The Best Space Games of 2020 – A Look At The Upcoming Titles and Updates


Space Games are going to be big in 2020 with a number of new titles and updates being released. Here’s a look at the best space games of the year and my top picks. There are also plenty of upcoming indie space games, which I will feature in a separate video. Whether you are searching for the best space exploration, or space combat game it’s looking like 2020 will have at least one title that will fit. Beyond Good and Evil 2, Kerbal Space Program 2 and Squadron 42 may potentially slip into 2021, but have still be included. Indulge in the retro charm of ZX Spectrum manic miner game with online selection.

Intro footage from Space Engine

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Elite Dangerous

No Man’s Sky

Star Citizen

Squadron 42

Dual Universe


Everspace 2

Warframe – Empyrean

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Eve Echoes

Kerbal Space Program 2

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  1. I really wish they would make a great Babylon 5 game.I know the show was along time ago,but the story and ships were great.

  2. what a coincidence, while watching this I get an ad for EVE Online

  3. Annnnnnnd fleet carriers SUCKED for elite. … Anyone honestly surprised?


  5. lmao millions of players on a single server that dev is either exaggerating way too much, or he has no idea what he is doing

    the amount of networking that would require is just insane .. its impossible to do it with that amount of players in real time on a single server

  6. Anyone who knows a space game that's not a shooter?

  7. "Kerbal space program, undoubtedly the most realistic space game…." Little green goofy astronaut dudes. sigh so close

  8. so sick of hearing about star citizen. gave up waiting years ago. over it

  9. in short, nothing good is released, for few years… ED is promissing, but lacks of activities.. as Eve and X4 have

  10. wat? No star trek? no star wars? ancient civilizations just blew up planets to travel galaxies and possessed insects and dinosaurs while planet jumping. Gravity needs a set timed spin or most stuff floats around in zero gravity or crushes from preasure ^^^<<<>>>^^^¬¬¬ГГГГ777 the doors to alternate universe mirror themselves eternally. Mummified were like robots but used zoomorphic dead corpses parts stuck together from dead planets and moons for spirits to interact with physical formations where life could not exist. Lazer Crystal eyeballs could melt rock to lava

  11. New things scheduled for Star Citizen, yeah right. Instead of creating another ship type, they should have more star systems. Too much work on stuff to buy. I will be dead, buried, and dust by the time this game is fully playable.

  12. Hi everyone. It is now 12-5-2020. Can anyone tell me the best space game for 2020 that has these features: 1) You can play on the PC and you don't have to be online. 2) run on Windows 7. 3) Have no noticeable software bug (the program crashed). 4) You can trade and explore and you don't have to do battle, but battle is optional.

  13. When Freespace 2 is still the best space fighting game in 2020..

  14. For anyone watching this is 2019 or 2020, don’t hold your breath, these are all trash.

  15. Timestamps please. That is all. Thank you. Otherwise love it.

  16. This is why you dont make videos in 2019 and name it 2020. Half the games are not even out. GG

  17. Star Citizen will release in a time where its no longer sci-fy, but normal to explore deep space.

  18. I did like that the thumbnail is literally my future millennium falcon. Although I’ll probs own a Corsair in real life before seeing it in SC..

  19. I dont care that this Video is a year old. It just motivated me to finish all the games in this list that I've bought but never really played.

  20. The PC Gamer's mantra of the 2020s will be: "But can it run Star Citizen?"

  21. I wish a scifi space game would come out. Like physics respecting Like KSP with warp drives and color shifting at speed, wormholes and blackholes that look real. Functioning gravity. Everything is more fun when it's believable.

  22. Rumor has it that Star Citizen will enter beta testing in 3195.

  23. My favorite space game is Elite dangerous. But if I had to choose anything else it would probably be space engine

  24. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw (RG2) – single player only (i see its now on steam) GG!

  25. come on kerbal, this 2 year delay is unacceptable.

  26. Space games with minimalist graphics are like a sugar-free candy bar. Just not doing it.

  27. i cant believe its 1.5 yrs old video. i watched that on release. how does time fly. but where is the indi space game video?

  28. Meh….waiting for Elder Scrolls 6….now that will be epic. ;p lmao

  29. germany is not a country you can say….yeah! amazing games….but im proud to see this game is make in germany (hamburg).

  30. Damn, Dual Universe is a shame. It's a subscription. By the time anyone makes that kind of money they don't have the time to get their money's worth.

  31. Sees Starbase: "Space Engineers 2 sucks."

  32. I love Elite awsome game, but i look for a Game Where you can Fly a Star Destroyer Size ship, i Tried X4 but is WAY to overcomplicated in steering just Flying in to shit all the time XD

  33. This didn’t age well… squadron 42, still not out in 2021 almost 2022…

  34. Simplerockets 2 needs a mention. It's somewhat more physics accurate than ksp.

  35. Dual Universe to be a truly big MMO, needs the players.

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