THE EXPANSE Official Trailer (2023) Extended | New Space Games 4K

The Expanse: A Telltale Series is an upcoming video game that is being co-developed by Telltale Games and Deck Nine. It is a prequel to the television series The Expanse. It was announced at The Game Awards 2021.

Release Date: 2023

THE EXPANSE Official Trailer (2023) Extended | New Space Games 4K
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  1. All I see is trash talk comments! well I pre ordered the deluxe edition and Im super Hyped for this game!!

  2. it looks like a tell tale type game. If that's the case ill pass.

  3. Надоели везде лисбух и питаров пихать😠

  4. Don't get much time for games anymore, will get time for this

  5. Telltale games making a comeback. Waiting for Wolf among us season 2 maybe another season of the batman game. Never got to play the GoT one but would wanna see another one of that.

  6. As someone who read the books and watched the show, this looks awful

  7. And in the future there will be only lesbians and people with a dark appearance? Where is at least one fair-haired person?

  8. Это могло бы стать достойной альтернативой Mass Effect ..

  9. Telltale-Schrott. So schade, das es keine richtiges Spiel ist.

  10. 🤔The narrator kind of sounds like Kurt Russell give me a thumbs up if I'm right 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. Why do all the characters look like they are from Borderlands 2 but everything else is skinned like Halo 3? It is perplexing.

  12. I was excited until I saw it was from Telltale… No gameplay just lots of cut-senes no doubt

  13. waiting for a men main character to play a story.

  14. I'll pass on this. Somebody should make an MMO using The Expanse universe. It has all the elements for a great MMO. 3 factions for PVP, base building on planets, mining and salvaging asteroids/planets. You could have a smuggler profession as well. Throw in a little politics, and your good to go.

  15. Not sure at all about this one. Guess it depends on how they treat the character.

  16. I fear they took more time to make sure to be "inclusive" and "diverse" and less time to work out a decent story.

  17. TBH, boring. If this game was to exist, it should be around unestablished characters and/or characters as they behave after the end of the TV series. I am not interested in exploring established characters at any point before or during events we've already seen in the series. I consider an established series as extensive spoilers and known plot armor, which is very uninteresting.

  18. wow, graphics are garbage. Its 2023, not 1999.

  19. This really does not look or sound “next gen” at all

  20. Do get away FAR FAR away from bullets, by using sonic pulse rifles and laser beams!

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