The Fortnite Dead Space Skin Is BROKEN 😐| Issac Clarke

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The Fortnite Dead Space Skin is worth it. The skin is beautiful of Issac Clark and you get the plasma blaster as you’re harvest tool and very cool animations. With this @deadspace skin you will be made whole. #shorts #fortnite #deadspace

The holidays may be over, but ’tis still the season for new Gaming Legends outfits in Fortnite. Chapter 4 kicked off with the reveal that the Doom Slayer and The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, would be included with the Season 1 battle pass, and now we also have the very traumatized space engineer Isaac Clarke to celebrate this month’s remake of the original Dead Space game. Considering what he goes through in those games, a trip to the Fortnite island for Isaac will be like a relaxing vacation from cutting off all those necromorph limbs.

Isaac comes in a bundle that costs real money rather than V-Bucks–it’s one of the few collaboration sets like that, and the first Gaming Legends one. But don’t worry, the value of this pack is pretty great. For $12, you get the Isaac Clarke skin, two reactive back blings (including his iconic RIG that shows your health meter, and a model of the USG Ishimura), a Plasma Cutter pickaxe, and some V-Bucks for good measure.

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  1. Ooh shit they added Isaac?

  2. The health rig is broken, doesn’t show the exact health shown being low or half with the different colours it just goes red and that’s it

  3. Weird bro. Of all my gliders, I too picked the gunbrella to go with him lol also … What is broken???

  4. Seeing Isaac Clark in fortnight pisses me off to no end

  5. If the devs waited after this season to make him a battle pass character , we would’ve got different variations of his suit, the ishimura as a glider, loading image of Isaac, dead space music, his personal emotes as well. Cuz I felt like they rushed him into fortnite to promote the dead space remake game dropping this week

  6. Did they really put dead space in fortnite? Guess who's opening their wallet again!

  7. The dead space remake isn't even gonna be scary anymore since this happened 😂.

  8. Why do the aiming animations on a fucking kids game look better than the remake. I'm hard passing that fucking remake

  9. Fortnite needs to stop ruining the image of great characters and franchises by putting them in their shitty game.

  10. Hahaha oh no kids are about to regret ever looking up who Issac Clark is and the dead space universe Hahaha I shouldn't be laughing about it but it's hilarious my friends little brother is terrified about the skin due to the skin origin and what game it came from

  11. The remake looks amazing, a whole game for just $12!

  12. I couldn't afford the new dead space remake so i got me this skin on fortnite and pretend it's the remake with all those monsters bots

  13. Another game implemented into Fortnite the shit need to stop

  14. Isaac can fly like iron man. He don't need umbrella.

  15. It’s not broken I know because I have the outfit so I know It’s not broken you lied

  16. Tf is that. That aint no plasma cutter

  17. Good to see Jack play a og game he should make a nostalgia Sunday type videos haha love you Jack

  18. having played fortnite from from its inception i fell off years ago and was already disgusted by where it went.
    now they gotta fuck with everything i hold dear

  19. So cool that Isaac Clarke from Fortnite is finally getting his own game

  20. i do like that there is any intense music when you are in combat
    -also this ain't lore accurate the plasma cutter should one-shot everyone-

  21. He set that up like it was a Hasbro toy setup

  22. "We got dead space at home"
    The dead space at home:

  23. Okay the fact that the RIG lit up when he took damage is super fucking cool

  24. I like how he got Plasma Saw as his personal melee since, you know, Cutter wasn’t a thing in Fortnite, not sure if the RIG will reflex HP though 😐

  25. Fortnite desperately trying to stay relevant… SMH another gaming icon butchered by a kids game…

  26. No no no no wait wait wait

  27. The fact that the rig lights up is so dope. I wish I got this when it was avaliable but I really thought it'll be here for a couple weeks like every other collab that stays in the shop FOREVER damn near lmao. Damn you kid laroi 😑

  28. Yes and u most record it that u have it omg u most be dumb fortnite kid

  29. you know they could have made it so his little boosters from his back and his shoes activate when he is diving from the sky or have it as a glider idk.

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