Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) Space Tython (Old Republic) – Republic side /NO HUD/

– STAR WARS Battlefront 2 Remaster by Harrisonfog
– Shader Patch by SleepKiller
– Star Wars Battlefront II Remastered by Anakin
– Expansion For v1.3 or v1.5 by AnthonyBF2
– Heroes of the Galaxy by Jedi_Jack
– Endor (Elite Squadron) by Teancum
– Geonosis (Renegade Squadron conversion) by Teancum
– Saleucami (Renegade Squadron conversion) Converted by Teancum
– Altyr V: New Republic Base by Teancum
– Ruusan: Canyon Oasis by Teancum
– Baron’s Hed (Jedi Knight conversion) by Teancum
– Space Tython (Old Republic) by Teancum


  1. I wish they would do remasters of both games and allow for users to host severs for multiplayer 😭

  2. This version is the best and the company that owns it just doesn't seem to get it.

  3. It brings my heart joy to see ppl still playing and recording vids for bf2! The no hud is a great touch as well bro!

  4. That roll into the shield generator is something I used to do, a classic tactic

  5. award rifle from the beginning of the battle meh

  6. How do you get away with all that copyright music

  7. Forget the Dagger shaped mandalorian ships of the empire.
    The old Sith Leviathan ship has such a cool design.

    I really liked the KOTOR games for going with unique designed instead of copy pasting like every other IP

  8. This theme played in my head before I clicked the video

  9. Is this a mod? I dont remember playing this era in the Ps2 version

  10. It's good to see that people are still playing this classic

  11. 2:36 After destroying their life support systems, you decided to cause a little more damage in that room. Impressive

  12. Nice work, enjoying your mod vids. SWBF2 (2005) remains my fav Battlefront game.
    I have so many fun memories of playing space maps and manning the turrets in MP.

  13. can you do some with the hud? hard to see espacially in space

  14. Wow🤩. This might be your best space mod video. It's a literary old Republic space battle.

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