The Fall Of The Van Der Linde Gang. #reddeadredemption #rdr2 #vanderlindegang #viral #shorts #edit



  1. Now I’m crying again. Someone asked me why I was crying, I tried to explain it to them and the only thing I could say was
    My family they are all dead
    And I blame every death on Dutch and Micah

  2. In red dead redemption, one Sadie actually died

  3. Pretty sure johns kills charles his name is in the paper so they know who he is and john gets off a ferry in rdr1 that imo was from canada cus they never explain it in the game sadie however is not a known member of the gang so hopefully we get somthing with her

  4. Jake and Abigail and John photo let me so sad bro😢

  5. Im so happy tilly made it out, if only poor lenny…

  6. Isn’t it crazy Jack lived long enough too see what cars are and possibly like tv and radio the old gang would never believe him lmaoo

  7. If Red dead 3 takes place when you play as Jack I just hope he reunites with the gang members that are still alive

  8. Me at the start this gang is unstoppable me at the end😢I guess I was wrong

  9. When you realize Arthur the reason why Charlie, Sadie(and more…) they are alive

  10. Чарльз и Седи это единственные кто участвовал в перестрелках и смогли выжить.

  11. Fact about Micah: Micah was actually an Undercover Pinkerton Officer who was Spying on the VDL gang. He kills every new person in the Gang (INCLUDING CAIN) and not Sadie for some reason, idk why. He told the Pinkerton’s Because he works with them.

  12. The entire gang dies i think because jack dies in 1992

  13. Lenny my boah, was cropped out at the beginning sorry 🥲

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