The best upcoming space game of 2020… playing Starship EVO

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  1. Wow the best part is the cat in the background

  2. How big is the galaxy? Or is it only one solar system?

  3. Something tells me this'll be a hit w/ the starwars fandom. I can already imagine the mock-battles…

  4. Space engineers already does this lol

  5. I heard the sparks light up in this man's eyes as he found out there was deployable weapons, oh bluedrake never change, you have shown me so many fantastic small games that are just a blast to play

  6. Its like minecraft in space, in the bad ways…i ddnt buy a new gpu to play games with 20 year old looking gfx

  7. Hey this is an awesome video! Just discovered this game via LastStandGamers but then immediately saw YT recommend your video. Great content! Bought the game and diving in 🙂

  8. Whoever designed this deserves lots of funding

  9. Stormworks is a Search and Rescue game why the hell would it need combat?

  10. @Bluedrake42 if they add multiplayer, do I smell another Salavador campaign? I hope so. Also, I've been following this game which used to be known as skywanderers for about two years. I agree that it seems pretty awesome, I'm waiting a little longer for more development before taking the plunge.

  11. what's the future of this game?

    is it going to be more like nomans sky or more like eve online? i want 2 parts nomans sky and 1 part eve online.

  12. As if Barotrauma is challenging enough designing a cross-section 2D submarine…

  13. The large buttons and switches would make a VR version really easy

  14. welcome to another episode of "My pc is better than yours"

  15. Some people are so easily amused. Whatever, comparing this to Star Citizen is like comparing a Volkswagen Beetle to a Lamborghini…anything. It's got the building aspect going for it, but that's about it.

  16. I have a boner RN…

    Did you guys notice he got hit by debris field after he killed that alien ship at 28:35?

    And you totally nailed it… I played empyrion, avorion, recently tried dual universe… And what really turns me off from these games is that before I can build something even remotely cool and do anything atleast a bit fun, you have to grind like 20 hours for stupid materials, XP and other shit, or god forbid even take care that I dont run out of fucking food… Thats no fun, thats struggle and misery simulator, and we have that in spades in real life 😀 I just want to build something amazing, and have fun with it, raid bases, fight invasions, explore galaxy, not grind 10 POI so I can get that fucking component that allows me to put 3 guns on my fucking ship 😀

  17. You keep saying these obscure and sub par games are the best and though it's true that some of these games do ONE THING very well. Most of the games you showcase are sub par, and not worth purchasing.

    Angels fall first, play in match after match fighting against bots in empty servers, as an example.

  18. f…orget combat, there's plenty of that already.

  19. have you tried Empyrion? This looks similar, although Empyrion is already well matured and this is just an early access. Idk how long it was developed to reach this point though.

  20. 21:07 NO! NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO! I neeeed landable planets plleeeaaaassse!!

  21. Starmade was something like this except it is more blocky… and never finished… but there is no limit to the ship size… or complexity and it has all the logic circuits etc you could make. This looks similar.. but with more detail. Starmade kind of killed itself by radically changing the mechanics after people had spent hundreds of hours on ships that then needed a total refit… that kind of burned people…

  22. Can we fire the Halo ring now, I know you want to 😂

  23. I can’t wait until people make a space navy 😊

  24. and then as soon as this video came out, last stand gamers made a video on the game

  25. This game somewhat reminds me of interstellar rift when it was starting.

  26. Mate, I'm not one to easily complain about what content people put out but my god man, if I see one more recommendation for this game from your channel I'm gonna block your channel until you get over it already. I get it, you like this game. I do not need a daily update about how awesome this game is gonna be though. I checked it out on Steam and to be honest it's still far from finished so until it's ready just chill, okay?

  27. No mods no workshop this game will die fast. Has much potential at the moment but this guy is blindly excited over so little.

  28. 5:30 I guess I'm looking for a problem… Why is there gravity? It looks fun though

  29. Game mechanics are amazing but the visuals are not appealing at all. Very blocky and cartoonish. Similar to roblox. Also gives me a headache with all the bright flashing colors. Hope this isn't the final design. Id like to play this game but not if it isn't satisfying to look at and leaves me nauseated.

  30. space engineers game engine has tons of limitations like speed for example.. i lost interest in it after 2 weeks. pnot to mention the limitation of building a ship, all the ships look blocky..

  31. Being able to build a little apartment inside your ship has been a sci fi dream of mine ever since I saw couches and beds in the Millennium Falcon as a kid. So far, the closest I've come to living that space-mobile-home fantasy is the freighters in No Man's Sky.


  32. 9:47: If you want to use the bathroom you must experience the power of a thousand suns.

  33. Please tell me this is coming out for console as well because i hate that pc gets spoiled with games like this

  34. Every game he says is the best game ever, never goes anywhere.

  35. “With all these advance systems.”

    Meanwhile Buttons the size of plates.

  36. Sooooooo thus is probably the coolest thing I've ever fucking seen

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