The Best Space Games in 2018

Space Games come in many forms, from the small to the unbelievably large. This video looks at the best space games available in 2018!

Intro Footage from Space Engine

X4 Foundations – Egosoft

No Man’s Sky NEXT – Hello Games

Elite Dangerous – Frontier Developments

Star Trek Bridge Crew – Ubisoft

EVE Online – CCP


Dual Universe – Novaquark

Star Citizen – CIG

Starfighter Inc. Impeller Studios

Space Engine

Genesis Alpha One – Team 17

Objects in Space

Opening and end footage from Space Engine


  1. They dont make Freespace 1 and 2 like games or Descent 3 🙂

  2. Missed
    empyrion – galactic survival the best game

  3. I want Star Citizen to deliver. Unfortunately, it never will because it'll never be finished in our lifetime.

  4. Your voice relaxes me 100%. Great videos.

  5. How did you manage to omit empyrion galactic survival and space engineers?

  6. Personally I prefer elite dangerous but to each their own of course.

  7. very good video, i recently find this strategy game actually in develloppement, you must to follow then, that seam very good to: "the pionners: surviving desolation"

  8. I just can't stop playing everspace due to your video, thx

  9. Anyone who loves space, building, tech, flying ships that you build should be playing Galactic Empyrion Survival. It is very well done, only a $20 investment and is on Beta 10.5 with active community. I have been playing it for the last 2-3 weeks and I have not been so locked in a game since Minecraft first came out, and that says something. Watch some videos and give it a try.

  10. Great video! Getting Everspace stellar edition which has everything for $11.99. I think it would make for fun gameplay videos for my channel. This is an excellent review!

  11. x4 is pretty good by the way. with last patches its addicting. closest thing to star citizen.

  12. So pretty much the same as last year. It's a shame there are so little good games in this genre

  13. wondering why Star Citizen is even in the list… the premise was to be released in that year 😀

  14. I thought this was an ad because of the voice lul

  15. One thing you forgot to mention about eve online is that all the meaningful factions are player-made and run, and most star systems are player-controlled. Also, the entire game, with it’s 7200+ star systems, is hosted on a single server.

  16. I'd love if Space Engine was ported to elite * o *

  17. Hello games developed a scam. then got into legal trouble and was forced to make the game they promised. its still nothing what they promised and they should be banned from ever making games again.

  18. I want an old-fashioned space rpg like freelancer that has a story and progression through ships and loadouts

  19. No man's sky is with its last update slowly but surely overtaking Elite Dangerous in what's on offer:

    – Open galaxy: check
    – Possibility to play offline: check
    – Multiplayer: check
    – VR support: check
    – Moddability: check
    – Walking and landing on all sorts of planets (not just dustballs): check
    – Hiring large ships (transports/frigates): check
    – base building / harvesting / farming: check
    – space hulk derelict exploration
    and they're still adding to it…

    While Elite Dangerous is still a mile wide and an inch deep.

  20. Once elite dangerous: Odyssey comes out, this game will become obsolete. The fact that it still isn’t even fully released just adds insult to injury.

  21. There is a first person option in EVE Online!

  22. I really like your requierments for the list : )

  23. Technically you can use first person in Eve but Boone uses that shit

  24. here in 2021 star citizen I believe has around 500mil so far, and since its still in development but also playable, I must say I really love what they've done. Crusader just became an actual scale to scale gas planet as of me posting this

  25. Eve Online is a fantastic game, but it can be mercilessly brutal. You can't have thin skin going into low/ no sec space.

  26. Best Space Game 2018 is still Freespace 2 ^^

  27. I don't know if I'm just new or something but Eve online definitely has a first person perspective from the front of the ship, but only when you're in space

  28. Seems like Elite Dangerous didn't do much after 2018.

  29. I LIKE X: Rebirth. The trading interface is simple to use, and very useful. The disappointment for me was the warehouses. Setting the trading data up is an absolute pain as every one must have buy and sale set for every resource and it is a clicky/slidey chore. Had the ability to input numbers been implemented it would be a fantastic space trading game.

    X4 has the worst user-interaction system of any game I have played. As a result, I just cannot get into it at all. In fact, after recently purchasing the latest content (10 days ago Kingdom End and the other one), I fired it up only to spend 2 minutes in the game itself before shutting it down again.

  30. What game were you playing or 3D program did you use for the footage In between the games? For example the planet fly over at 12 seconds in. It looks incredibly realistic?

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