The best upcoming space game of 2020… playing Starship EVO

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  1. I mean the control system is pretty good for a space game but stormworks is still far to reach compared to the switches and levers, if you thought they were good in here go check out stormworks it kinda puts this into shame a little, now I wish the devs of stormworks made a space game, that would be cool

  2. How do you find those games that quickly. That is actually pretty impressive

  3. Let dogfight. Enemy fighter tries to mate with the base. Q_Q

  4. it looks pretty interesting but i wish the physics were a bit more newtonian. i also kind of want to see how ship building goes, like how much freedom do i have? i think this would be awesome with multiple players crewing a single ship or have a huge carrier with fighters.

  5. last stand did do a video on it but i was also amazed search came up with nothing i had to use watch history to find it back lol.

  6. Star Citizen has the sort of dogfights and ship adventures with crews that are epic. And the ships in that game are absolutely massive. Like some got like 4x the space on the ship than the one you were driving here. I guess the only difference is in here you can build a ship from the ground up and also build on the land.

  7. I would say it looks like a mix of scrap mechanic’s art style and stormworks in space.

  8. It's $20 on steams early access, get it today!!!

  9. im the only person here that things this would be an awesome military rp?

  10. This neat. Is there any way to add color to the exterior of the ship? The interior looks bright. It adds an easy to drive quality.

  11. can you walk around the ship while it's moving? (unlike empyrion)

  12. This should have a faction mmo system like terran/unsc/imperium/galactic republic vs protos/covenant/xenos/CIS vs zerg/flood/tyrannids/ yuuzhan vong/ H R Geiger monsters

  13. Domed bases offer the only realistic cover on a halo because the further away you are from your target, the more you are above them, which negates the advantage of cover or walls. Two walls with one roof, or an arched semi cylinder is the most simple and effective base. Two doors look to the sides of the ringworld, while one wall faces upspin and one faces down.

  14. I feel like starbase might be better because of the destruction physics and you can still do everything you can do in this game. Which is why I think Starbase might be better.

  15. This looks like a mixture of super simplified no man’s sky and scrap mechanics

  16. Why does he never mention no man’s sky. It’s kind of weird

  17. oh, another "new best upcoming game" video…. atleast this time we know what the game is

  18. Would love to grab this game but i'm waiting for survival mode

  19. This is amazing, but for a relatively poor dude like me its a shame its 8 gig ram

  20. I feel as though people might want a little more to the game, not to say there is plenty already or it is bad, but some people might want more like survival or mission aspects to the game.

  21. I know this is a late comment but I think they should add in the ability to mark button functions with text once your cursor hovers over them

  22. Me, trying to find the next big space game….

    Video at 1:00 "We gonna engage Light cruise.. Woohaaa" Going from 170 m/s to 10 km/s…

    Me, playing Space Engine for like 4 years… -_- Facepalm. Next Vid…

  23. All the talk about how amazing it is and that it is a game changer, the game of the year 2020
    But why? You can do all that stuff you talk about in other games.

  24. Wy have i never heard of this game ? That looks insane

  25. The cartoonish graphics and bright colors look so much better than realistic textures with a voxel spaceship game imo. I've always found Space Engineers to look pretty unsightly, but this game just looks amazing.

  26. You have got me hyped out of my mind to see this game succeed! "Star Citizen eat your heart out" lol. I think this is love at first sight for me. I've been watching all your videos on it. See you in orbit someday!

  27. Once they have a functional mp that is not crap i might look into it.. until then its just a fancy tech demo

  28. the exact same thing as star citizen but downgraded

  29. I have had the game about 2 months . It is one of the best games I have ever played. Gets better all the time. Almost have my starship built. The discord chat is filled with laughs. The creative people in the game is cool.

  30. You should check this one out again. They've added interstellar travel and a full galaxy. Every star in the sky is a place you can go now.

  31. The question is why not in VR? That´s the only reason I would buy, but no VR, no buy

  32. I feel starbase is closer to stormworks because of all the pipes and wires needed

  33. I love how unlike space engineers the different are quite different, the yellow ones have an aura when in use and the blue ones give of a slightly brighter glow!

    It would pretty cool to see some more variety like KSP 2 is doing maybe even adding an engine that gives an elite dangerous style contrail

  34. not really relevant but you did a video a few years ago and in it there was you and someone else doing a space flight down to a planet and bombing a target and returning to space?

  35. When i play this i mostly have a big ship and i land with a smaller one

  36. Cool looking game like all the other similar space games out there but thats all. Making games like this with a few people multiplayer instead putting people in one or a few servers and let the do what they want is a waste. Without other players the space will be empty and boring after a little while and npc stations and ships are fine but they are just that….npc-s….yes i know dual universe is like this but the pvp there sucks so much and pointless at this stage of development so im looking for something similar with a working pvp system.

  37. AI ships to fight? We are an incredibly stupid race.

  38. You could deploy your landing gear and then have.. a star citizen eat your heart out.


  39. Its been 9 months, lets look at some stats. Tagged release Q2 2021 (hehe….). Looking at github, there is 1300 submitted issues still pending, and about 10 issues are fixed on a monthly basis (pretty good for a small/single dev team). So an estimated 10 years before reported issues thus far will be fixed. As I predicted 9 months ago, this will dive into development hell, or get released with tons of bugs and issues not addressed.

  40. More like a scam because it's created by billionaire

  41. It actually looks easier to use doors and elevators in evo than in star citizen

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