The Epic NEW SPACE GAMES for 2022/3 at Gamescom

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  1. Dune Awakenings looks awesome … once I’ve finished a few titles that I’m currently playing, this will be one that I really look forward to seeing.
    I’ve read the whole series of books three times and the first trilogy five times, so I’ve had a Dune fantasy for most of my adult life.
    … not overly disappointed with the new movie, either.

  2. after i play PREY 2017, i really want to get system shock but i dont know if my PC can handle it

  3. what?!?!!? you talking about space games and didn't mention Callisto Protocol?!?!?! damn……

  4. That is a spice harverster NOT a spice carrier! Please learn Your Dune vehicles!

  5. Failling Frontier is an indy effort might be worth watching.

  6. It is all very interesting…

    turns backs to Kerbal Space Program

  7. Sooooooo looking forward to Deliver us Mars. Loved the first game.

  8. I still say that character in the Dune Awakening trailer should have had a tan or a sunburn unless he's using a really good sunscreen.
    No joke, theres an irl sunscreen brand called DUNE.

  9. I wonder if Frontier will be stealing ideas off deliver us mars for Elite Dangerous.

  10. Just say no to fem action hero leads. There needs to be male hero lead characters.

  11. Need to play the video again… for the 3rd time… keep falling asleep… zzzz… zzzzz…. zzzzz

  12. Ixiom is basically a what-if scenario of The Expanse, when the Nauvoo was actually used for colonization?

  13. Shame; nothing realistic again. Every ship oriented the wrong way, and hollywood physics.

  14. Interesting. The expanse was supposed to be an mmo but the authors couldn't make it so they wrote a book instead and now they are getting the game.

  15. do you actually think Funcom can do anything right?

  16. Didn't see anything that jumped out at me and said it was a must have.

  17. ugh i fucking hate telltale games whyyy give them the license for the expanse

  18. Though they are space themed I was expecting upcoming space simulators. These are just RTS's, RPG, action RPGs and mmorpgs with a space theme

  19. Looking forward to Deliver Us Mars ! The moon one was great. Probably a little bit too short because it was so good at telling the story and offering a little challenge that felt rewarding and wanting more! The expanse is a fantastic TV show, but not going to buy the game personally. I don't want to ruin a good thing because the expectations would be too high.

  20. That is like the dumbest story I have seen. They aim the huge A engine at the moon, blast off. What did they expect?

  21. You should make sponsorship more clear in the video, not just in the comments & description.

  22. I cant wait for HW3. If it really happens

  23. dont forget obsidian, infinit galaxy is a money grabbing mobile game , that after a few lvls , slows your build time down to the point were it forces you into spending real money in order to make progress faster, oh and the pvp is dominated by whales who have more money than anyone man needs and can just throw what ever it takes at it to make them come out of top, oh and dont forget the $5,000 they gave you to say nice things and promote there game on top of milions of in game credits so you can skip all the stuff that eveyone else must pay for.

  24. Can't wait for Homeworld 3. Still probably my all time favourite RTS

  25. Who took the Fun out of Funcom, Funcom did (old Anarchy Online saying)

  26. I wish some day someone will create simple space shooter like wing commander or freespace. Where i can just fly a ship and fight without all the sim stuff. I really dont need to wast time on walking on station, on ships or planets. Just do missions and story.

  27. Ixion sounds like a newer imagining of Outpost.

  28. I'm SUPER PUMPED about the dune game.. the new Dune movie is probably on of the best movies I have ever seen period. I have never seen the old dune movies and won't watch them till after all 3 dune movies come out. The new dune movie is a cinematic fckn masterpiece..I had to watch the movie probably 3 times to actually figure out everything that's going on but was totally worth it. As a matter a fact just talking about the movie makes me want to go watch it right now and I'm going to lol

  29. What's the name of the first game I couldn't really understand obsidian when he said the title haha.

  30. I wish they would make a space game that you can build drive ships and walk around planets but make it simple as alot of them are to complecated. Thank god for starfield

  31. System shock !!! Yesssssss. And Homeworld. Awesome.

  32. Some of these look like garbage but we will see.

  33. So excited for Ixion looks like Aven colony but in space and if deliver us mars is anything like deliver us the moon is it will be awesome

  34. how can you showcase upcoming video games in one part of your video and be sponsored by a predatory phone game with heavy micro transactions in another part, this can be very confusing and seems really unethical

  35. Please type the name of the games in your video. So we understand what you're saying.

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