The Best Hardcore Space Mining Game on Steam is Free – Delta V : Rings of Saturn

Delta V : Rings of Saturn gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Delta V and check out a game where you’ll dive into the rings of saturn to bring back loads of valuable ore, upgrade your rig, and dodge space pirates.

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  1. This reminds of the game Space Law and Space Order: Space Victims Unit.

    You play as "Solid Space Water-T", a tough Space Cop who arrests Space Pervs, like the Space Stalactite who was arrested for going down on Space Minors

  2. I later found out that launching once from the station cost 20k XD

  3. Well, I checked the Steam store page, and………WHY IS THERE A 'SPACE FURRY EDITION'?!?

  4. fellow miner i salute you,


  5. Thanks so much for telling me about this game. This is right up my alley. And the fact the developer is such a boss to release for free makes me want to pay double. Because works of passion are worth more than works for profit. Love it.

  6. Is this the same guy that made Titan Outpost? It looks like a similar interface and obviously it's a really similar setting.

  7. you can put those life pods on the arm that holds your mining companion by turning it back on.
    also that final autopilot upgrade is a full on autopilot, it will fly the ship for you and collect stuff you click on, though i think you need to open the collector yourself when it approaches.

  8. I got all excited about this with the use of the word "sim" but I can't, personally, consider something a sim if it doesn't at least have the option of a first-person view.

  9. lidar dosnt exist in space LOL it relys on sound and nobody can hear it scream

  10. Well, I guess I spent some money on this. Gotta take it for a spin later once I end my current session in KSP…

  11. Lets hope selling the pod didn't make Splatt lose the quest.
    Thanks for showcasing! ^^

  12. I'm still downloading it, but Delta V in real life is the capacity of the ship of accelerating. It's determined by the amount of fuel you have vs your weight.
    Kerbal Space Program is a good game to learn about this.

  13. Hey, thanks for the recommendation. Looks fun, I am going to give it a try.

  14. Wonder if the Elon references are gonna get patched out eventually lol

  15. You can pick up escape pods with the little grabby arm that was holding your mining companion, you just have to turn it back on again.

  16. I think you missed the reference of Heavily Armored Lifepod 9000.

    Open the pod bad doors.

  17. I Love “Power Wash Simulator”!!!

    I’ve picked up several DLC: “Boat Wash”, “Truck Wash”, “Driveway Blaster” and the ever popular “Honey Doo List”.

    And the Soundtrack Addons: “Govt Mule Radio”, “Nazareth Station”, “Blues Central” and “Metal Mayhem”.

    Sundays are my favorite daze to play… Consume some mostly legal mind expanding compounds (Legality may vary by State), and Rock The Power Washer!

  18. Bla bla bla….Its not free at all! It cost 8 euro on steam. Stop saying stuff that is not true.

  19. 3:00 This is false, you can pass the Keeler gap. The gap that you can't cross is the Encke gap, but otherwise you're right about what happens when you try to cross it. Additionally, the 'animation' that plays when you launch isn't an animation, it's actual gameplay but your ship is on autopilot.
    9:32 deltaV does NOT mean "how maneuverable your ship is." deltaV is the change in velocity you have stored in your ship, in other words, it's speed in a bottle. More deltaV is associated with less maneuverability, because generally more fuel means you have more dV.

  20. On steam it’s the Greek letter for delta, so just search for Rings of Saturn.

  21. Thank you for the review. I just downloaded it to try. I love the Escape Velocity series (RIP Ambrosia, EV:Nova is my favorite). I like these space miner economy sim games. Was looking a Star Citizen but haven't try it yet.

  22. I've played this all day now, I love it, thanks splat!

  23. Delta V is the total amount of well speed you can build up. It’s a function of your mass and the amount of fuel. More mass less dV, less mass more dV (and fuel is mass!)

  24. You say the ship gets heavier with cargo…….no weightlessness in space anymore

  25. The albedo of an object means its brightness by the way

  26. The Best Hardcore Space Mining Game on Steam: "Rock and Stone!"

  27. Too bad that this game is too heavy for my pc, I'm not joking

  28. If the dev reads this I'm buying this game even if I never play it just because of what you said about Ukraine! SLAVA UKRAINI!

  29. This looks like a very neat way to spend a few hours! Thanks for publicizing it 😊

    Can you damage your ship by bringing in cargo too fast, or jostling the cargo around while maneuvering? Like if it is all gathered at the front of the bay, and you accelerate, causing it to slam into the back of the bay, does that punch a hole through the rear bulkhead?

  30. What did you add to get the radar around your ship?

  31. woke shit like supporting ukes because you are told to makes me sick. keep your sheep based politics out of gaming. everything you hear about that stupid conflict is a lie. and none of our business.

  32. The title of this game immediately reminds me of a metal band with the same name Rings of Saturn. Especially with you mentioning hardcore over and over…😂

  33. This game is available for free but is worth paying for. Great concept and the dev is constantly keeping this fresh.

  34. The game is not free, how do you see that games are free on Steam? How do you keep track? Because Steam does not let you know when a game is free, they never notify you. Any advice how to keep track what is free on Steam?

  35. Just picked this up…am thoroughly enjoying this so far! Thank you for shouting out this dev, and the great walkthrough…earned a sub! Keep the vids coming and will be checking out your older vids!

  36. wow i havent actually seen many people covering one of my fav games!

  37. This is a beautiful looking game. I just downloaded the demo, give it a try after watching you play a bit. It's not easy to find on steam when you search "Delta V", I found it by chance, not even sure how.

  38. Can you break up the rocks near the enemy ship, and cause him to crash into the debris?

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