The Best Space Games of 2024 – The Big Releases and Major Titles

2024 could well bring some of the biggest franchises to the space game genre. It’s not all about bigger is better though, as there are plenty of great looking indie titles on the way too.

0:00 Intro
0:32 Moon Mystery
1:28 Space Marine 2
2:32 Outcast: A New Beginning
3:52 Star Trucker
5:02 Falling Frontier
6:37 Homeworld 3
8:12 Star Wars Outlaws
9:23 Everspace 2 Incursions
10:03 Starfield Shattered Space & Creation Kit
11:12 Routine
12:20 Star Citizen Pyro
13:57 No Man’s Sky
14:47 Notable Mentions

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Moon Mystery

Space Marine 2

Outcast: A New Beginning

Star Trucker

Falling Frontier

Homeworld 3

Star Wars Outlaws

Everspace 2 Incursions

Starfield Shattered Space & Creation Kit


Star Citizen Pyro

No Man’s Sky

Notable Mentions

Epidemic Sound



  1. SW:Outlaws aka nobody asked for Star Wars: Starfield; i really think this one will fall short of expectations as most people are tired of shooters; the jedi/sith stuff was where it was at.

  2. The one and only ultimate multiplayer realistic Space Game simulator sandbox: Star Citizen. The one and only singe player military intense story but still open world game: Squadron 42, the developers? Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries, the same company making the best multi and SP game.

  3. Are the Captain Kirk inflections in your voice intentional, or do you normally speak in this manner?

  4. Space games? yeah, now anything can be a space game! Big down vote for the video!

  5. Falling frontier looks nice. Star Citizen won't be finished by any stretch, the rest doesn't look appealing to me at all.

  6. wish we would get more Sci-Fi MMOs instead of only single player games.

  7. Star Trucker remines me of space trucker the movie and space cowboy trucker. Cool, I got that game on my wish list.

  8. Space Trucker looks like the movie of the same name…. wonder if it's set in the same franchise universe

  9. I would love a remastering of Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger

  10. A shame that you now promote Scam Games like SC

  11. All i gotta say is star trucker better have authentic truck stops with floating piss bottles and lot lizards

  12. Take a peak at StarSector. It may not be 3d, but it scratches a space itch that just doesn't get covered elsewhere.

  13. Podrias poner el doblaje en espqñol tambien no todos entendemos el ingles me gusta tu contenido pero no entiendo ni pajorera idea.. saludos….

  14. I think the lack of vehicles in "Starfield" is really a major shortcoming. I think that ultimately release of the Creation Kit will save it long term. Parts of the "Star Trucker" video reminded me that we really need a "Stargate" game.

  15. Most of these games are more FPS than actual space games. You should seperate out the First Person Shooter genre from space games to get a good idea of what people are interested in. Because most space gamers are more into games like EVE Online or Homeworld than they are in FPS games like Starfield. You'll find most will not even click on the FPS space games.

  16. Any game attributed by "Procedurally generated content" should be looked upon with a FROWN.

  17. Mass Effect has been reported to release in 2029 or after that. It's extremely far from release.

  18. Another Notable mention could be EVE Vanguard. Settled literally in the same EVE Online universe where you can influence the main game lore with your actions in the new FPS game of CCP Games.

  19. I really like "balls in uranus "😮😮

  20. “…tyranids zerging towards…”

    Blasphemy lol

  21. Love these videos, exited for the day where space engineers 2 or whatever keens next game will, to be on the list

  22. starfield cant bet talked about withouth mentioning word moders 😀

  23. Why does everyone forget about Star Wars Galaxies when people describe outlaws as the only open world Star Wars game?.😢

  24. Falling Frontier is my most anticipated space game since Elite Dangerous! Can't wait for this game. I love where reality and gameplay fun meet and this game seems like it's going for that vibe, like ED tried for.

  25. Since I have Pro 2 VR for Half Life Alyx, I would give up all the games in the world in 2D even on Engine RTX4090…. it's time to enter a different era of gaming 😄

  26. Well, I hope Star Citizen gets more updates and digital ships to sell since the game , after 10 years , is still in alpha, With no Beta in sight!

  27. When SQ42 releases think it be time for new PC and all new will it run SQ42 comments.

  28. you forgot about starminer, a new paradox game coming in 2024 and the Crust, a mix of factorio, surviving mars and frostpunk

  29. In Q1 or Q2 of 2024, Frontier are going to be announcing a new expansion for Elite: Dangerous called Depth. Supposedly, it will be released Q4 2024-Q1 2025, and be largely focused on exploration. Firstly, comprehensive ship interiors for all ships in the game, as well as dramatically larger and more varied space stations, secondly, I know it sounds small but it's actually huge; realistic exposure, that'll change how the game looks at every point significantly, especially since us CMDRs spend most of the time on the light side of worlds or nearby stars, we would rarely see the backdrop of stars again.

    Another huge feature being supposedly implemented is landables up to one atmosphere, excluding full Earth-Like worlds for now, and worlds with a temp exceeding 2,000K, but here we can expect to see desert and ice worlds of much greater variety (affected by more dominant weather systems) and interest, such as Mars-like worlds and apparently even water worlds!! And perhaps the biggest thing of Depth is the fact that with ship interiors, modules are what's on the outside, and now components are internal outfittitng options, from things like farming bays for long distance explorers or med bays or research bays, they're clearly also implementing a full survival mechanic, wherein your character will need food, water and rest to continue functioning optimally. All with 9 new ships, 3 small under 1 mil, 3 between 1 and 10 mil and 3 10m+.

    I'm saying all this because I know a certain someone at Frontier whom recently got laid off but right up to that point says he/she was part of the team working on this next paid expansion, so I'm just wondering if Frontier have anything credible to say on this matter? as it's about time they at least let us know they're working on something big and apparently a major hot fix to most issues with Odyssey as well. But he/she isn't 100% if they've continued development on it, slowed down or maybe paused development altogether? but it's seriously time for Frontier to recognise their saving chip and I don't have anything to doubt here, because he/she was very accurate with Horizons and although he/she wasn't directly working on Odyssey, he/she did confirm to me space legs and skies. So I have no reason to doubt this info beyond what is actually happening to their company at the min.

  30. Bethesda not releasing the creation kit alongside the game was peak hubris. Starfield will be a dead game by the time they release it.

  31. Damn this background by „notable mentions“ where i can finde this? Its soooo amazing pls tell me you will make me really happy thank you for your cool video

  32. If Star Citizen is released in 2024 I'll eat my left shoe, whilst it's still sweaty and ripe…

  33. Falling Frontier has been put back to a 2025 release on Steam….. I don't hold any hope that it'll release in 2025 either.

  34. Don't anybody be sleeping on that SpaceTrucker idea. I can actually see a game like that become quite popular if done right.

  35. Love your videos man, I can listen ghem all day

  36. So you just didn’t look at space engineers while making this video??

  37. You can't talk space games and not mention Eve Online…

  38. Why spacebourne 2 not included in list ?😢

  39. Moon mystery may be the game that everyone thought Starfield should've been.

  40. Bioware lost all it's past great developers. Or almost all. Bioware can't make a good game now, let alone a great game. If by chance Bioware did make a good Mass Effect game, EA would just turn it into a live service game. I'd love to see the M.E. Trilogy remastered in UE5. Very nice list ObsidianAnt. Thanks and cheers.

  41. Thank you for this video, it will be helpful to inspire our future work!

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