The Best Spaceships Games on PS, XBOX, PC. Space Games

Cyber Raccoon
Hi, whats up? My name is Adam, and you are on “Cyber raccoon” channel. Today I’m going to tell you about the best space ships games.
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0:00 INTRO
1:45 Elite: dangerous
2:32 Star wars: squadrons
5:51 X3: Terran Conflict
6:20 Everspace
7:05 Kerbal space program
7:36 Space engineers
8:06 Freelancer

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Games in this video: Star conflict, Star trek online, Eve online, Elite: dangerous, Star wars: squadrons, FTL: faster than light, SPACE RANGERS HD: A WAR APART, REBEL GALAXY, X3: Terran Conflict, Everspace, Kerbal space program, Space engineers, Freelancer


  1. There is a game I want to play but I forgot the name but I know it's a space/galaxy game. I remember I saw a video about this player was playing the game and he decided to fly through the deepest unexplored space. He ended up running out of gas and was stranded for weeks until a group of people decided to rescue him. They got him back to a planet to refuel. Also I remember the game is infinite to explore. Does anyone happen to know the name of the game ???

  2. Would help if you told what console each game was released to

  3. Void destroyers 2 is the best space shooter game around.

  4. How can you talk about FTL without even putting a single image of the real game ??

  5. A list of games about space and spaceships and star citizen isn’t on it ??? What is going on here??

  6. And what platform is each game on? That, and the janky text to speech voice meant this was unwatchable after 2 mins. 👎

  7. I Wish: Someone or a group of people would build a really nice online Space station. A place for people.A game that actually teaches real skills. An Online College In the Space station would be awesome.Shops to buy Real cloths that you can buy and get in Real life. Ideas you can build and actually get real help online in the game.I do not understand the Limited thinking of all these current developers. Why cant we do better?

  8. Unless it Has the spaceship Arcadia or outlaw star. I'm not interested.

  9. Wrong FTL atleat take the time to watch some gameplay videos, but I respect the hustle lol

  10. All of these games are great, I agree. I am an old fan of Freelancer myself. But it’s important to mention that Elite has a very steep learning curve. And I I’ve played FTL but have never seen this footage. Did I miss something?

  11. I like how no actual gameplay can be seen and how that makes me dislike this video and channel forever too.

  12. Северус Снейп Это Легенда says:

    Spave Haven And Empyrion Galactic Survival : How dare you

  13. 3:35 WTF is that FTL segment all about. Looks like some movie rather than the game.

  14. Can you make a top on rail spaceship games (like star fox)

  15. This might as well have been called "10 Spaceship games".

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