Starcom: Unknown Space – (Open World Starship RPG)

Starcom: Unknown Space is an action RPG of space exploration and adventure. Build your own starship while discovering an epic story in a universe of strange mysteries, alien factions and uncharted worlds.

Starcom: Unknown Space on Steam:

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  1. Watching footage of this game from other YouTubers. What I'd love to see is a lot more variety of different weapons and abilities.

  2. nice top down reminds me of Star Valor I spent 90 hrs on addictive these type of games

  3. Nowhere near the first one yet. And, it isnt open world at all. I loved the first one, and I want this one to do well but I wouldn't recommend yet.

  4. Bought the game yesterday and started playing last night,I am very impressed with the game even in early access and can't wait for the full version and hopefully lots of updates and DLCs add on upgrades, this game has so much potential and is fun to play already and addictive.Well done developers and looking forward to full version.

  5. 23:52 did one of those operators just mention bob ross's name, dont tell me the legendary singer is in this game?

  6. lool in 2022 you play a topdown bullshit like that

  7. Looking forward to Nov 3rd, gonna buy this Day 1.

  8. love your vids man…. hopefully you can find more games where there are spaceship boarding… I've been trying to find those. Like stellar tactics

  9. I hoped the second game would become more like a sandbox or even rogue-lite. Because the mechanics are so awesome and sandbox/rogue-lites have a way higher replayability. Also I would love to play it on my phone.

  10. 2:38:40 You opened the prison where they were hiding the Hellraiser Box you fool!…lmao

  11. Loves the first game. Look forward to building another brick of doom in the new one.

  12. 17:55 TLDR: That isn't technobabble.

    So technobabble is technically when you use nonsense science words to try and say a science thing, with the inherent presupposition that the technobabble is inaccurate, and what the screen says is accurate. It's just science.

    The device takes "geometric information," or data about your relative three dimensional position in "Euclidean space," (Euclidean space is normal space, where directions make sense. Non-Euclidean space is that MC Escher shit, where you walk down a set of stairs and appear coming from a hole in the wall above you) and it "transforms" it, which is a math thing, where you set some function to equal itself, while also tweaking it to a new perspective frame, changing what it looks like, into an "esoteric," or "known and understood by few," representation of "warp space," or "Non-Euclidean Space." The space you use to seemingly teleport around Euclidean Space, by taking sideways shortcuts through MC Escher-land.

    "It may be a navigation device." Means it is 100% a navigation device. It calculates the math to pilot through wormholes. That's literally what it says, and that's how foreshadowing works, you tell someone what will happen in a way they don't really understand. I haven't watched a second past this part of the video yet, but if it ISN'T a navcomputer, it's a literary red herring, and they still put in the effort to get the words right to describe a navcomputer, regardless of if it's a red herring or foreshadowing.

    Good job developers.

  13. 33:20 It's the Mass Effect Relay system, only instead of fantasy element zero, they "invert the Higgs-Field", the thing that "makes" gravity. It would make you "less massive" than your equivalent massenergy in light. You would then go "faster than light," only in such a way that it rips you apart into a white hole (the inversion of a black hole, look it up.) as it smears you across spacetime into the future (instead of smearing (spaghettifying (look it up)) you across the past, like a black hole). Or, you know, disintegration, but with extra steps. That's real too. Except you wouldn't invert the higgs field locally, you would invert the way local bosons interact with the higgs field.

    Which is the trick. That sounds pretty impossible with our technology, but who fuckin cares, 300 years ago it sounded impossible to have small machines that create tiny bits of star just on Earth, switching on to help us learn how to make better ones. We got test fusion reactors. Those are things that are real now.

    Does this game studio employ a bunch of people who failed out of a postgrad quantum physics program? Is that what's happening right now? Have I found my people?

  14. Oooh, looks like Star Control. Will be cool to see a newer take on that gem.

  15. Hi, the developer here! Just wanted to pop in and give a big thanks for playing and supporting indie games! Watching you play gives me ideas for ways to improve the game experience.

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