The 9 best space games on PC

The best space games on PC, as boldly decided by the intrepid crew of the USS-PCGN. Boldly go where no gamer has ever gone before and remember: be careful, or you’ll be dead.

00:20 – Star Trek Online
00:56 – Stellaris
01:42 – Elite Dangerous
02:17 – EVE Online
03:01 – Kerbal Space Program
03:33 – Mass Effect 2
04:09 – FTL?: Faster Than Light
04:46 – Homeworld Remastered Collection
05:17 – Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition

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  1. Freelancer, X2 and X3, and Hegemonia was better than some of these in the list

  2. DeEss your voice over dude whoa, ear rape much.

  3. No Freelancer ? So Freespace 2 ? Or X series seriously ?

    You basically missed the most important ones.

  4. There are far too few space games with engaging stories and scales.
    Also, too bad mass effect series only have 3 games.

  5. No Freelancer. No like. Also no Freespace, Descent, X series & I might add Star Wolves 3.

  6. Space Rangers!
    All the rest is not worth my time.

  7. Earth and Beyond isn't mentioned in any comment. EnB has to be on this list. EnB is still playable too and is free.. Amazed that no know mentions this.

  8. Stellaris looks amazing! I'm so tempted to get it. I have Endless Space 2, Everspace (so beautiful) and Conquest: Frontier Wars (oldie but goodie). My little bro also enjoys Sins of a Solar Empire, but I found it too difficult to get into. Oh, and there is the amazing classic, Ascendancy! Still a game I remember fondly.

  9. Socialist scum bag promoting fantastic products of capitalism? Loser.

  10. This is a very nice list, even though I'd like to add some stuff to it:
    -The Wing Commander series
    -The X-Series
     -Freespace 1+2
    -Starlancer and Freelancer
    -Sins of a Solar Empire
    -Alpha Centauri
    -More Star Wars games like Dark Forces/Jedi Knight, Battlefront, Republic Commando, Empire at War, The Force Unleashed, Galactic Battlegrounds, Rogue Squadron, Shadows of the Empire,…
    -More Star Trek games like Armada, Elite Force, Starfleet Academy, Klingon Academy, Bridge Commander, Starfleet Command, 25th Anniversary, Judgment Rites, A Final Unity, Birth of the Federation, Legacy, DS9 The Fallen,…

  11. I enjoyed the video but a little bit short

  12. Dude, im not seeing the best space game I've played in years on here??? Or the second best? 3030 Deathwar is the 2nd and ofcourse, Halcyon 6… It's pixelart startrek with humor..

  13. There's nothing like stumbling upon a new-to-you 3 year old video and having a good chuckle about what people thought were good space games. Maybe half of these games were really any even fewer had lasting impact on the spectrum of space game genres.

  14. Star Conflict is 10000x better than any game you mentioned (except FTL, FTL is just as good). Poorly conducted research for a lame youtube video.

  15. What's wrong with free market capitalism? Commies.

  16. I was searching for one game, which title I didn't know

    I found it xD 4:09

  17. Warning SOCIAL JUSTICE ALERT SOCIAL JUSTICE ALERT. Brainwashed lib making a video.

  18. What happened to the remade Master Of Orion? It was awesomely overhauled and I've wasted many a day on that game. Thumbs up if think this should be in at least the top 5

  19. Free capitalism a disease, state is the real problem friend

  20. Free market capitalism and other diseases wtf.

  21. Ah yes, the human disease of free-market capitalism. Well, we can't all be enlightened like Stalin, Mao and Hitler.

  22. Guys i'm going out of mind.
    There was a game, were you could use your ship, you could customize it with stronger cannons etc. Graphic was really good at the time, it was a 3rd person. You could walk in the station to the various shop or go out and kill some flying enemies, PVP and PVE. I don't remember many particular, but i'm trying to find the name of it

  23. So the game that put space strats on the map doesn't count? Master of Orion? Or Master of Orion 2? Sheesh.

  24. I missed the part if the game is pvp, RPG, or NPC game and also if they are free, a rental or we have to purchase it, would be nice if you can tell of each game if it's one or the other. LOL (league o legends) is a pvp free game. Needs a lot of work to balance it, but it's decent to play from time to time.

  25. Oh My God! Is this All that the 21st FUCKING CENTURY has to offer in this Genre? That is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PATHETIC!!!!!!

  26. Sadly no mention of any of the excellent EVOCHRON games!

  27. Oh man this ain't the best list, that's for sure. Mass Effect?? Really? It might be a game in space, but it's more action-adventure RPG than any of the others. No Freelancer, FreeSpace, Evochron, X series???

  28. You put Mass Effect and doesn't mention X games ? Mass Effect has no place in this list, is a simple shooter, not a space game.

  29. youre absolute braindead basic for not mentioning freelancer. Stop hiding under a rock.

  30. Darkstar one> Great little, but underrated, game. Easy to get into, you can fly around, shoot, trade, explore asteroid mines, become involved in story . . . pity it tends to be overlooked.

  31. Anybody know the name a space game that came out during the 90’s, it had an awesome guitar solo that played while the spaceship was launching into space, it also had good graphics at the time.

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