Star Citizen vs Starfield

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  1. It could be done and they just didn’t do it. There’s no reasoning. Just excuses.

  2. Yeah but only like 20% off ppl can play star citizen. It cost hundreds of bucks with mico transactions out the ass and its only on pc. Soooo stop crying about starfield.

  3. Comparing star citizen to starfield is like comparing kony2012 to blm

  4. Sadly many people just jump on the hate train and spread misinformation about Star Citizen. But if they don't wanna play it, it's their choice. They are missing out on full immersion and breathtaking moments. Star Citizen is a gem. And I am happy to experience it's further journey.

  5. I love how it legit looks like a floating prop with sound effects. Super fake looking. Don't see this as a win for SC

  6. Fans of video games are so god damn annoying. Are you enjoying the game? Great, then you like the game and it’s for you. Are you NOT enjoying the game? Great. Then don’t play it. Everybody needs to stop believing that their opinion matters at all and just enjoy what you enjoy. Everybody else shut the fuck up nerds.

  7. One is real the other oh well everyone else already said it.

  8. Can do it all on elite dsngerous and thats been out for years

  9. "It would've been cool to fly a space ship in a space game"

    Starfield fans: 😡😡😡

  10. I don't get it at all!!?? There are so many things that Bethesda SHOULD HAVE done with Starfield! I get that it is an RPG game and not a sim. But why does Bethesda state that in order to play Starfield on a PC, you have to install it to an SSD instead of an HDD??? Starfield would run completely fine off of an old HDD! Almost all SSDs can read and write data 3–5 times faster than an old HDD. I do not understand why Bethesda states you have to install and play off of an SSD? Starfield has just as many if not more LOAD screens than a 10+ year old game, and it's supposed to be a current gen new game! The SSD should make it to where load screens are a thing of the past. Hell, even NO Man's Sky had a whole hell of a lot less load screens. Bethesda should have done an early access beta for PC and Xbox for around 100 or so ppl about 2–3 months before release. Then gotten all the feedback from that group of beta testers. And they should have done their homework on similar games out there. Yes, No Man's Sky had a terrible first year or so, but know is a fantastic game to play. Star Citizen has a lot of elements that would have worked and made Starfield 100 times better. And there's also Elite Dangerous, which has superb ship piloting controls. Starfield yes, is of course an RPG game, but it's supposed to be a space exploration, planet hoping, base building, resource gathering RPG game. I can honestly say that No Man's Sky right now has Starfield beat! I don't like the fact that there is no exploration in space whatsoever! I mean really Bethesda, loading screens instead of being able to freely fly my F**king SPACESHIP between planets in the same system, or even to neighboring systems?!!! The only loading screens in space should be when you grav jump, period. Especially when you tell me I'm to buy an expensive SSD to download, install and play the game off of. Which I said earlier can run completely fine off of an HDD. And NO ground vehicles, when you have to survey a planet, and EXPLORE a planet?!!! Sorry everyone, I just had to vent. Bethesda should have had a 2 – 3 month beta period with real ppl, not their own in house ppl, taken feedback from those ppl, done their homework on other like games, and then held off the release a little longer to make sure the game was better and had more features. There's actually a wish list up somewhere on X (Twitter), where ppl have been making a list of things they feel would make Starfield a better game. Have fun you all peace

  11. 550 million dollar game unreleased, with $40+ ships to play vs a gamepass game that's released with mods. Lol

  12. Yeah lets have youtubers reenact 9/11 but in space. 💀

  13. unfair comparisons the game enigne for starfield does allow to do certain with ships things That the game engine for star citizen allow ships in star citizen does

  14. You get it but still complain. That makes sense.

  15. Having a few of such cities in size but with the three styles in stsrfield would be much better. The best pro for stsr citizen is the traveling without a loading screen and walk around a ship while its flying.

  16. He'll no mans sky is only missing a really good story and it's better in almost every way

  17. The reasoning? As far as I care SC is a scam-tech-demo, but Starfield not having this is an utter blow. Like a racing game without cars.

  18. I heard this is the best part of star citizen. That you can actually fly your space ship. 🤭

    Outside of that I haven’t heard about any actual gameplay.

  19. Everyone wants to try and shit on star field because you can’t fly through blue particles for 20 minutes around a gas giant or in and out of a planets atmosphere. Well I’m sorry but this isn’t purely a space exploration game. This is an RPG and unlike star Citizen, you actually get an engaging story with likable companions and plenty of unique memorable characters you meet throughout the quests it’s two completely different styles of game that happen to take place in space so if you wanna game where you live inside your starship and get to spend hours and hours just flying around wasting time, then you’re free to play star citizen or elite dangerous 😂 yeah, I may not be able to manually land on a planet like I can in no man’s sky, but I can still choose anywhere I’d like to land, and when I am on the ground, there’s a lot more to interact with then no man’s sky not just fighting mindless drones while I raise my GTA style wanted level 😅

  20. Comparing the 2 games is a braindead thing to do

  21. Hey, at least one is a playable game and not some dumb tech demo.


  23. This video almost makes Star Citizen look like a fun game

  24. Why does nobody bring up No Man's Sky when it comes to ship travel? It's nearly perfect

  25. Remember guys, all space games have to be Star Citizen, which is fully released and flawless!

  26. Star citizen would be my favorite game ever made if it’s vision was achieved

  27. So i see your point star citizen just like Microsoft flight simulator you can take off and land on the surface. Okay it really amaze me

  28. i baught star citezen an gave it 3 days in refunded it is the worst dam game to ever not come out aslo its hella buggy in the city planet is fake u can not go werever u want that is a huge lie

  29. The biggest difference here is SC requires a down payment if you want a nice ship. How much more money I have in my pockets just by playing SF

  30. Oohh yeah star citizen same stuff for over 10 years already and still full of bugs, and more bugs

  31. Personally, i dont mind that you dont have to spend 10 minutes or more just holding down one key to land on a planet and go back to space.

  32. I mean Starfield does look like wasted potential but at least it's not a scam.

  33. Here's one for you = No Man's Sky. Been out since 2016 and you could always do this, what's Starfield's excuse now?

  34. Yeah I would like to do this in Star Citizen but the game crashes too often to enjoy it.

  35. Starfeild is a story based RPG not a space simulation….

  36. Don't say never they got a load of updates coming in the future!!!

  37. Mfs act like this game isnt gonna be around for two decades and have no updates. First few updates guarentee you'll be able to fly planets its just a massive amount of development considering tou have to fly 1000+ planets atmospheres

  38. In starfield the creation engine doesn't allow u to do what u can what u can do a star citizen the game enigne was design to light u take offf and fly out into space im guessing 50 percent of what star citizen made from kickstater when into desiging the game engine

  39. Hey man just play what you like. I think in general everyone is just fucking with all these space exploring games it’s hype as hell I have so much fun I personally like Starfield I could just build ships and do dogfights.. if that was just the game I would mind.

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