The BIGGEST Game that NOBODY Plays…

Well… Technically there are a lot of people who play Elite Dangerous, but almost anyone can agree that this games has a lot of wasted potential and is on the way to go into obscurity if nothing will change.

So Let’s Discuss what went wrong with Elite Dangerous.

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  1. Grinding better gears at various engineers was indeed such a pain and waste of time. Ships not engineered are an easy prey. Open was not giving any option to play PvE in PvP environment (like to become tagged as non-hostile, no, when you played Open being a noob or just wished to mine rocks or make a trade, you were shot on sight by everyone. What was penalty for a player piratting over other players? 200 cr fine. Lol what a shame and disgrace. They didn't even implemented a real crime and punishment system. It was so frustrating playing in Open. When you died you had to grind over again at engineers. I was playing only Solo, but then it's not mmo but lone experience that bored me even faster. Overally I counted maybe 400 hours time before throwing this game to trash bin. I visited dozens of star systems, why should I bother too see more if there's completely no rewards from it. And really nothing to spend the money earned on, only buy better ship and that's all. I will never return to this game, a waste potential.

  2. Elite dangerous is not a space sim. It's a job simulator.

  3. I feel like it’s an experience… like it’s amazing… and if you don’t get anything out of the experience of travelling through the vastness of space… you probably won’t be swayed by it’s systems… I don’t think it’s grindy for the sake of it… it’s space, it makes sense for it to take time to complete tasks for money… I think having extra stuff that people would want like first person and going on planet with things to do… you get star citizen which can never keep up… they’ll be developing that game forever.., it’s too much… it does what it does well… and if you enjoy warping through space with plenty of space jobs and space fighting… and exploration… you’ll enjoy it… it’s in its own way to space that truck simulator… it won’t be for everyone… some people just enjoy the scope of the universe in this game….

  4. Remove the 'grind' from Elite.. And you'd finish the thing over a weekend and leave it.. The grind makes causes a surprisingly large crowd to keep plying it!

  5. Powerplay was a huge miss; they should have turned that into space soap opera–instead, they FAILED.

  6. Wtf is this video. You repeated that no one will visit 95% of planets what 4 times then compared a space exploration game to cod and Fortnite…… what a waste of time this video is

  7. this is the game i got shot down and was told to release my cargo

  8. Its so sad. If they just could implemeted something that make this game more interesting and fun. I like this game but after some time i reach a point and where i an thinking what are you doing here? From time to time i install it again fly around a bit look at the beauty of space suck in the atmosphare listining to an space audiobook and enjoying it for some time. And imagine to be in the future as a spacetrucker or spacecowboy. But thats all you can do. It had a lot of potential sadly the developers couldnt bring it all together.

  9. I was King Elenar in Elite:Dangerous, with my own star system – PARAS. Go read the system description for Paras, you'll see.

    I devoted so much of my energy into the game and communities. But ultimately, I feel the game was let down by an awful imbalance of grind on the one hand, and overly generous rewards on the other. Players became bad and couldn't handle their overly expensive ships, and instead of just "getting good", the devs ruined the game in favour of those who cried about losing ships they were too incompetent to own.

    Plus the Thargoid story thread took too long to get to.

    But the worst, was the retarded "Space legs". FFS. If I wanted to play Grand Theft Auto, I'd have played that. The whole legs thing was shit and the final nail in the coffin for me

  10. The ships are still among the best to 3d print. I have every ship, in scale. At that at least, the game was great for

  11. Still a perfect game tbh, it's a sim first, a "video game" second

  12. Este juego está genial si tienes tiempo y estás dispuesto a aprender muchos procedimientos de vuelo y demás. Pero no es un juego para todos. Puede resultar muy hardcore si quieres una experiencia sencilla espacial. Si que mola mucho volar entre galaxias, entre planetas. Pero mucha gente no le juega por su dificultad y complejidad.

  13. Only 1 galaxy
    Nms: hold my beer
    (Adds 200 galaxy's 18 quadrilateral planet's)

  14. I have this game on my Steam Wishlist… this was a insightful report and I think I will do a bit more investigating before my final discussion of whether 'To buy or not to buy'.

  15. I just reinstalled recently and went back to exploring. Doesn't look like they are making any major updates though.

  16. People don't play the game anymore because Frontier barely cares about the game anymore. Only bug fixes remain. However, no relevant game updates have been announced since Odyssey. It looks like they've already given up on the game and are just waiting for enough players to stop playing so they can shut down the servers.

  17. I dont like the orange ship cockpit computer lights in this game.

  18. One way elite dangerous can improve is death. Kill off your player, require births.

  19. Good video. Forgot about this game. so I just deleted Starfield to make room for this. Apparently I had already purchased it along with 2 dlc's. Should be fun going in again. Starfield was just too ugly on the Series X, 30 fps was brutal and the plant life was 2005 original xbox. Scars Above was a great romp if you like sci-fi action rpg's. Even if I get a week out of Elite Dangerous, before getting bored, that's something.

  20. Dumb ass the milkyway galaxy only has 100 billion planets and 100 billion stars not hundreds.

  21. Elite my favorite space game by far. But also it is horrible game if you play only Elite, without "side activities" like work or hobby.)

    Perfect way to play Elite – play at two accounts at the same time. It makes this game so big in plane of variativity of activities. While my Federal Corvette is fighting in epic hight intensity battles, other ship is making beautiful "taxi" missions.

    Making two activities at same time shows how beatiful and diverse this game is. Still there are no other game, with so deep and relaxing mehanics. It is space truck simulator, space miner simulator, space combat simulator, space explorer simulator, space taxi simulator. And every style have it own learning curve, gameplay and mechanics. Mining not just pew-pew like in No Man Sky, but finding best mining spots and trade routes, choosing optimal ship and outfitting. Taxi is all about visiting beatiful locations and satisfy your clients. Exploration have it own modes and machanics too, like jet cone boost, ffs, planetary scans, etc. Sadly, there are no other games, that can do activities deeper than a pond.

    And about grind. You can max out almost every top-tier material just for few hours using Google. How many hours do you need to make 80 lvl gem in Diablo 3 for example? Many… many days.

  22. I played it for like 10 minutes and it's a pain in the ass to play and had a big learning curve and the game design doesn't slowly break you into it, so it's not rewarding to play. That's all I know. Also from what I remember it has no story. What they should have done is created outposts like in Neocron 2 but in space, and made it so player-run factions would vie for control over them to introduce a PVP element, and then had an intricate mining and crafting economy that they could also just slightly monetize so as not to make it annoying or turn it into Pay To Win trash that would attract players who were interested in a more casual play style – and these two ecosystems of players could be kept completely away from each other.

    The miners and crafters would be the artisans that create legendary items that are much sought after by PVPers, and rare ores and special game events would lead to the creation of unique ship components and weapons – the game events would be a means to draw in a major community and turn it into a highly social game like World of Warcraft.

    I wish somebody would pay me millions to be a videogame company CEO… I could turn so many of these titles around.. and create a game that at least 3 successive generations of people would go nuts for.

  23. In the late 90s.there was a space MMORPG that i and dozens of friends played, called Jumpgate.
    That was the first time id seen anyone attempt elite as an mmorpg & it was superb, although behind the scenes issues with studios and development meant it died after a few short years.
    When ED was released, i thought it would be the new Jumpgate, but afte the Disappointment of not being able to directly fly your ship that was Eve Online, i was again disappointed by how empty and aimless Elite Dangerous was.

    I play no mans sky now, which is just about perfect. Ill wait a year or so before buying Starfield because its so buggy rn (like all games seem to be!)

  24. It does or did have a dedicated fanbase. I once got myself stuck out in the middle of nowhere and got rescued by the Fuel Rats.
    I think the biggest problem foe me is there is no fast travel, if you need to jump 10 star systems to get somewhere you have to actually do all those jumps, ensuring you don't run out of fuel on the way.
    It's TOO realistic to be fun after a while, if any game set in space can be considered realistic.
    Plus most planets have nothing on them, so mostly I was just going from one space station to another.

  25. I love Elite and spent hundreds of hours playing it…
    But the transit times between warp points were too long and gave me too much time to eat, drink and smoke. 🙁

  26. Starfield is what I wanted Odyssey to be to some extent. Not 1:1 but generally speaking. Like being able to visit factions headquarters to meet the leaders from the E:D universe and getting a few voice acted missions. The level/map designs for the various structures in Starfield are also way more suited for FPS combat than the small modular habs in Odyssey.
    I think ship combat in E:D is by far the most intense from any space game. (At least in terms of flight simulation – it's almost ruined by the joke that is Engineering.)
    And even though games like Starfield and Star Citizen offer ship interiors and what not – I honestly don't mind E:D's current design but at least they could have added way more ships!
    Instead we just get more SKINS and the same grindy game loops from the base game but in an FPS. Joy. It's really sad to see such wasted potential.

  27. What happens when u try to turn pc gaming in to mobile gaming. Devs who work on phone games should never find work in normal game dev.

  28. If players could control factions and manage their own colonies I think it would be the best space game ever. Having the ability to influence and shape the galaxy beyond the NPC factions would make me a lot more interested in playing.

  29. I play 'simulation'-games from the very start of gaming (35 years ago). Always loved them and yet still didn't buy 'Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizens'. Simply the playfield is way too big: the whole universe! When playing a game, you need an end, just like football, tennis or a movie has an end. Everything in life has an end. Not these space-games! When you're celebrating your 1000-th birthday, you've probably done only less than 0,01% of the game.

  30. I played Elite Dangerous when it first came out. I love it. I loved it even more when it came out on Xbox, and I could play from my couch.

    Then, after promising great things with Odyssey and then uncerimoniously dropped support for consoles.

    Sorry, that didn't sit well with me.


  32. man i absolutely love this game. its a damn shame they dropped the ball with odyssey and couldnt keep ppl playing. almost came back to check out all the thargoid stuff going on but then was like meh lol

  33. Exploring is dull. They've made no effort to embellish that mechanic. Also, refuelling your carrier isn't viable without massive effort despite having a full crew.

  34. Thanks for the review, I'd never heard of this game before. I suppose the graphics look good for CGI standards from 15 years ago. Looking like it was rendered with Bryce 3D modeling. There are aspects of it I like, but also cartoony aspects with the coloration and art style. The gameplay sounds heinous though. 

    No Man's Sky has the best gameplay I've seen for this kind of game, and Starfield has the best graphics I've seen. The graphics in NMS can be a bit cartoony, but I like the art style, and it still has HD detail. The gameplay in Starfield is hard to compare fairly because it's a different flavor, but I favor the level of open world freedom in NMS.

    NMS has massive procedurally generated galaxies that originally had no limit (infinite galaxies), with 257 reached and potentially populated by players. Since the limitation of 255 was put in no new galaxies can be generated for the online servers, but one can still reach the 256th and 257th galaxy that still exist online by joining a friend who has a base in them. While planets and galaxies may not be to scale, they're still ridiculously massive. 

    You could take years traveling the slow way (walking around a planet or flying through space), but they completely solved all the issues you mentioned about time, and they do have purchasable technology for scanning the economy and/or conflict levels in other star systems. Depending on your needs there are 3 different scales of warp capabilities in the space ship: Boosters for planetary, sublight for star systems, and FTL for travel between star systems (the only loading screen among the 3). 

    There are also various types of vehicles and teleporters for traversing different terrains on a planet. Then there's portals for instant travel between local and known bases, known space stations, and owned and party members frigates (regardless of what galaxy they're in). With exceptions like traveling to outlaw stations from a public space station, to prevent criminals from escaping to lawless sectors of space. 

    To instantly travel to other parts of a galaxy they have what are basically stargates on most if not all planets in every galaxy, limited to travel within a galaxy. As well as wormholes connecting spaces throughout a galaxy, and the galaxy center to wormhole to the next galaxy. There are barren or harsh galaxies, but also normal and lush galaxies which have massive populations of NPCs (primarily from the 3 main intergalactic species). 

    The devs constantly put out new content and bug fix updates too. The game has countless different systems built into it, but doesn't throw them in your face. Everything has its own place in order for players to have the freedom to use or not use whichever they want. 

    Even the difficulty settings are customizable. There's also a main story line, an expansion storyline at no additional charge that's automatically available after the main campaign is completed, side campaigns, procedurally generated side missions from NPCs, community missions in the community hub that can reward a special currency for prizes which can then be claimed on all of your save files, and "expeditions." Which are unique lime limited campaigns you need to create a new game to participate in that come out a few times per year and offer a unique game experience with special limited edition rewards that can be claimed across all of your saved games.

  35. I'm exploring currently, and I have found several things already that have not been discovered yet. There is so much left in this game. People just haven't found it. I think this game is really meant for people who want to spend time exploring. It does take time. But, you have to think like an actual explorer. You will have to wade through the boring to get to the cool.

  36. Absolutely nothing to do in this game that couldnt be done in one solar system. Millions of systems to visit but theres nothing out there. Not a single animal on any planet. Not seen any points of intrest to explore. Nothing. Its desolate. Dont get me wrong it was ALMOST there but then they stopped development just as it was becoming playable. We need resource mining outposts a player economy and some better exploration to enjoy. They really missed a trick with this game. It was almost great but they stubbed a toe and fell flat on their faces 10 yards from the finnishing line.

  37. Elite Dangerous is a nice game but ist not Elite. The Arcade Controls and the space fly concept in the game are crap the behave of the ships in the old Elite games was far more better.

  38. Its a great game with a niche audience have been playing since 2017. I take micro breaks to try other games but I always come back for space flying goodness. other games work better for other factors but the actual flying is the best in elite dangerous for me.

  39. You look remarkably similar to my commander.

  40. space is lonely ad vast its prob more realistic than any other title out there

  41. With all due respect to Elite Dangerous, I can't believe people are hating on Starfield's approach to a space game. I got 500 hrs in NMS and it also gets very boring. At least I have fun in Starfield even with a lack of seamless travel.

  42. Personally I think space is a boring concept for anything.
    Not into space games, movies, or tv shows.

    Literally every space game is the same thing with a different skin and different Ai.

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