The Best Space Games of 2023 – New Releases And Major Titles

2023 delivers some of the most ambitious space games so far. some coming from the biggest names in gaming. Not to be out done, there’s some equally impressive titles coming from indie studios that have the potential to redefine parts of the space game genre.

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Ixion
1:56 – Starfield
3:19 – Falling Frontier
4:31 – EVERSPACE 2
6:01 – System Shock
6:49 – Kerbal Space Program 2
8:16 – Homeworld 3
9:15 – The Outer Worlds 2
10:20 – Notably Missing

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Falling Frontier


System Shock

Kerbal Space Program 2

Homeworld 3

The Outer Worlds 2

Epidemic Sound

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  1. Dreadnought free on PlayStation, still the best.

  2. no mans sky is still the best space game out right now. now if someone that could make a space game with those features and have good graphics too i'd be happy. Star citizen isn't it. Its just clunky. The ground movement is aweful the quest system is terrible. I know its an issue with bandwidth. most multiplayer sandboxes are clunky and janky.

  3. I really hope outer worlds 2 takes more chances. The game really felt like it was riding on the crowd that loved new vegas for guaranteed sales. It just felt way too simple, lacking in equipment, and with too heavy a focus on the science weapons.

  4. Why is Star Citizen not mentioned at all on this list. It is by far the most impressive open world Space game. It is still in a per-release but made huge progress the past 1 year. Everyone should check this out

  5. Ixiom i played the Demo not long ago, is very promising. And Outer Worlds 2? i own first one, but havent played it yet

  6. Best space game ever: Warframe.

  7. Although Star Citizen has not yet been released, it is the best for me, even at the moment it is already possible to play it. And when it comes out, I think this is the only global Sim where you can do almost anything your heart desires.

  8. Starfield is my most anticipated game of all time

  9. I wonder what happened to D.E.E.P.: Battle of Jove? It's been on my wishlist forever, yet I've heard nothing about a release date.

  10. ixion- just say its a homeworld rip off game. then next.

  11. hope they get someone that speaks english to narrate this next time. was horrible to listen to this "person" speaking.

  12. All I want for Christmas is Star Wars Elite Dangerous!

  13. what about "The Invincible"??? pretty big miss there lol

  14. I need a Star citizen size Star Wars mmorpg with many classes and builds with for honors fighting style and mechanics

  15. Elite dangerous alienated consoles and decided we get no more. Kinda sad really and really disappointing

  16. I’ve played ED from the start, but interested in SC once I get my new rig. I’d love to hear some thoughts from other players on it.

  17. The more competition there is for Elite Dangerous, the better, in my opinion. It might encourage Fdev to get off their backsides and add more content and mechanics to their game. They've been resting on their laurels for far too long. Other games are offering base building, even whole cities to explore. All you get in Elite is a tiny prefab settlement plonked in the middle of an otherwise barren planet, patrolled by some pretty dumb NPCs. Oh, you can blindly search for bacteria in a variety of colours if you really want to send yourself into a coma. For an 8 year old game, it's being developed at a glacial speed. Other studios are catching them up with great content in a fraction of the time and will be overtaking them. What a pity Fdev wasted their head start advantage.

  18. Miniatures and Dice Games (MD Games) says:

    Pegasus Expedition needs to get added

  19. Is there gonna be a mobile-playable sci-fi game like Infinite Lagrange that can beat Infinite Lagrange?

  20. Ok everspace 2 and system shock remake has me hyped!

  21. Elite Dangerous has literally everything I want in a space game, except it also has the stupid loop of shame and the ridiculous transit times in system. Those two things made me stop playing.

  22. Everspace 2 is an awesome game even in early release. I can't wait to play the full game.

  23. I'd imagine that the full release of Star Citizen will be a huge deal. Wonder if it will be released everywhere at the same time, or if Earth gets it first and the Mars and Moon colonies some days later.

  24. starfield is very no mans sky but the campain the graphics and the custimization gives it a new game feel

  25. god listening to the comentary and how he speaks — dork

  26. sins of a solar empire II is missing in this list

  27. In future "list/top 10" style videos, could you leave the name of the game at the bottom/top corner with low opacity?

  28. Nobody Talking About Space Engineers 😀 I've got 1.9k Hours in it and excited for the next update!

  29. Don't expect more from SC this year than any other year. The project has turned into a bad joke by now. 2 years ago, same dates ish, we were saying "omg Pyro next year" lol. Look where we are today. And with so many interesting games coming up or already running like Elite and NMS, Im seeing less and less reasons to go deal with all the bugs and the epidemic griefing of SC lol. Im sure I am not the only one.

  30. As much as it sucks it probs won't get any more content nothing will compete with elite dangerous.

  31. Couldn't you also add to an extent the new KOTOR remake as a space game, though the player isn't controlling the ship. Along with that you could add the new Jedi Fallen Order game.

  32. In vain, I keep hoping for a space game with a focus on the starship and starship piloting. I keep hoping for a game that takes the ideas of Rogue System and runs with it.

    Of the games listed, Starfield and KSP2 are the only ones I'm following.

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