The BEST space games to explore the unknown… | No Man’s Sky, Destiny 2 and more!

Space is, famously, really big and almost anything can happen, making it a perfect setting for video games. But if space is big then the list of space games is even bigger and without a hyperdrive you’re never going to see them all. So don’t panic captain, we’ve charted a course through the best space games out there so you can see some of the brightest stars the galaxy has to offer, while avoiding the gas giants. So, before we run out of cosmological metaphors and references, here are the best space games you really need to play. 

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  1. Always happy to see the No Man's Sky love. We're about to hit version 4.0. 🙂

  2. Started playing Outer Worlds
    Actually really fun

  3. Destiny 2 seems very much out of place on that list. Yes, the shooting is sublime. Everything beyond that is a tragic disappointment. And Bungie vaults content on a regular basis that their customers have purchased. Something that nobody should abide. Running around and shooting things can be fun but things will never improve unless customers stop giving Bungie their dollars.

  4. Elite dangerous, Starpoint Gemini Warlords, Genesis Alpha one

  5. Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen…. I hate to say this but your list is a joke without these two games, which are practically the definition of the category.

  6. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Star Citizen and Starpoint Gemini are all missed out here, criminal! Also, Elite. 😉

  7. Warframe, true (and honest) free-to-play, wonderful community, regular updates, tons of very different game modes, characters and weapons, amazing lore and story, and a very distinctive look (fashion is also a thing) should be in this list too, for sure

  8. EVERSPACE 2 is probably the most underrated space game in recent memory, it's very new but it's never on any lists yet it's one of the best i've played in years, guess they had no marketing budget since it's gone so far under everyones radar.

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