The Call of Duty Game You’ll NEVER Get To Play… (NX1 Gameplay)

The Call of Duty Game You’ll NEVER Get To Play… (NX1 Gameplay)
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DESCRIPTION: Welcome to a Call of Duty game that we will never get to play, a cut, cancelled project from 2010 called “NX1”. This was a Call of Duty game being developed by Neversoft that was going to take place in space with spacesuits and low gravity. It was potentially going to be named “Call of Duty: Future Warfare”, but unfortunately the game never got fully released. This NX1 Campaign gameplay along with NX1 Multiplayer Gameplay AND the list of NX1 maps all got leaked on Twitter, so I wanted to share this with you guys because it looked amazing!

So, what do YOU think about CALL OF DUTY FUTURE WARFARE?? Would you want to play NX1, ornah? Leave a comment letting me know! ^-^

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  1. I think this game is called Modern Warfare 4, Modern Warfare 3 was by Sledgehammer and Modern Warfare 4 was by Neversoft, we were supposed to get this instead of COD Ghosts, hopefully we get a build for this game

  2. U can clearly see that it look more like the beginning of Ghosts than infinite warfare

  3. if activision would release this, nx1 would sell more than mw3

  4. Microsoft firing "stagnant developers" really wasn't a good move, wasn't it.

  5. They make the main characters too “cool” now… gotta make them all super heroes so they can sell them in the shop

  6. ghosts is so underrated its insane so much better than the new cods

  7. That campaign mission reminded me a lot of lost in space, honestly would love to see a badass futuristic space themed CoD again, in a similar era as it looked like this game was set in

  8. I just want a good futuristic cod game I don't give a damn about realism I just want a fun and innovative call of duty to play

  9. Ghost had amazing multiplayer especially the maps and gunplay. The campaign and alien modes sucked

  10. Now instead of death streaks they’ll just stutter your enemies screens if you’re doing too bad

  11. There’s a full playthrough of this mission on YouTube now

  12. This is proper disgusting footage like im so glad this never happened

  13. would 100% rather have death streaks over sbmm. death streaks makes way more sense.

  14. Cod ghost was good .normal ending was disappointing though

  15. the opening of the space mission is clearly inspired by saving private ryan💀

  16. It's funny he said that call of duty was worried about titan fall a game that didn't even come out for 3 years after this was suppose to come out

  17. The dates and times in all clips line up right beside each other

  18. man i haven’t had merk music recommended to me since the days of advanced warfare.

  19. NX1 looked cool, so sad that it never got made into a full game. Would love for a space fps game.

  20. Im glad they let this go 😂 this look garbage

  21. This looks baddd, kinda just looks like some crappy mod for mw2

  22. What are they’d video miss the old m3rk

  23. this campaign fragment reminds me so much about the Delta Team in classic MW3, frost was just a normal dude, fighting an invasion, not that OP, and ended up sacrificing with honor and glory with the rest of the Deltas

  24. That single mission from NX1 had more effort put into it then the whole MW III campaign.

  25. I had no idea Bo2 had strikeforce for the campaign till a week ago

  26. 6:18 SPC Walker hmm like ghosts elias hesh and Logan walker

  27. Imagine the golden camo quick scopes

  28. tired of ghosts slander, it wasnt bad it was just different and y’all couldnt comprehend that for some reason

  29. Their is a video of the entire moon base mission on YouTube you should do a video of it

  30. i still dont get why people hated ghosts, its a great game, now they all praise dogwater since 2019 like why.

  31. a scar? are you fkn blind or retrded bro? its obviously the M4- with an s system rail in MW2

  32. I think the story is your character goes on a couple missions on the ground and then go up to space for missions up there, after that you get a second character that's still on the ground and switch back and forth for the story It seems

  33. i nearly spit out my drink when i saw bin ladens compound as a fucken map

  34. Here i come with another theory: what if… Nx1 was a prequel to ghost or to infinite warfare? Let me know what you guys think. Im siding with prequel to ghost, makes the beginning of ghost have more sense and adds more to the overall story, more action, more emotional weight to this all happening

  35. This beta had me at the edge of my seat. Games do really miss something nowadays. These old cods have some sort of golden glance about it. New cod games dont have me sitting on the edge of my seat. I bet it would even do better then infinite warfare upon release even for a future warfare genre game

  36. LIKE this video if you would've wanted to play NX1 – Call of Duty: Future Warfare!

    This game actually looked really cool, it's a shame that most of the good ideas end up in the dumpster

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