life of others leading to a truly unique experience while also having a deep lore to it

  6. I hope we will continue to have quality single player space games. I really don't care about mmo's

  7. I also play exclusively single player games, because, you know… people.
    I do think the Elite universe would make a fantastic single player adventure/rpg/action/simulation game. Frontier already has the engine and assets to build upon; so it would be "easy".

  8. single player needs better automated content generation

  9. I remember way back making the journey out the plaedies (sp) to se the thargoids visiting the planet surfaces. meeting up with players and waiting the thragoid arrival. Atthat time were the first interdictions which were pretty cool. Since then, thargoids were nothng more than more combat which I completely ignored. They were something that was happenning 'over there' type thing. There is so much that could have been done with Elite but was just either ignored or plain they [frontier] didn't care. As long as it works in VR I'll play it as my norm, after that, they can stick it.

  10. Is 'Kerbal Space Program 2' just not factoring at all? Whether single or multiplayer, it is a space and engineering sim.

  11. It's weird, I don't really want to play with other players most of the time, but I still want to exist in a space-based MMORPG. Being an introvert does not necessarily mean I don't like other people, I merely find socialization extremely draining. My best friends are the ones who can inhabit the same space as me without feeling the need to constantly fill the space with conversation. I still want them around.

  12. I've been trying to figure something out: How is Star Citizen going to make money? They've raised over half a billion ($500,075,150) in crowdfunding and pre-purchaseing. Assuming every dollar of that money goes into the development costs, how do they possibly imagine to make back all that investment money? Assuming they set the listing price at $80, they would need to sell 6,250,000 copies at full price to just break even. To double their money, they would need to sell 12.5 million units. Meanwhile, by 2020, Elite Dangerous had sold 3.5 million units for a total of roughly $115,370,000, and that's over 5 years. The space sim genera isn't the largest genera on the market. If it took Elite Dangerous 5 years to move 3.5million copies, how on Earth does Star Citizen expect to sell 6 million within the first year? And that's assuming they don't take another dime from anyone else. I can't see any way that the game, upon release, will make up the investment costs. Everything I'm seeing tells me that the crowdfunding is their revenue stream, and they don't want to release a full game because it will be the end of their golden goose. As long as they can keep selling you a deed to hypothetical ships that aren't in game for thousands of dollars, why should they stop?

  13. We need a modern star wars galaxies,it had ground and space fighting you could build houses and lil villages and even build models of the ships in the game in your house that game was miles ahead of it self and nothing really has managed to come close to it. Elite got very boring for me when they nerfed combat missions making the most dangerous proffession in the game not very well payed,Star citizen may well be playable but its a test of will power not skill to play it due to all the buys and there are many.You'd think with how far games have come we are still lacking for space games sad really.

  14. Just not interested in solo games anymore, been playing solo from 84 till UO came out, single player is a poor excuse.

  15. Someone could just make the engine and allow the community to make their own in game assets. There is, give the community all the tools they need to script and code and mod the game into what ever they like. Could be amazing.

  16. Nothing unfortunate at all about this – My preferred mode of playing – forever

  17. Elite needs a story…. I love the game the graphics and the physics but it’s boring, I’m already a truck driver so being a freighter jockey in a game is epically boring and although mining is entertaining hunting for void opals for 5 hrs sucks

  18. No man sky is annoying. Underground bases refill, 3rd person is annoying when walking, and ship flying though you can change it. Having to start from scratch for any major mission.

  19. Here is a very true comment said recently by Musk, but probably before that as well…. Space is big! Realistically ED exploration outside the bubble is more like what any “realistic” multiplayer would be like… a solar system is probably all the “space game” that we could interact with others in. Even in EVE, the best and most mature of space games, all interaction happens at gates and outposts…. Space is big.

  20. I hope you keep making videos even after ED is shut down and SC stops development after lawsuits.

  21. To be honest…I have more fun playing space games on single player than I do on multiplayer

  22. No man’s sky changed everything love it or hate it . And personally I think the space game genre has always Ben single player and the games like elite are the exception not to disparage elite I sunk at least a year in it.

  23. i play alot of sandbox spacegames like empyrion and starmade and i can say that even if there is 100 players on a server u hardly see anyone cuz galaxy is to huge like 10 000 star systems , pepole still seems to like it but i dont cuz why even bother doing mp when u hardly interact with any players so yeah its single player for sure …

  24. All types of single or multi player have a chance to be fun. It is always the mechanics and content.I played several years ago EVE online, which has plenty of content. But the multiplayer content got more and more annoying to me, you were simple not able to visit many parts of the universe. The main focus is fighting and you meet several psychopats. That is why I skipped it.

    Take Elite Dangerous. They had a quite good mechanic to choose, if you like multiplayer overall, with special people or only as a single player. The best solution to me, you can choose what you prefer. The fascinating with this game was, that you had the feeling you are in a real galaxy. This was new to me. But it lacked of interesting content, it was repetetive, had less interesting content and in the beginning you had the feeling you have to take too much time to fly your ship. In the beginning a challenge not everyone liked to master and it went more and more to routine. This game had possibilities, but the developers were not able to work them out.

    No man´s sky was in the beginning single and boring. They added over the time more and more to generate content. But I´m not sure, because the game is so generic. It is a cozy game, when you do not want to be stressed. But you have quite easy all technologies accomplished (this is no challenge), the generic planets are not that entertaining after some time and you do not have the feeling, because nearly everything is generic, that you can really discover uniqiuie things. It is not a bad game, but it is nothing where I say: This will come to my top 10 list. Overall I´m not interested in multiplayer with this game, it is not complex enough.

    Star Citizen is fascinating with all the new technology. I´m not that curious about space ships flying with several people. This is may be interesting when you are in school and have enough people with enough time. And to discover a new universe with a lot of new things I prefer doing this on my own with the time I have available. So I won´t see some content in this game. But I do not like all the hasty single shooter content, to be honest.

    This is the same with Starfield: I mainly saw ego shooter scenes and this is the last what I´m interested in. Here we have additional the problem, that you have 3 planets with serious content and 997 with generic and may be nearly no content. I do not think this will be a big game. Single player is the best mode for this game, but if you have this scenery, a solar system with 15 – 20 planets is more than enough were you can do on the other 12 – 17 planets things on generic planets whatever the developers want you to do there.

    Overall I´m still looking of a game and I don´t mind if it is single or multi player, where you simple can discover, invent, build and have fights like may be round based in the shape of panzer general or X-COm with a ton of content. I´m tired of all this hectic fighting and most of this sort of games like to go the hectic way. So I try several of these games but I quit most of them quite fast. I know ego shooter for many years and to be honest, you can use 20 year old games for this as well. But this is only my private opinion.

  25. I really think Freelancer (at least what it was trying to achieve) is the standard of the space sim genre. Fun and interesting gameplay with a traditional story campaign for the player to follow. While E:D, EVE, and Star Citizen are interesting in their own right they are really more mmo than space sim as the majority of player time is spent on grinding (or just messing around in Star Citizen's case). The space sims I personally enjoy should strive to follow one of two patterns, Freelancer's open world with campaign mission chain or Freespace's campaign of self contained missions.

  26. for me playing a space game single player feels just as if im alone out in space AI dont cut it for social interactions and just sitting there flying a ship with no one around even with AI just feels like im got lost out in space where im surrounded by nothing but the ship i fly and or the robots that assist in my survival

  27. Having always liked my own company I have no issue with single player games. I’ve always found others to be annoying.

  28. I'll start playing multiplayer games when multiplayer gamers stop being a bunch of wankers!

  29. 'Earth and Beyond' was the the first and best MMO I ever played.

  30. My fear of being alone not only exists irl, but also in videogames

  31. It also depends on the individual definition of what a space game is for each player.
    For example we don't do free-flight in Warframe but it is very much so an exploration slasher combat game where we go through space all the time.

    I believe the No Man's Sky model is the way to go about it where multiplayer is not required but available if you want it.

    Back in the days Star Trek Online had the option to play the story like that and it has been fun, completing a story and then replaying it with a friend or more friends always gave a new experience.

  32. elite dangerous sucked bad. wanted my money back within a week. and im a hard core gamer

  33. I just wish we had one good space-sim mmo. Just one. The rest can be great single player experiences but I just want to pew pew together with teammates in epic large scale, consensual PvP space battles. EVE has the epic space battles but it isn't a space sim. Elite has the space sim going on with great mechanics but no epic space battles. Woe is me.

  34. I would pay big for a single player Eve. Elite is my replacement, but I really liked the manufacturing in Eve. I just can't deal with Eve corporations, that are inevitably a collection of arse clowns.

  35. For a game that's almost 20 years old Eve online is still the "best" one out there.

  36. I am all for the push for single player options only I am tired of all these games requiring an internet connection and require me to play with people. I don't want to play with anyone, leave me alone

  37. There's something deeply relaxing about cruising through the stars and nebulae out there while listening to some sci-fi beats. Having multiplayer would ruin that vibe. Games that require a server also run the risk of shutting down forever.

  38. I'm peeved because Elite Dangerous keeps on disconnecting me due to its peer-to-peer networking setup, but I honestly think that peer-to-peer, specifically blockchain, would benefit the spacing community. I don't mean so as to sell crypto or NFTs (eughh!) but to act as a decentralised database through which the universe and player movement within it could be shared in a reliable and immutable way. That way, if a game had too few players to justify the massive cost of centralised servers, they could still continue play in a niche community long after development had stopped.

  39. I am just playing through Mass Effect Legendary Edition and I can totally recommend it! It really gives the feeling of a futuristic alien world full of whonder and exploration.

  40. If you dont know, that black hole images are from Space Engine

  41. I dont necessarily care about mmo type stuff. But having the ability to play co-op is a huge bonus for me. And being able to mess around with friends looks like one of the few things that holds star citizen together right now. Having an invasion mechanic like dark souls would probably be the best approach imo, where it's mostly singleplayer but a real player can join into your instance sometimes.

  42. Elite Dangerous nearly same with No Man Sky. You can play just by yourself or non limit co op private server or multiplayer.

  43. That's why I'm not interested in any of these titles.
    I don't think it's a trend but rather they choose the simplicity of single player to the headaches of multiplayer games. And it's probably a coincidence, there will obvioulsy be plenty of multiplayer space games in the future.

  44. I wish ED cut back from the "Whole Galaxy" map (maybe with targoid or some other thing) making most of its players to be closer to the bubble. To make it more like an mmo, and let there be more player interaction and faction forming easier with living world events and fights popping up and a stronger more encompassing Power Play presence.,

  45. I am delighted that games are returning to Single Player mode. As someone with learning difficulties, it's almost impossible for me to enjoy or play PvP games. PvP games are the worst thing to happen to any game, even more than microtransactions. Therefore, I kindly request developers to discontinue PvP games. Another problem I have encountered in some games, such as Elite Dangerous, is the absence of save games. I hope they will change "Legacy Mode" to true single-player mode and include a save game option. 👾👾👾🚀

  46. I realy wish there whas a new MMORPG like Eve online. Specialy since Eve turned into a pay to win game.

  47. Thanks for another awesome video mate🖤👌✅️

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