The Best Space Games of 2022 – The Upcoming Titles and Updates

2022 opens the door to a galaxy of space games, some of them coming from the largest gaming studios on the planet. Not to mention the many updates and improvements to existing titles that will expand upon the scale and scope of the space game genre. Here then, you can find all the massive games both indie and large studio alike.

Space Engine

Elite Dangerous

No Man’s Sky

EVE Online

X4 Foundations – Tides of Avarice

Space Engineers

Kerbal Space Program 2

Star Citizen

Evochron Legacy

Everspace 2




Homeworld 3

Epidemic Sound
Cold War Games – Gabriel Lewis
Spheres – Elliptik
Uncharted Planet – FormantX
Waikiki – Chill Cole
Caught in the Waves – Trevor Kowalski

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  1. Distant Worlds 2 is probably the space game I'm most looking forward to in the short term.😎

  2. Starfields gonna actually exist. Deserves to be here more than Star Citizen. That being said Homeworld 3 and Falling Frontiers are the ones to keep an eye on.

  3. As far as I'm concerned nothing will ever match up to NMS

  4. This is bull crap. You mention Space Engineers and Noman's Sky but no mention of Empyrion Galactic Survival?

  5. Best Games of 2022………. And Star Citizen included. I Laughed soooo Hard😹

  6. For me I see nothing worth while except for elite Dangerous and Starfield. Having high intense graphics doesn’t make the best space game to me. Or having overly high detailed operations and functions. For me that slows the game down to the point it’s boring and a choir. Bethesda has the best shot of pulling off a space game for the masses. Bethesda has made open world expansive games lots of people love. And they have the money and backing of Microsoft. Their game will be on both PC and console. Which gives it a more appeal to more gamers. And it should be a loot box where you have to pay all the time to do anything like most games are doing. I could be wrong but for me I’m waiting for Starfield.

  7. I started playing Star Citizen about 6 years ago and have fully dived into it.. its my guilty pleasure and I've spent over 5k on it. And I don't care if it's in alpha ..I really enjoy the game as is. It's a nice get away, you can explore for hours.

  8. I'd add Interstellar Rift. An indie title, focused on ship building. You don't control the ship itself only, you also control the pilot that can walk around the ship and various bases. Steam Workshop integration allows to exchange ship blueprints with other people.

  9. Why will you call it the best game when you alway in a spaceship not even walk or interact with the plane forever space sucks

  10. You forgot a very important space game!!!!!!!

  11. For those wondering why Star Citizen is on the list:
    Disclaimer: I am a SC enthusiast so this is obviously biased.

    2021 has been the biggest year for Star Citizen. We had 2 of the biggest patches ever, a whole new planet (doesn't sound like much, but it is), completely new mechanics that change the way the game is played (medical update), big events that lead to large groups of people working together or fighting each other (Xenothreat-event, Nine-Tails Lockdown, Jumptown 2.0-event).
    Many ships we have been waiting for got released (yes I know "CiG should stop making ships and work on the game". I completely know what you mean and I support that. But this year was CRAZY).
    We got a REALLY good look into the future of the next star system which will be huge (Pyro system).
    We got reworks of some mechanics and the turned out nicely.

    Star Citizen made a huge leap forwards and I recommend everone interesed in space games to try it out at the next free flight week.
    Ask me anything.

  12. At one point I really do want to try Star Citizen. Need to get a quality joystick, and that game probably will want a SSD all it's own…

  13. I look forward to seeing Star Citizen on the '23, '24 and '25 lists!

  14. The only one best space game was, is and always will be EvE online.

  15. I think Infinity: Battlescape should get a mention as a game with seamless ground to orbit transition and great-looking combat

  16. Star Atlas is a project worth looking into. a play to earn game built on the blockchain where you actually own your spaceships (NFTs).

  17. Нихрена не понятно, но всё очень красивое !!!

  18. Space engineers is a great game but last time I played the lack of missions made it boring after awhile

  19. Star citizen is definitely the second coming!

  20. I would get star citizen if it weren’t a subscription based game, any game like that is not worth it after a while

  21. Any good VR supported space games for 2022?

  22. Lots of great Sci FI Space games in 2022. Was excited to see that Everspace 2 EA is on GamePass!

  23. That Space Engineers seems like a game I've always wanted to play. Thanks Obs

  24. We need StarCitizen for ps5 my opinion my 4y old PC cant run it 😂

  25. EVE online is probably the best and most developed. I have tried every space game there is to try in the last 10 years and nothing really comes close.

  26. Nexus : The Jupiter Incident
    One of the best space games out there , a shame it died .

  27. Star Citizen won’t be moving forward until they stop adding new ships and focus on gameplay instead.

  28. One should note that Space Engineers has never been the greatest when it comes to updates, usually these days, as of 12/31/2021, the majority of their content is locked behind additional 4 American dollar paywalls. Which some (like me) people don't exactly like the fact that another DLC is pumped out with every content update. In quick summary, the concept and current content is good, but the way the developers are taking it, not so much. A guide on steam does go into depth of each DLC, I suggest going there to get some background, but of course, read the reviews too, people have different opinions.

    Star Citizen may seem promising, but according to many other yters, it's not very stable, it is after all, still in early alpha. Even for me, it has potential, so like Obsidian said, keep an eye on it.
    I sugguest "Morphologis" if you want much more detail and be able to track it's progress.
    Seeking examples of experiences that can "only be experienced inside this game"? I suggest "BadBananas"

  29. I love star citizen, say what you want but what they are doing and moving towards is beyond what most developers out there is willing to attempt. Star citizen is focused on gameplay, group play and visual experience while other companies are stagnant with a small scale, short development time frames and maximized profits.

  30. Star citizen should never be included in any coming to game or anything. It is not a game. It is a Ponzi scheme. When you're selling $40,000 ships in a game. It is fake and it's all only been what 10 years since they announced it. Come on

  31. I like how you handled Star Citizen. I'm one of the disappointed backers who hopes for the best but has prepared for a disappointing Squadron 42 launch & eternal dev cycle for the open world, but don't see a point to spreading negativity. I wish them nothing but luck, and just keep hoping that they nail enough goals and fixes to proceed to "Beta" at some point.

  32. Eve Online isn't a space game, it is an economics simulator that just happens to be in space.

  33. Star citizen does what every other space game is scared of doing let alone attempt! Star citizen player for life

  34. For those who like space engineers, my friends and I have enjoyed playing empyrion galactic survival just as much as space engineers, and after watching this will probably try out starbase.

  35. Love the tempo and style of your work! May I ask where you obtained that fantastic footage of Star Citizen please?

  36. I think starsector deserves some mention? It's a pretty impressive space sim done by 4 people, and is being pretty regularly updated

  37. Eve online is the best player centric game I have ever seen. My problem has been trying to get anywhere while staying in High Sec. Even in High Sec you can get ganked and it is very hard to recover when the reward of being in highsec are so low.

  38. I'm one of the people that Pre-purchased No Man's sky. I jumped into the game the moment it came out as I couldn't wait to be …if possible the first to discover a planet and name a system.

    Long story short, I went into the game with lots of Hyppe and energy only to be disappointed, every attempt to go back into the game juts doesn't work out for me.

    Maybe one day…

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