The Best Space Games of 2023 – New Releases And Major Titles

2023 delivers some of the most ambitious space games so far. some coming from the biggest names in gaming. Not to be out done, there’s some equally impressive titles coming from indie studios that have the potential to redefine parts of the space game genre.

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Ixion
1:56 – Starfield
3:19 – Falling Frontier
4:31 – EVERSPACE 2
6:01 – System Shock
6:49 – Kerbal Space Program 2
8:16 – Homeworld 3
9:15 – The Outer Worlds 2
10:20 – Notably Missing

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Falling Frontier


System Shock

Kerbal Space Program 2

Homeworld 3

The Outer Worlds 2

Epidemic Sound

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  1. I really hope Starfield has some properly big, powerful ships like we get in Elite, like the Anaconda or Corvette, or Cutter. Thats what keeps me coming back to Elite despite its flaws haha

  2. You neglect to mention that Bethesda are, if sources are to be believed, essentially hanging their existence on Starfield being a success & a hassle-free release. I know gamers get very hyped about certain titles & have very short memories of release failures (Fallout 76 & CyberPunk 2077, anyone?) & I also accept that it is almost impossible for a release to be bug-free but finished & working (thanks for the "soft-launch", EA!) would be nice, given the high cost these publishers expect to charge.

  3. Me waiting for another expansion of X4 Foundations which is for me the best space simulation ever made.

  4. No Man's Sky – spent about 30 hours and what a SNOOZER……………

  5. All I want is a sequel to Star Wars Bounty Hunter. Thats it. Let me fly, let me hunt. Let me cash in. Please, PLEASE!?

  6. These will do until Elon buys a game publisher and creates his own space Sim.

  7. I am a fun of x4 foundation I am playing this game for 3 years now the advanture never ends

  8. Starfield dosnt count it’s never gonna come out

  9. Don’t buy kernel dpce program 3 especially after what they did to the original developers

  10. First From Software is poised to reignite the mech genre, now we have several very interesting titles in space games?? 2023 might just be a good year for gaming.

  11. I look forward to playing co-op with my friends on KSP2

  12. im hoping one bigger studio will buy up interstellar rift, starbase, dual (p)U, and empyrion to make something much better

  13. Im not happy that starfield isnt going to be multiplayer game. Theres not many multiplayer space sims for console especially where a lot of companys are abandoning console support or wont even put the time in to do it cough cough Elite Dangerous (F-dev) & Star Citizen.

  14. Wow, the Starfield ships really remind me of Eagles from Space:1999

  15. If scam-star citizen is on your list then this youtuber is a scam artist .

  16. Strong feeling that Starfield is going to be a big let down in general

  17. I understand it was important to mention Star Citizen,. The game will go down in history as the most mismanaged development if not already(10 years now). When you have multiple game console generations surpassing the games progress, you have a major problem. It'll never get finished.

  18. EVE online single player. Make it happen CCP. I'm thinking X4 foundations style, but EVE's ships and universe.

  19. You could've include No man's sky, in my opinion. It is a really good space game

  20. Great Video ObsidianAnt, can't wait to get my hands on Starfield and HW3 🙂 Keep up the great work

  21. I am really excited about starfield. Frankly, the overwhelming multiplayer microtransaction subscription games have just been so depressing. While multiplayer has its place, we've lost a lot of the amazing story telling and immersion that comes single player RPGs. MMORPGS tend to break that immersion by the antics of other players. I am looking forward to an immersive foreign experience that can continually be built upon, both by the community and the studio. As we're seeing with halo infinite, strong modding support and modding community breaths vitality into games.

    Super excited for it.

  22. Star Citizen — 2023. I'll believe it when I see it.

  23. I suppose this means the next Mass Effect is not expected in 2023.

  24. I finally tried Star Citizen a couple days ago and already asked for a refund.

    60% of the time my inventory wasn't working, I couldn't put on my helmet (can't go outside) or couldn't take it off to drink water. I couldn't equip any equipment or store items. Bloody useless.

    The worst part is this bug is common knowledge, has been for years, and nothing is being done about it – they are just slowly adding new features while the existing ones aren't even useable.

  25. Lol… Elite Dangerous has launched years ago and Star Citizen will NEVER release.

  26. I have Ixion. Good Graphix, great music, and I don't suggest getting it. It's REALLY a disappointment. It's a total beta; buggy; unbalanced; 100% scripted (so zero replayability); it's far more about remembering what to do in the correct order, rather than any strategy.

  27. I feel like Starfield is getting delayed due to poor play test reviews from having not enough content, and Star Citizen is a meme at this point, it's never releasing with that buggy trash engine they're using. They took 10 years to build 1 system out of 100 they promised lol.

  28. Also Space bourne 2 and starship simulator are in my wishlist for 2023. Two interesting little projects!

  29. Ears bleeding at the whistling of this Herbert the pervert narrator.

  30. The creators tried to train Ai to develop and finish Star Citizen and the only reply it gave was "Why do you keep overriding me!?"

  31. Would´ve loved to see a Space Engineers 2.

  32. What is wrong with you narrator? Why are you narrating that way?

  33. How is it that in none of these new space games I can have and fly a real UFO or flying saucer? Is the disc shape of a space ship forbidden by some patent or unknown law?

  34. I'm hoping for a sandbox spaceship designing game so we can make our own ships.

  35. No mention of Sins of Solar Empire 2?? It is in beta right now. Go buy it!

  36. i played freelancer it was a 2003 game and for me nothing has ever came close

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