The Fortnite Dead Space Skin Is BROKEN 😐| Issac Clarke

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The Fortnite Dead Space Skin is worth it. The skin is beautiful of Issac Clark and you get the plasma blaster as you’re harvest tool and very cool animations. With this @deadspace skin you will be made whole. #shorts #fortnite #deadspace

The holidays may be over, but ’tis still the season for new Gaming Legends outfits in Fortnite. Chapter 4 kicked off with the reveal that the Doom Slayer and The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, would be included with the Season 1 battle pass, and now we also have the very traumatized space engineer Isaac Clarke to celebrate this month’s remake of the original Dead Space game. Considering what he goes through in those games, a trip to the Fortnite island for Isaac will be like a relaxing vacation from cutting off all those necromorph limbs.

Isaac comes in a bundle that costs real money rather than V-Bucks–it’s one of the few collaboration sets like that, and the first Gaming Legends one. But don’t worry, the value of this pack is pretty great. For $12, you get the Isaac Clarke skin, two reactive back blings (including his iconic RIG that shows your health meter, and a model of the USG Ishimura), a Plasma Cutter pickaxe, and some V-Bucks for good measure.

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  1. I’ve never played dead space before so I was a bit unsure, I’ve just bought the remake now tho so hopefully it’s good.

  2. Bruh, Fortnite really added a Horror Game Character to their Game 🤮

  3. Why does fuck nut need every skin form every game…..

  4. Esto ya me toca la bolsa de los huevos

  5. why ??????????????????? just whyyyyyy???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. No way they have this! This game just keep getting worse and worse. Just end already with porting skins you did your time.

  7. I'm sorry, but they ruined my childhood 💀🤦‍♂️by adding him into fortnite

  8. Damn, Fortnite is pretty much be coming the Disney of video games

  9. I remember that skate three also had Issac Clark as a skin lol

  10. bro i hate when the health bar from the back turned red i thought like it will decresed the health bar

  11. 😱WAAAOOOH😱😱😱😱❗❗❗guy from fortnite❗❗❗I cannot 😱BELIEVE 😱 dead space 😡🤬COPIED🤬😡 ❗😵⚠️⚠️FORTNITE!!⚠️⚠️😵❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

  12. this gameplay is fuckin awful 💀

  13. I’m just going to ignore the stupid skins fortnite adds so I can enjoy my relic games in piece

  14. Nigga how is it broken what are you talking about 💀💀

  15. Why get fortnit all Charakter in the world of games…… ah Cash

  16. Why you crying over a skin in a kids game

  17. Another game franchise i love and fortnite ruined yet another one for me. God i cant wait for this game to die.

  18. i don’t understand how they promote a game that gory in fortnite

  19. Wtf? A dear character is doing in this joke of a game? Fortnite die already!!

  20. Please let me change my name Goddammit says:

    "The Fortnite Dead Space skin is BROKEN"

    (gets only two shots in and dies)

  21. Bro can you imagine the kids checking out where this skin comes from, hahaha they are going to have some reallyyy peacefull nights 💀💀

  22. Isaac jumping is kinda cursed.and no curb stomp emote?

  23. This is even scarier than Dead Space itself. Because you are fighting against spoiled children.

  24. It's Isaac*. How do you own the skin but can't spell Isaac right.

  25. I'm Semi I Stay Automatic Money Add Then Multiply says:

    ISTG if they make Isaac do fortnite Dances. I'll sue fortnite.

  26. Ofc Fortnite leaching off of the most popular characters and trends

  27. I would rather play dead space to be honest it's a way better game then fortnite

  28. Issac quit hitting the GRIDDY WE NEED TO DESTROY THE MARKER

  29. Tell me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure dead space is Xbox exclusive cause I got some people on Twitter saying that it’s PlayStation exclusive, especially the PlayStation fans

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