The Best Space Simulator Games on PS, PC and Xbox

Cyber Raccoon
Here is The Best #Space #Simulator #Games on PS, PC and Xbox
I made a list for you of the most interesting simulation games in space setting.

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Star Citizen
0:44 Kerbal Space Program
0:59 Space Engineers
1:28 Universe Sandbox
1:43 X Rebirth
2:13 FTL: Faster Than Light
2:43 PULSAR: Lost Colony
2:57 Elite: Dangerous
3:12 Breathedge
3:41 Empyrion – Galactic Survival
4:11 Hardspace: Shipbreaker
4:40 Mars Horizon
5:10 Interstellar Rift

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Games in this video: Star Citizen, Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers, Universe Sandbox, X Rebirth, FTL: Faster Than Light, PULSAR: Lost Colony, Elite: Dangerous, Breathedge, Empyrion – Galactic Survival, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Mars Horizon, Interstellar Rift

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  1. One could add "Alpha Genesis One".Concept: The player takes control of the captain in an individually constructed colonisation spacestation whith which he scours a randomly generated universe for a new homeplanet. Meanwhile, he must not only use ressources for maintenance of the ship but must also handle protection measures against hostile aliens or extraterrestrial parasites. Gameplay: While playing in first-person view, the player has access to base building mechanics to construct his very inidvidual structure of the spacestation. Aside from building the station segments, the player also gives tasks to his crewmates, accompanies them on planetary expeditions, fights against hostile aliens, contributes to productions, technological development, stellar discoveries and takes decisions over the exploration path throughout the galaxy. Random encounters (friendly or hostile) can influence the journey.

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