The Best Space Games for Exploration

Space Games are great for exploration, so I take a look some some of the top space games.

Elite Dangerous

Space Engine

No Man’s Sky

EVE Online


  1. I think space sims are sooo boring,they are just to overly serious and make me feel miserable when I play them.

  2. One thing No Mans Sky certainly does not have is unique explorations, everything looks the same. At this point it's mainly a crafting, mining and building game.

  3. i cant imagine what space games the future will bring 😀

  4. Why is Space Engine 25 bucks but an older version of it is free?

  5. I mean how many variations of cow can you make? Lol

  6. I have ED, but honestly its too hard for me lol

  7. I was playing 8 years EvE everyday and is by far the moust complex/big MMO to date is…..I guess “Star Citizen” is trying to achive EVE greatness but will be almoust impossible!

  8. Where the fuck is KSP thats the highest rated space game un the world

  9. elite danger boring and a rip off. You need to purchase the upgrade but if you sell it on the upgrade needs to be repurchased.

  10. I'm sure someone has asked this before, and I swear I saw it listed briefly on another video but can't seem to find it now – does anyone know from where the opening space-scape shots are coming from. There are no recognizable game elements, so, is it just a bunch of 3d art? or does it come from somewhere? I'm referring to the panoramic space scenes that are in the opening 20 seconds or so. Any help would be appreciated, because that art is gorgeous, and I'd love to to just sit back and watch for even a few minutes

  11. These reviews seem a bit samey, covering the same few games and definitely ignoring evochron legacy. Hmm . . .

  12. I mean playing a game about where u explore the universe. And it’s like survival based. Would be pretty sick. But we do not get that anymore. Why?!

  13. Thank god for subtitles! i'm British and even i can't understand a word you're saying.

  14. I want a game where I have full control of a spaceship. I want to be able to go to different planets and have different objectives on each planet. Any recommendations?

  15. I feel like no mans sky is more for if you want to find amazing things yourself, while ED is more if you want to set a list of places you want to go, so that when you finally get there you get a very giddy feeling. While no man's sky gives you more of a surprise or woah feeling.

  16. All i can picture is Jonathan Ross while listening to this..

  17. I can't wait for Everspace 2 to come out. If you're not familiar then check out the dev diary vids from Rockfish Games. It's open world this time!👍

  18. The problem with Elite's exploration is that its a lake that's 1 inch deep. So while you feel like youre "exploring" it falls a little flat cos you know theres nothing really out there. Now what would be interesting is if there was interstellar phenomena or undiscovered alien life randomly throughout the galaxy. But we all know this is impossible for Fdev to achieve. Without it coming off as a NMS rip off. But of course thats also the issue with NMS, the galaxy is filled with almost too much life, to the point thats its repetitive.

  19. Shoutout to Outer Wilds. Small space indie game that blew me away.

  20. Just played Elite yesterday for the first time. I was amazed, wow. Thanks Steam sale.

  21. not even to metion Star Citizen? dislike

  22. i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but- says:

    Can somebody tell me a good spaceship game with economy system that is offline???

  23. Hey dear can I play like this game on Android

  24. i bot no mans sky like 2 secs after he started showing us no mans sky

  25. Check Outerwilds. Dont check… just buy. dont google anything about this game or you will ruin the game !!

  26. i need a real aerodynamics system, modern day rockets and atmospheric pressures, our solar system in high definition and replicas off used rockets from the past such as the saturn v

  27. I like Universe game much better VR oculus this game 😻😍is super visualisation

  28. I quit playing Eve because, much like Sea of Thieves, there are those immature douchebags that spend all their time grieving new players. Untill games like this implement PVE only modes, I have no interest in playing a game where I am minding my own business and someone just comes up and kills me, especially when they just camp newbie areas. There really ought to be a mode to set to PvE where you can't attack other players and they can't attack you. Sort of how WoW works now.

  29. I want a game like No Man's Sky but with the capability to explore near stars and nebulas. I also want to be able to colonize a planet, not just build a base, but actually colonize and build a city and fill it with life forms. And you could watch your colony thrive, inhabitants mill about. The problem with NMS is that as much as it tries to fill some planets with life, ie life forms and creatures and very limited animated npcs, and even with the added atmospheric elements like storms, clouds, and tornados, along with the planetary elements such as volcanos, the planets still don't really feel alive. Like I kinda feel like the thing that is missing is civilizations. I mean where are the cities in this game. What about space colonies, or giant space stations where there are living quarters and things like that? NMS is kinda like some of the Mexican restaurants, all the same ingredients in various dishes, just arranged differently.

  30. Dude your voice is the only chill game i want to play

  31. I'd like a space exploration game for the PS4 or PS5 that allows me not only to free roam, space travel, admire the vistas and relax, with that sense of grandeur and splendour, but to land on planets to explore and feel the immersion and amazement in equal/balanced proportions. To my knowledge, NMS is the only game that allows us to space travel and land our spacecraft to explore planets in a significant fashion, but from what I can see in gameplay footage the space travelling part seems kind of lacking. Also, while it looks good, NMS doesn´t give me a realistic feeling (live EVE or Elite), it looks a bit cartoonish to my eyes mostly because colours seem over saturated. I'd like something darker, eerie and menacing in tone, not always, but sometimes… that stresses a sense of deep space scale and loneliness. In the gameplay department I'd like it to mix it up a bit: free roaming, exploration and relaxation with an option to engage in some action if I want to, maybe dog fighting (while flying), interacting with other characters (while on land), maybe some first person shooting against hostile forces/aliens, gather resources, build bases, survival mode… like a space exploration GTA maybe? I've watched several of these videos and it seems to me that games we have available as of October 2021 tend to be either too heavy on the resources gathering grind or too heavy on the flying and dog fighting… Does anyone know if there is or will be a game close to the one I described? Or am I just getting the wrong impressions out of the ones we have available?

  32. I did buy No Man's Sky a few years ago, when it was still quite a new product advertised as an exploration game. I really enjoyed it at first, trying to find the different plants and animals listed for each location, trading with aliens, upgrading my ship to improve mineral extraction etc. Then I tried moving to other planets and got attacked by pirates, which totally ruined the game for me. I am unable and unwilling to do combats, and find this aspect of most computer games utterly boring so I haven't looked at No Man's Sky since. Finding an habitable world could be the first episode of a space exploration game integrating actual current knowledge of space (with regular updates opening new possibilities) then in a second stage: terraforming it according to the local geography and environment, constructing the best possible housing for the conditions and using local resources with respect to the ecosystem, locating or making products for trade with Earth. Something a bit like that but with fun elements too.

  33. I wish they'd make one on console and have like actual planetary systems you can explore. I think that would be awesome.. make some that has life and some that are to dangerous to even explore.

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