The Best of the Best SPACE GAMES (that Defined the Genre)

Space games have a long and illustrious history, from their early arcade days to their current massive scale projects. Throughout the past four decades a handful of games have defined the genres evolution.

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Space Invaders
1:27 Elite
2:21 Starglider 2
3:09 Star Control 2
3:53 X Beyond the Frontier
4:43 Homeworld
5:28 EVE Online
6:11 Kerbal Space Program
6:49 Elite Dangerous
7:70 No Man’s Sky
8:31 The 11th Game



  1. and yet id rather have something like ED:Horizons or Freelancer with more depth.. then something like Star Citizen, EVE or probably even E:D now (based on old info) with there focuses on MTX's more rather then Balance fairness and in ED's case Depth.
    Will try out SC some day but currently its not ready (and if i bounce of the game i don't come back) so i want to give it a fair shot, but its support us more with getting ship X were making feels like poison to me that might hurt its chances when its finally ready for me to give it a try.

    Im a sub guy when it comes to MMO's not an FTP with MTX one. but sadly it if i look at game dev's choices i seem to be in the minority.

  2. No mention of Warhead from 1989
    also the first Wing Commander????

  3. For me, freelancer got me into the genre. I remember spending more time playing the demo than with full games I had at the time. The online community kept me hooked, especially the community driven servers and mods. I think people still play freelancer online to this day. Those were good years.

  4. Well. I know you want to limit the list, but not mentioning Wing Commander is a big issue of that video.

  5. You kind of missed the entire wing commander series, and Descent series. Both of which were so popular that they were released on more platforms than any other title you listed listed in your video including multiple consoles and with several remasters.

  6. Elite Dangerous shouldn't be there and Starsector absolutely should be there.

  7. I was born in 78. And I grew up loving scifi thanks to games and movies like Starwars.

  8. Very hard to do only 10 games, but you did miss out some biggies after space invaders – what about asteroids, lunar lander, Williams defender, then the big pc titles freelancer, privateer, decent, wing commander series etc.

  9. star citizen is like Jodorowsky Dune it certainly has heavy influence the modern space sim while never releasing

  10. Any played shadow of Kepler amazing reminds me of creature shock

  11. I'm having space game withdrawals. Elite is basically dead, Star Citizen is frozen in stasis, and there aren't really any other good cockpit sim space games out right now

  12. I would personally add the whole Parkan series to the list, especially Parkan 2.

    I know it might not be the most popular game, but in 2005 it was a game like no other for me, basically Star Citizen of its era since it combined FPS/SpaceSim with colony management, ability to change and upgrade ships, suit upgrades, drone army controls and stuff. It was a bit janky and crashed sometimes but I had a lot of fun with it.

  13. I can't believe you added no mans sky, but forgot Freespace, Freelancer, Wing Commander and the X-Wing / Tie-Fighter games.

  14. God I miss 2003 Eve so much. It's not the same game anymore. Ever since they partnered with a Korean publisher, they redid all the resources, completely broke builds that had existed for 15+ years by changing modules and removing others entirely, and recently all the ingame events where the devs have been directly interfering with the galaxy which they had sworn they would never do…. All the corps I used to roll with are long dead and gone.

  15. ED did it for me, expanded my mind of the 1:1 scale Milky Way Galaxy. Got me into the hobby of Astronomy (owner of a 10" DOB). Sadly, ED disappointed after that Odyssey expansion and lack of support, the long drought.

  16. I would have included Wing Commander. Freespace 1,2 Starlancer as well as the Colony Wars series.

  17. Nooo…. You’re missing: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident & Star Wars Empire at War

  18. I really believe wing commander privateer belongs here.

  19. What do you think about Star Atlas?

  20. The Amiga version of Star Control 1 is also noteworthy for the melding of turn based strategy and economy with action balanced at a fleet level. The Atari version may have also had the mode, but it for sure introduced some fleet building mechanics. The old VGA planets play by mail grand strategy game as well.

  21. Surprised that no one mentioned arcade "Asteroids", it was my 2nd arcade game I played, the 1st game was Lunar Lander.

  22. No Freelancer?
    Fail for you mate, that's just sad research.

  23. i hope that a space game but with a good scifi storyline is made , if any exist then plz tell me

  24. No Freespace 2? No X-Wing or TIE Fighter? Star Control 2 over Starflight? Shenanigans, I decry.

  25. Games that I can add here are Startlancer and Star Wars X-wing.

  26. Wrong. Freespace/Freespace 2 is a must on this list as the absolute best narrative space games and the high point of the entire genre. They kind of took over from the Wing commander style games and just did it better without the expensive actors and sets.

    If you don't know not to approach a ship in the arc of its anti fighter beams or how to tell the difference between a GTC Leviathan and a GTC Fenris you clearly haven't been playing the right space games.

    If by some strange circumstances you haven't played the Freespace games buy the second one and port in the story for the first game (might legally need to buy it not sure as the source code was given to the community there is some non standardness in play thats a massive win for everyone) while adding the modern overhual of the graphics and enjoy the best space games ever (no compition and I'm 1000s of hours in to the X franchise I mean like each entry in the series 1000s of hours) in glorious 4k in a game from the 90's. Its so genre defining its still being updated 2 decades later.

  27. There is no game that defined the genre more than Elite (1st) and Wing Commander (Starlancer is my favorite from wing commander type games). X-wing/Tie-figher games are also landmarks is Space combat. My favorites Freespace and Freespace 2. It seems you prefer big complex open world games, than mission/story focused ones. I would rather have Squadron 42 (and I payed for that) than Star Citizen.

  28. By the way, Freespace 2 has a mod Freespace open that makes it awsome even now. And it´s very easy to install.

  29. eve and star citizen are my go-to games. star citizen when working is an amazing experience

  30. Elite Dangerous, such a (grinding) waste… It could have been so great.

  31. I always remember an old Microprose game called Lightspeed.

  32. i recomend Space haven to try till you guys wait…

  33. No mans Sky @7:51 time isnt working – assumings its because you have typed – 7:70 (?)

  34. No Wing Commander or Privateer? No Freespace? Skipping X-Wing and Tie-Fighter?
    Um…. FREELANCER?!?
    But you give Elite, NoMans Sky (LOL) and the forever alpha Star Citizen prime spots?
    Made my eyes roll so hard I nearly lost my balance.

  35. im shocked that freespace and freespace 2 wasnt included, that game was hugeeeeeeeeeeee in the whole space game genre!

  36. You missed Damoclès on the Atari ST. Next step after Starglider II.

  37. Elite's successor "Frontier: Elite II" was just as much a revolutionary game in the genre!

  38. Space Invaders was only black and white. The colour introduced was by a plastic film stuck on the screen in layers. Today that seems ridiculous but those were the times.
    Elite was released on the little known outside the UK "BBC Model B" and it was awesome. I owned a floppy disc version (at a time discs were still rather rare) and I didn't own a BBC at that time (I got one later) but that was my copy for when I went over to my friends. I read somewhere that Elite on the Beeb sold more copies than there were systems (it was that good)
    X-BTF was fantastic and the follow up Xtension felt a lot like the original Elite but with many upgrades. But what really impressed me was after Xtension was released they released V2 update and it was a complete overhaul making the game so much better. EgoSoft (Who make all the X-Universe games) with every game have given years of updates.

  39. its a shame the way frontier is treating elite dangerous, it has so much potential and i think they could still bring it back if they actually cared enough to do so

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