The Best Space Games of 2022 – The Upcoming Titles and Updates

2022 opens the door to a galaxy of space games, some of them coming from the largest gaming studios on the planet. Not to mention the many updates and improvements to existing titles that will expand upon the scale and scope of the space game genre. Here then, you can find all the massive games both indie and large studio alike.

Space Engine

Elite Dangerous

No Man’s Sky

EVE Online

X4 Foundations – Tides of Avarice

Space Engineers

Kerbal Space Program 2

Star Citizen

Evochron Legacy

Everspace 2




Homeworld 3

Epidemic Sound
Cold War Games – Gabriel Lewis
Spheres – Elliptik
Uncharted Planet – FormantX
Waikiki – Chill Cole
Caught in the Waves – Trevor Kowalski

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  1. start citizen in 2022:Get ready for star citizen in 2023 !Tadaaa!
    eve online : get ready to watch your screen doing nothing for hours
    Elite,Kerbal,X4,NoManSky :♥♥

  2. STAR CITIZEN IS A SCAM? FOR players hwo spend like 50-100 dollars for the game Is not. But for that players hwo spent like 1000+€(and i know Many of them)for sure Is a scam…

  3. Osiris: New Dawn is one to watch. It's had a very rough start but is beginning to show real progress.

  4. 4:53 The animation of the pelvis is wrong. The low point and the high point have been inverted. Pretty rookie mistake to make, quite surprising animation this bad made it to release.

  5. scam citizen, elite, no mans… 2022 o.0

  6. If star citizen was a scam why would they be expanding the game and adding more things

  7. Star Citizen is like a lottery,
    gives us a good expectation of the future, but replies no good answer in fact.
    Yet we continue expectations like "Maybe this year, it will answer our call"…

  8. Where's Dual Universe?
    This game may easily become top 3 due to it's technologies that no other games have all crammed into one.

  9. Star citizen is mostly about ship sales, buggy game play. Not to mention the content they took out of the game.

  10. My types of games,,,feels like I’m in future.

  11. I would recommend 3 other games : Helium rain, Chlidren of a dead earth, In the Black
    Not very well known but truly awesome games !

  12. star citizen is trash it shouldnt be in this list

  13. Space engineers is and kerbal 2 are my two favorites

  14. Scam citizen lol, its not before 2026 for sure

  15. Meh.
    I am looking for a game in space, where you can build and explore, have (fictional) scientifically realistic graphics and mechanics, 1st person simulation, open world and multi player.
    ED/SC graphics, NMS size, Kerbal accuracy…
    Is this too much to ask?

  16. When is RSI going to realize that they have already built a Metaverse and were the first to do it? If I were them I would be thinking ahead of "Meta" and all these other companies looking to build the Metaverse because in fact they were. They already have an in-game currency and economy all they need is a Blockchain and a tokenized asset "aUEC" with an exchange for users to buy, sell, and trade both in-game and other tokenized digital assets, i.e. cryptocurrencies or even fiat. RSI are already lightyears ahead of "Meta" (Facebook) and other companies within the space, once they realized it they will be the authority in Metaverse gaming and possibly the entire Metaverse niche.

  17. Star Citizen, 2022?

    /roflmao more like 2035, if lucky…

  18. So…Boundary is just Shattered Horizon 2.0

  19. A couple of other games to look out for:

    – Hunternet Starfighter: PvP / PvE space combat sim, made by one developer. Just got VR support, and has an awesome community supporting the project.
    – Falling Frontier: a complex space sim made by one developer (there's a trend it seems).
    – Into the Black: another PvP / PvE space combat sim, focused on physics.

  20. you missed Nebulous fleet its def worth checking out as a tactical space combat simulator

  21. Earth games: 😒😕😡🤢😴
    Space games: 😁😍🤗😛😏

  22. Everspace is amazing so far. I can't wait for the full release! Meanwhile Squadron 42 fans sob in the corner

  23. Brought the x for 2 resins elder scrolls 6 and Starfield now the wait

  24. Nothing about Beyond Good and Evil 2, yet?

  25. Make them good. Good physical and psychological hygiene. Realistic with wonder and ahh. Thanks. ❤️

  26. I really wish there were more games with similar concept as Elite dangerous and No Man's sky.
    For me Elite dangerous has amazing space and flying mechanics, but lackluster planets while No Man's sky planets are great, but space looks too cartoony and flying mechanics are not very great imo.
    There simply is no middle ground.

    Or even better
    If Elite dangerous just got a proper treatment. With planet rework and new things to explore.

  27. Tbh some the space games are a scam. False promises and lies to some. No man's sky delivered but definitely there were lies. They are pet projects mainly that get funded by the public based on those lies. And one or two of those developers need to be sued by those they deceived it's called false advertising. Its like when you see a mobile game with fake imagery That isn't in game footage at all. Of course it's a scam and by right anyone who funds scans should be entitled to their money back because it's fraud pure and simple. The only difference between the mobile game scams and pc Is that people pay more for these pc titles. You are completed game cash for a beta not even a beta stage development

  28. Replace Starfield with NO MAN'S SKY!!! – i see you added it to the elite dangerous block

  29. You keep trotting out much the same list of games. Pity there aren't more in simple cockpit view wing commander vein.

  30. i think why ksp 2 will be one of best space games of 2022 because it has more planets, colony modules, more planets and higher graphics (even roblox starscape relatable modules)

  31. Out of the above list, I already own Space Engine and Everspace 2. Am waiting for X4 Tides of Avarice, Homeworld 3 and Kerbal Space Program 2 (all wishlisted since I heard about them).

  32. You missed stellaris, otherwise great video.

  33. Imagine if it was possible to traverse each of these games with the same player character! That would be cool, just upload your character from a memory stick into the game and play.

  34. I wish someone would pick up Hellion and continue it's development.

  35. Despite all the bad, Star Citizenis still the most dangerously addictive space gam at this time….

  36. Is it Just me Or It feals like we are beaing prepared to an E.T encounter after all these games beaing relesad about space and space survivle ….

  37. In three hours last night I visit and surveyed a moon (for future reaping) on the way back I harvested 3 asteroids, landed at base fixed my grow op up (food) then went to local trader to sell my surplus weapons obtained from base raids (the night before) I then built a new small flying machine to be more efficient nipping around MY planet. My base is coming on greatly with a new storage warehouse recently completed. I then fetched the water from my local lake when jumped by 3 spiders and later 5 raptors all tasks were executed very well. Before loading all my swag for conversion into useful products, I used my new plane to visit 3 tombs to check again that I had got everything…..3 Hrs
    3 Hrs in Elite Dangerous….1 arsenic EMPYRION ROCKS! 20$ on Steam

  38. Star Citizen will be released in 2022? lol
    Thanks for your list, good luck, have fun.

  39. I need 3 more lives to play all those promising games…

  40. Терпеть не могу когда персонаж скользит при хотьбе или беге. Так трудно настроить скорость передвижения и анимацию? Это просто брак!

  41. If Fdev can get Oddessy into a better place and finally ported to consoles then it can get to adding things players will care about.

    Like new ships. I'd rather have new ships before being able to walk around in the ships I already own. I'd like to see some more ships added to the Empire and Federal Navy (not behind the loyalty).

  42. I’ve been waiting 20 years for Homeworld 3.

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