[Star Citizen] Returning to laggy space games

Richard Dikson
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First time offences result in a warning, second time offences result in a ban. Offences carry across all rules.

We’re not here to argue with each other. Arguments started between users will result in timeouts for all responsible parties.
If the chat is spammed or disorderly, it will be moved to slow mode, member mode, or will even be disabled. Unless I explicitly state that it is allowed or requested, any spam in chat will now result in a ban. Repeating phrases in the chat to annoy either me, or other viewers, can also result in a ban.
No self-promo. I have an issue with this occurring semi-frequently.
DO NOT ASK TO PLAY WITH ME. This is very annoying, and it occurs VERY often, even after adding a chat rule regarding it. Incessant begging will lead to a chat ban.
I use a text-to-speech bot to read messages. This helps to minimize the time I spend reading the chat, and ensures that I don’t miss any messages from viewers. It is NOT something to spam messages with. Any attempts to exploit the TTS bot will result in a ban.
Don’t ask for mod, why do I even need to say this? If I don’t know you or trust you, you will not get moderator status.
Don’t ask for or reveal your personal information, including your age.

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