The BIG Changes Coming to SPACE GAMES in 2024

Many of the best space games are receiving updates and overhauls this year. Some of these will be free others are paid expansions, but they all look to be adding significant content to the games.

0:00 Intro
0:11 Everspace 2 Incursions
1:21 X4 Timelines
2:37 Elite Dangerous Powerplay 2.0
4:15 Starfield Creation Kit
6:05 Star Citizen 3.23
7:26 EVE Online Vanguard


  1. How odd my ships ai sounds like u

  2. so starfield wants US to fix the game we paid for … 🤔🤣

  3. The BIG changes coming to SPACE GAMES in 2024…*

    *Just not to Elite

  4. doesn't matter what they do, if its woke trash, I am not giving woke my money. simple as that

  5. It's sad that the only space game that adds meani gful and engaging content is no mans sky

  6. Skeptical about Vanguard, i bought into Dust and it was terrible most of the time

  7. Yeah, Star Citizen will be the game i stick with for sure 😀

  8. Elite only having an update to powerplay instead of an overhaul says everything you need to know about their position in the industry.

  9. Vanguard will be dead on arrival. It offers absolutely nothing over other, better FPS games on PC. Why even bother? Dust wasn't proof enough?

  10. Everspace 2: Diablo in space. Starfield: loading screens in space. Elite: overpromise and underdeliver in space. X4: UI from hell in space. Eve online: no lifers in space. Star Citizen: vaporware in space.

  11. If the space game industry was Powerplay, Fdev would be 'Aisling Duval'. All promises, complete 180 on results. 😂

  12. Can't wait! its going to be a great year for space games, really looking forward to it! great video as always!

  13. I'm a backer of Star Citizen and hope so much for its release, but saying that 3.23 makes it feel like a complete game is laughable. More solar systems, better npc interaction, the ability to use the toilets on the ships, those are things that will make it feel like a complete game.

  14. Starfield is fucked. That creation kit won’t help

  15. Elite is such a missed opportunity… Its trying to be star citizen… Stop, make it more like x or star sector.

  16. I am not sure why but I loved ED but still it felt like something is missing. I love the feeling I have massiv spaceship and feels nice if you control it but still.
    When I played X4 oh man, autopilot? Wow. Give ship commands? Wow. X4 had all of those stuff I miss it. I mean ED ist far in feature but still cannot let it autopilot.

  17. nobody gives a damn about star citizen my dude

  18. eve vanguard. if anyone is old enough to remember the last time eve tried their hand at FPS (dust 514) they dumped the project cuz they couldnt do an FPS in a way people cared about spending the kind of money people do on regular eve online. they tried. real hard. but people just abandoned it. and i promise you that game is going to be another p2w cash cow just like its big brother.

  19. FDevs are failures. CCP are failures. We need a new indie company to come in and replace these.

  20. Starfield needs more than a release of a creation kit to have modders fix the game. They need to fire the lead story writer and rework the end game. the team that thought losing everything you grind for over and over again was a good idea to unlock a suit of armor should be fired along with the writer. The whole concept of being a universal good guy is lame AF. There are few story alternatives if you choose negative actions in the game. So much wrong with this game that Bethesda need to relook how they develop games. Also being open and transparent wouldn't hurt instead of blaming the gamer for not understand the vision of the game or not having a next gen PC. New leadership should be looked into for this studio for sure.

  21. Fdev needs to give the IP to someone who actually cares cause it seems like they can't be bothered by their own product..

  22. I'll tell you one thing that won't change. Elite Dangerous will continue to suck ass.

  23. Player created factions are already a thing. You gotta fill out a special form to make your Squadron an in game faction

  24. SC is a joke crashgrab scambag corp milking money and never deliver, they took 700 million dollar and the game is far from complete, the rate which develop the game is ridiculous.

  25. Eve Vanguard is not going to make it. The right stick on the controller still doesn’t work since the game started? I played dust 514 and this is going the way of Dust 514. Won’t be around long!

  26. Now that EDO, has had a hip replacement and new battery for its mobility scooter, im jumping back in around may2024 when the new packs are released, wonderful news for my planned exploration. Star Citizen is progressing nicely, moving away from solo gameplay and sliding into its rightful place. Starfield is dead to me, X4 looks promising, same with Everspace 2, and eve has a rich, deep history with a volumptuous amount of content and gameplay, that certainly tickles my fancy.

  27. I like how the game spaceship community pretends to be optimistic year after year after year after year…

  28. Players: "We want more ships!"
    Frontier: "You'll get more Powerplay!"
    Players: "We don't want loading screens!"
    Frontier: "You'll get more Powerplay!"
    Players: "I'm done…"

  29. Starfield – the game even modders cant fix
    Elite Dangerous – The mile wide, one inch deep broken promise
    Star Citizen – Is this still doing wipes ?

  30. If it doesn't have immersive physics, I don't even bother. Why I refunded X4 btw, as for ED flight assist off.

  31. Frontier can go ahead and close down already. Nobody enjoys playing their crap game elite anymore. Was a long time console player and they hyped the future of the game and clearly lied and they then backed out and said they didnt have enough people to continue development for consoles and dropped it. If they actually listened the the majority of the player base, they might of been able to make a great game for everyone but all they cared about was money money money.

    Surprised someone hasnt started screwing with their servers to send a message. 😂

  32. Loved playing Everspace 2, graphics are beautiful but the underground mazes gave me a very uncomfortable claustrophobic feeling , main story was dull but the side missions and jobs have taken me exploring all over the place, the new incursions is a bit buggy still with odd graphics occasionally, I personally would like more universe to explore.

  33. EVE Online Vanguard – didnt they try something similar a few years ago?

  34. Freelancer need to be remade in vanilla !!!

  35. Creation kit = let-the-players-make-the-game-good kit

  36. EvE Vanguard is DOA, I've played every single test of it, and it just seems to get worse and worse.

  37. be nice to see modders making starfield a good game.

  38. I don’t mind loading screen as long as they are varied and immersive. They should add variety to the enter and exit orbit shoots too. Would be cool to have a follow drone that makes videos of your mission.

  39. Haven't modders given up on Starfield?

  40. Let me tell you something folks; Everspace 2 is one of the space arcades of the decade.

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