The First KFGD From the New Studio! – Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.18.22

Kinda Funny Games
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Kept you waiting huh? We got a lot of news to cover from the last week so let’s get to it. Blessing and Tim talk Silent Hill, Bayonetta 3 boycotts, G4 shutting down, and so much more in our first IN PERSON episode in The Spare Bedroom!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:01:58 – “What can we expect differently for KFGD with this new space?” – Nano
00:03:37 – Housekeeping
After today’s episode of KFGD, Greg is living his dream and busting ghosts in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed! Come see him turn Mike into his spiritual partner and see if Greg can live the dream and Platinum the game in a series of sponsored streams! If you miss it live, catch it later on!
We’re playing God of War Ragnarok! And you won’t have to wait too long to hear our thoughts on it. PS I Love You XOXO this week is going to be our preview. Write into with your questions and listen to the episode on Friday right here on and podcast services around the globe.
The Roper Report –
00:05:30 – Konami confirms Silent Hill’s return
00:13:16 – There is also a Resident Evil showcase happening
00:17:07 – G4 Is Being Shut Down
00:28:10 – Former Bayonetta voice actor urges people to boycott Bayonetta 3
00:37:40 – Sony’s new DualSense Edge controller arrives on January 26th for 200 bucks
00:46:00 – Meta has acquired 3 studios and announces a new headset
00:53:23 – A new Mortal Kombat game has been announced, it’s not the one you want Michael McWhertor
00:57:30 – Out today
01:00:00 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Bless & Greg

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  1. It feels so surreal to see the guys back together in person in the brand new studio, love to see it!

  2. been following bless since his okbeast days with alex. much love for those boys. so awesome to see how far both have come

  3. I feel goosebumps through my arm and head.
    the hype is real! congratulations on the new studio!

  4. Listened to this on spotify at work, came back for the video version. Bless’s intro hit hard, twice.
    So happy for you guys !

  5. Man it feels good to see you guys with each other in person again

  6. This spare bedroom is so much better than what I have at home. Where are the empty boxes?

  7. Honestly with how impressive the studio looks, there's no way I can ever go back to the audio only version. A new dawn has risen!

  8. Tim Tim stop looking left my dude, a lil too on the nose for checking on flowness/technical issues.

  9. Bless that was so heartfelt and real, not that I expected anything else but thanks for opening with that and sharing that with us, love you and that jacket is burnt orange Tim 🙂

  10. Congratulations the new space is dope and Bless it’s ok to be emotional man it was a big day!!

  11. Just a heads up, there’s definitely an echo and the audio is a bit quiet. I’m sure y’all are working on it though

  12. Hey all, I work overnights so I always miss the live stream but thank you and love the new studio..

    Listening with headphones and hear a slight echo . Not sure if they matters but thought you all may want to know..
    Love you all

  13. Kinda like an audience,also I would loved it still if they stayed at home but love the love it

  14. the impact that KF has had on my life has been tremendous. thank you for being an escape and letting us dive into video games, movies, and content together with you guys. KF is family. so happy for the heights the KF gang has reached and only looking forward to the future of the channel!

  15. Cracking first episode in your new studio! Congrats! 🎉

  16. Dual Sense Edge does not have the customizable colour fest the Elite Controller has, but that's kinda surface level stuff. In terms of features and finish the Edge looks a lot more premium actually. The bigger question will what the build quality is going to be on this thing. Because the Elite Controller is really one of the worst. Not a personal rant, but it just gets so many bad user reviews pretty much everywhere. Which at the price point of these things is just terrible. The Edge is coming in at 240,- euros, which is pretty much halve a PS5….. That's a LOT.

  17. What a fukkin way to start this new era man!!! Hell yeah!!!

    You guys are getting more and more professional on us but just remember, we love them garbage truck on fire moments! It makes y’all seem real if that makes sense and most importantly it brings out the laughter. Either way y’all killing it and keep up the awesome work guys.

  18. "Ya they had 200 people working on it which was just to many"

    G4 had a team of 200?! For just a web-based channel? That's waaaaayyyyyy too many people.

  19. The new studio is crazy. I started watching this when it was Oreo Oration, A Conversation with Colin, and Gregway. I would sneak my phone out in class to ask questions and talk to Greg in the comments as soon as the videos went live.

    This is an insane come up. You guys absolutely deserve it. I can’t wait to see what happens in this studio.

  20. It really meant a lot seeing you guys together in person. Thanks for letting us be a part of it

  21. Tim Gettys is a loser. Kinda funny is nothing without Colin

  22. I fucking love you guys and can’t wait to see what y’all have in store with the studio ❤️

  23. SOOO happy for you guys. This was truly touching to watch. You've earned that moment, it's been a long time coming!

  24. Beautiful talk at the top blessing. YALL ARE THE BEST. Welcome back, lets have a day

  25. Loved the G4 Holiday/Reunion special. Never had any desire to watch anything else G4 did afterwards.

  26. Oh man.. this studio will be something special here in a couple years.. it already is an amazing new space for the gang to create content in but you know Kev and the squad is going to turn this place into dream studio through and through. Some sound dampening would be nice for now. 😉 Well done Kinda Funny! It is amazing to see vision come to fulfillment for you guys!

  27. Great to see them in the studio, but they should be using that giant video wall to post relevant graphics to whatever they are discussing. It costs way too much to just post a background graphic on it.

  28. I mostly watch colin over at last stand, but I still come back here every now and then. Congrats guys, glad everything is starting to get back to normal

  29. What Blessing and Tim missed about the Xbox vs PS controller is the swappable thumbstick module. Stick drift is the biggest problem that plagues the Xbox Elite controller but you can only swap the thumb stick TOP and not the full thumbstick module. The PS controller would allow you to make up for the abuse of playing games on the thumbsticks that will cause inevitable stick drift one day. I would rather pay 200 for a overengineered PS controller that could potentially last 5+ years because I can fix stick drift by swapping the thumbstick module. This is very very important when paying this much money while getting to pick colors does not fix my stick drift 1 year into owning the Xbox controller. *Note: I take very good care of my equipment and love to test different controllers. I own a Scuff, Battlebeaver, Wolverine and Elite controller currently and must say I really love the Elite over the rest.. but stick drift makes the controller unusable now when I play apex. controller Thumbstick base only lasted a bit over 1 year but that will not cut it for 150 dollars. Thanks for all you do Kinda Funny!!!!

  30. Great moment there in the open. Doesn't get much more real than that.

  31. Let’s gooooo!! Family is back together together!!

  32. I love KF, the crew and the shows. But anyone else think they punch above their weight with this studio relative to the number of subscribers and views they get?

  33. Let’s fucking goooooo. Blessing you’re the fucking man bro. You, Tim and the rest of the team. Love y’all man

  34. G4 shutdown because they heard KF was opening the studio.

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