The Champagne Gang

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The Champagne Gang is an exciting action-packed drama about four beautiful California beach girls who pull heists to pay for luxury items and surfing vacations to Mexico and Hawaii. Clad in fitted cat suits and netting millions in cash, the cops are clueless to the identity of the gang as their cleverly executed late night store break-ins spread throughout San Diego. Soon greed threatens the champagne-popping all-girl crew’s freedom and friendship. As the investigating cops close in, how long will their criminal escapades continue to pay off for these lovely vixens? Featuring hit music by Platinum Recording Artist DOMINO. Also featured, DEVIL DOLL, REIGN KINGS, and, the award-winning song, “Liberte” by HAVOC RAZOR.

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  1. SUPER ROMANTIC MOVIES 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🎥😍👍

  2. Top one of those movies I wish never ended.

  3. did some research on the champange gang. director took creative license. in actuality it was a group of men from ottawa. still good entertainment.

  4. They deserve it for being so stupid. Is how your government feels about you. 😳🤣🤣🤣

  5. I love it . I would like more of those movies

  6. True story except the perps were guys. WHAT? Todays truth! and the lie becomes the truth! The next movie they are all gay.

  7. Actually a REALLY GOOD MOVIE!!!

    Yeah the acting is a bit campy, but that's actually part of it's charm!

    Such a great script and pacing is really great!

    Fun, and had me rooting for the Champagne Gang!

  8. Why he laugh at them about them damn gloves 🧤 😂😂 he petty

  9. This is a movie for a 13 year old boy… you cannot believe that the writing and acting is good….

  10. For some reason this looks like a vintage porn movie………just saying

  11. Wow,at long ;an enjoyable movie, sans the blood, guns a

  12. I know its a movie but one phone call is all it takes.

  13. A cute and funny name for the gang. It is entertaining and funny…

  14. The ending is very nice ⁉🎥🩱🏄‍♀😆This is Spring Breakers before Spring Breakers..The Spring Breakers movie with James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez is better and more raunchy ?? 🤔👮🍻🏖👙

  15. Its not realistic, they speak loudly when try to open the deposit box. too weird…

  16. The ultimate feminist man hating movie now on vhs at a liqour store near you

  17. Shshsbdxjxbxhdhdbdjdhdhdhfjfhdxdgdddjdhdgdhdbdhdhdhdhffhdnshshdjdhgzhdhdgsshhsshsgsgdhdhsysgssgsgsghddggsggssgsgsgsysgyssgsgsgsdhdhdhdhdgsgsgdgsgsgsggsgsgsgsgsgsgsdygysgdydyddysgshssgsysgsgsgsgshsgsgssggssgysysgsgsgsgsgsgsyshdsgsgshshshsgsgsgddhsgsgsgsysysgsgsysgsysydgdgdsgsysgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsg

  18. If you think that the acting is bad, shut up about it! 😀

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