Star Citizen just absolutely blew me away…

Star Citizen is incredible, ambitious, and full of bugs at the same time. So much potential here. Let’s play for the first time with @Two Angry Gamers TV Remag and Freeman. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. You guys are amazing, I haven't played yet but when I do I hope I meet guys like you

  2. Your voice should be on National Geographic. Js.

  3. "I can sit or lie down."

    "Don't lie down you might log off."

  4. "YOU KILLED A MAN IN COLD BLOOD!" 2 seconds later "Lets loot em"

  5. lol this was the best thing i seen all day lol

  6. This guy sounds like Winnie the Pooh if he was a Gamer

  7. I was playing this game and accidentally left my ship while I was fast travelling. I was so immersed that I felt real fear. I felt helpless and scared and alone. I then remembered it was a game and held backspace to respawn…. That is what Star Citizen is like for those of you who haven't played.

  8. This video regardless of the game was so fun. You got some really cool friends and it was really funny witnessing how they carried you around (and us) giving us a glimpse of the content. Thanks this really was entertaining!

  9. this game reminds me of 'Interstellar' movie

  10. -“It’s massive Will”
    -“Well it’s tiny”
    Me in my head, “it’s average Will dw”

  11. por culpa de este juego mi pc se quemo al solo abrir el juego

  12. Jesus will be back before Star Citizen is done. I’m certain of it.

  13. This game is incredible just starting out with a squad myself nice video

  14. The problem Is that long time players like me have been living of big expectations for this game, much of which were never met so far.

    Newcomers are obviously blown away by how massive SC is

  15. Even if the game is never fully released, the systems they are creating are practically revolutionary. I really hope they are/will let other game devs put this tech to use.

  16. What specs are recommended? I’ve currently got an RTX 3070

  17. Looks like a really fun entertaining game, but will never subscribe, such a shame can't purchase.

  18. One thing I've learned from this video: Jack is a liability.

  19. 🍹 Relaxing Screensavers 4K 🍹 IOLO Rainbow Island says:

    Star Citizen is the greatest !

  20. This game finished + next gen vr is going to be beyond perfection

  21. Zu Info es ist immer noch kein Spiel, sondern eine Software in Entwicklung. Und als solches anzusehen.

  22. 1:05 that is what my high school girlfriend said when she found out I was cheating on her in the exact same tone too

  23. "several games do that these days jack" without loading screens ? nope.. even elite transition from space to ground and "planet mode" is a loading screen

  24. Star Citizen looks absolutely glorious. I hope that I can play the campaign within the next 5 or so years!

  25. This video in a nutshell:
    "what I'm just testing it out!"

  26. Yes they have to work on the Clipping issues. The NPCs have a real problem with it.

  27. By the time Star Citizen will be really playable, i will be dead already.

  28. The realism on this one just blew my mind, designs and graphics are just amazing..

  29. I wish by the time the next free launch is out i will have a good enough pc to play

  30. friends to the end… of your ship… love it!

  31. To me this still looks like a bathesda shitshow that will be as buggy as skyrim

  32. Why game when You are in the real Matrix !!

  33. So perfect game like for real!! 🤩😶‍🌫 but omg why so many bugs? and you sey its from 2011' really? and steel so many bugs?? and the most important thing is it a free game or not??

  34. I got the game since the first 3000 accounts, and still can´t play it. Is poorly optimized, and my computer can handle it ;(

  35. Going to start playing today. Bought it a while ago, and hopefully my GTX 1660 can handle it.

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