The Best Space Games of 2021 – New Releases And Updates

2021 looks to be an impressive year for space games, bringing some updates and improvements which dramatically change what it means to be a space game. This video then, highlights many of the best titles for 2021, along with an outside look at what may be coming in 2022.

Intro footage from Space Engine

Elite Dangerous

No Man’s Sky

EVE Online

X4 Foundations – Cradle of Humanity

Mass Effect Remastered

Space Engineers

Star Wars Squadrons


Star Trek Online

Warframe – Duviri Paradox

The Outer Worlds

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Kerbal Space Program 2

Space Games Covered In Part 2
Dual Universe
Starpoint Gemini 3
Everspace 2
Hardspace Shipbreaker
Rogue Galaxy Outlaw
Infinity Battlescape?
Plus more…
Evochron Legacy
Mars Horizon

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  1. how do u not even mention star citizen. I get its pre alpha, but it's an extremely unique ambitious space game

  2. thanks for the info , but , where is " Star conflict" ? , That game is the best space combat game in my opinion.

  3. 1) Star Citizen(seamless, beautiful, and a level of immersion that makes you feel like you are truly part of the game.
    2) No Mans Sky
    3) Elite Dangerous(used to be tied for 1st, but with recent updates to SC and NMS, and the botched Odyssey update, it is now clearly #3)
    4) EVE Online(best economy, but dated mining systems, no real exploration, and still 3rd person RTS style ship movement)
    5). Kerbel Space Program(just because I wanted it to be in the top 5 lol)

  4. I've played No Man's Sky more in the last 2 days than in the past year. And on the PS4 no less (really want a PS5).

  5. you forgot the Star Citizen. He talked about games that don't even exist yet for 2021 games.

  6. MAN i m not gay , but your voice is relaxing!

  7. Dyson Sphere Program should be in this list.

  8. yeah, unfortunately none better than Freelancer……Still waiting for a sequel or a game to take that to a new level. Disapointing space titles 🙁 P.S. Mass Effect was and is legendary, too bad they cant make a next gen game in that universe

  9. Props to the creators of No Man Sky by the by. They did a horrid release where they lied to the public about the game, and when they said they'd fix it, unlike most developers who do more damage, or give up on it cough Anthem cough cough They actually fixed it where the game is beautiful and incredible to play for hours. No Mans Sky is the game Elite Dangerous WISH it could be

  10. Astroneer is another one that is getting regular updates. It seems to be smaller in scope than most space games but it does what it sets out to do rather admirably.

  11. Is it really too much to ask for the planets and creatures of No mans Sky, with the building of Empyrion and Space engineers, along with the grand strategy and empire management of X4, and the combat of Elite Dangerous. Like…. come on devs. Just put all these things together -_-


  13. Oh, running around and shooting again. How tedious!

  14. I'm so fucking excited for Starfield. I can't wait for mods, and hopefully, a Starfox mod so I can fly an Arwing and scream at Slippy.

  15. Great vid! I would highly propose Eleon studios' Empyrion, a lot like Space Engineers but more of a focus on survival.

  16. You missed star citizen alltho it's an alpha it's still a very good game

  17. I need good speace game bot online with another players

  18. I could listen to this narrator read the the back of a cereal box.

  19. So, which one is ranked as "The Best" for PVE/RPG?

  20. Eve online is still my go to game to play all the time.

  21. Thanks for including Mass Effect. I worked on ME 1 & 2, looking forward to trying ED.

  22. Warframe is such crap. For a beginner there is virtually no information about what to do. Unfortunately I wasted so much time trying figure this waste of time out.

  23. Starfield with one trailer is mentioned, Warframe with next to none space is mentioned, Star Citizen with a playable alpha is not. 😅

  24. Great to watch this review considering where we are a year later. Shame this didn't have Dual Universe OR Star Citizen. Do you have a review Vid on these or do you have one coming this December?

  25. Wonder if these games are as boring as this video

  26. What about Space Balls the game. I would buy it and then regret it.

  27. Thought I was watching a national movie for a second

  28. Classics like Star Trek Armada is back! A great RTS game back in early 2000s ran on disc is now back on GOG! 2021 has been a good year for gaming for me

  29. i am here just to see what options are left for those who want to make a game that encompasses space

  30. no even a word about star citizen….. are you kidding , seriously….

  31. How do you not include outer wilds in this

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