Star Citizen Upcoming Features & Ships Development Update | September Monthly Report

Space Tomato
The cargo refactor finally gets a mention, new ships, new locations, and new systems are discussed, and plenty more development news in this monthly Star Citizen update.

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00:00 SeptemberMonthly Report
00:31 AI
03:03 Art
04:44 Engine
05:14 Features
07:01 Graphics VFX, Programming, & Planet Tech
08:10 Locations + Narrative
08:39 Tech Animation
10:15 Tools10:55 Online Services
09:29 UI
10:02 VFX
10:30 What’s Next?

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  1. I will always respect and love your content.. but jesus christ with Star citizen its a damn… this team this this team that.. and nothing ge4ts done/!!!!1

  2. Love all these videos, seriously good stuff. The quality is very nice.

  3. Wonder what that varient could be 😆

  4. Hmmm… gonna have to knock out the first person I see in a UGF so I can get up to some shenanigans with my new disguise…

  5. A Pisces Medical sounds really nice, even though you're not saying it ^^

  6. Truly enjoy the transitions and all the other focus techniques you're using in your videos. Also the audio is it something you've created yourself or do you work with someone else to provide them for you?

  7. Always great listening to your voice giving us the rundown 🙂

  8. The way you edit your videos is amazing , they manage to inform you and make them interesting to watch at the same time.

  9. Rastar will be useful to speed up the 100+ solar system. BUT, Im sure they will add unpopulated nulsec, like thousands of them, when server meshing will be more a thing and stable. The reason is simple, the amount of player will be too great to actually have them in only 100 systems and exploration will never be a thing if there is nothing to explore.

  10. Thanks for posting, very clear and concise video!

  11. Best way they can make the Mole better and make it so 3 prospectors aren't a better option across the board, is to nerf the shit out of mining lasers, and increase the rocks stats across the board. Then implement a system, where if more than 1 laser on the same ship is hitting a rock, you get a multiplicative bonus to anything that laser, and laser buffs do.

    This would make 3 prospectors be unable to mine certain rocks and would require 4+ prospectors to break the same rock a mole could.

    You could even throw in an "efficiency" stat, where the efficiency goes up if its lasers from the same ship hitting the rock, meaning the ships computers can harmonize the lasers for better efficiency, thus more over all yield from the rock, where as 3 prospectors wouldn't get as good of yield. (some of the valuable ore, minerals would be destroyed upon the rock breaking).

    Right now the hand placeable mining charges completely fuck up any and all balance when it comes to mining, and quite frankly, I have zero faith the CIG team is capable of coming to a good solution, without throwing more brainless "fixes and tweaks" at it, that won't just add more problems down the road. Nothing in the development of this game has shown them to be remotely competent in this regard.

  12. Can't I just be Cryogenically frozen for 15 years and come back to see the more finished product.. This waiting is killing me…

  13. Great vid as usual can’t believe how high quality it always is!

  14. This is by far the best made SC video I've seen all week. I've been going from creator to creator, and no one does half this shit, it's annoying. Thank you.

  15. Omg I can't wait to kidnap ppl with my cutty blueeeee

  16. I can't wait for the day when the servers are good enough for all the AI work they've poured in can pay off

  17. Ooh the disguises are going to make for some cool missions! Excited for that one

  18. Your RSI videos are always amazing. You need a seat over at their office. Always a great speaker with great dialog to listen to while working or chilling out.

  19. just a headsup, prob because the description is automatic, but that sabre giveaway is gone for a while already 👀

  20. Your video always impressive and easy to absorb information, Thumb up!

  21. Loving the video, as always mr. Tomato.
    A year has passed, do you think the progress we are seeing is adequate to their budget and manpower? We should see 3.18 this year, so how far did the game move since 3.14?

  22. Will they develope a "Chair sitting" AI to? (Not to confuse with the chair standing AI)

  23. Would it be fair to say 3.18 is going to be as big of a deal as 3.0 was or is 4.0 considered the next major step forward? I'd think with all 3.18 is bringing and how dedicated CIG is to testing it before release with the introduction of PES that it's a milestone which shouldn't be dismissed because it isn't server meshing and a second system being added

  24. When you doing a giveaway? I wanna play this game lol

  25. Dude that pisces medivac hint was masterful XD

  26. Always impressed with the production quality of your videos

  27. Here’s an idea: let’s not announce new ships until one’s people have purchased, have been built

  28. IMO AI attacking stations will fit right in with Pyros Ruin Station, with factions always fighting over it and probably some others, since Pyro has changed some.

  29. I would love to have a landing radar much like ED does, they could just have the current radar switch modes when you deploy your landing gear, that would help with immersion and make landing easier.

  30. Man no one does the news better than you, the work is incredible

  31. Based on all the footage i've been seeing, its starting to look more an more like a game.

  32. Another great video keep it up! I'm not going crazy right? Did I see a clip of the 890J going through the snake pit?!

  33. I'm really looking forward to the advancement of stealth gameplay. I loved the Theif and Hitman series and would love to have options beyond just going in guns blazing.

  34. Presentation wise your videos are probably the best when it comes to information sharing.

  35. Just wanted to comment on the AI attacking stations. This could easily be added to AI pirates attacking player run bases/stations when they are added to the game, even NPC stations for story missions(like Xeno Threat which you did mention). We also, will "soon" be getting AI blades and Hires allowing us to have them occupy turrets. This could in theory allow us to use them to attack Kareah to steal stuff or remove our crime stat.

  36. Man I hope that mini game for the quantum boost doesn’t make it in 😅 it looks like rough. Id rather something like elite where you have to time the drop to make it close to the target destination.

  37. I love your summarized videos. Very well edited, high quality and straight to the point

  38. Still waiting on cargo refactor, but so full Gen12 implementation on the horizon is exciting. Great video man!

  39. 12 years or promising "upcoming features" and "roadmaps of roadmaps"? Star Citizen is JOKE and I can't fathom why anyone would support it. They will never deliver since they KEEP making MORE promises every year! And yet the game is constantly in a broken, unfinished state, and the single player campaign that was promised 12 years ago has never been seen. Sorry people. I wanted SC to be real and I was an original backer but its a pipe dream that they are using to milk you of millions of dollars every year while continuing promises and giving you just enough to keep paying.

  40. I hope to one day get an NPC Tevarin co-pilot.
    I was wondering if you could choose the skills and traits that they have, within the parameters of the Tevarin character.
    A brave but surly bird man as my Chewbacca, to help me with my Freelancer Max, to watch my back and to fit into my RPG fantasy in the ‘verse would make this game compelling to return to day by day.
    “ … I better check if ‘Skraaakaaark’ has finished de-polarising those relay couplings” is a good motivation to log in regularly.

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