Star Citizen is one of the best space games but it’s so hard

This game is so hard but so fun I need to play more of this but its 3:47am and I need sleep lol


  1. If you kept playing then u will have sussed this by now but set ur spawn to an orbital station an u skip the train when u die. No.1 tip i got

  2. Took me 2 days to finish my first mission. After figuring things out and avoiding certain bugs I still manage to break my neck on a stair step occasionally lol.

  3. Third person is great for looking around or taking screen shots but you really can't control your ship with it. If you used dual joysticks then you can with practice.

    You won't even know missiles are en route in third person, or restricted area warnings, security calling you to stop for a scan or risk being a criminal…

  4. Elevators are convenient because they put stuff in real space, but making a subway station and the building above it line up perfectly is too much trouble.

    As of this patch the elevator has been becoming physical a half second too early and pushes players directly in front of the door through the geometry. They've fixed this in the next patch I believe, due in the next few days.

  5. I'll sub to watch for more, but I only want you to play if you enjoy it!

  6. Ah, classic death by cruise control or "boost" as you called it.

  7. Welcome to the verse if you have any questions about anything hit me up .
    Big stuff on the backend being worked on so the next 6 to 8 months could be a bumpy ride . Hopefully you stick around and see SC grow .

  8. had to print out the keybindings just to figure out all the darn buttons… rule 1, don't turn engines off mid flight.

  9. Your problem with landing is that you keep cruise control on (C).
    Cruise control is meant to save you the trouble of holding W all the time while you're flying, but when you approach for landing, you should turn it off, reduce your speed limiter as you did (mouse wheel down) and just use W to thrust forward, and CTRL to strafe down.

    Awesome video though, many SC players love to see the new players' perspective, please continue! =)

  10. You probably Figured this stuff by now BUT…
    U = Power On (fact that is turns both engines and Power on at same time is in fact a bug)
    I = Engines On
    R = Turn Both on at same time

    W = Apply forward thrust (up to the limit of your set throttle Limiter (see below C ))
    S = Apply Reverse thrust (up to the limit of your set throttle Limiter (see below C ))
    A = Swivel left
    D = Swivel Right
    X = Space Brake
    Q = Roll the ship Left
    E = Roll the ship right

    Spacebar = Strafe vertically UP!

    CNTRL = Strafe Vertically DOWN!

    C = Cruse Control (Trys to keep to throttle at the limit you set (Set the Throttle Limiter = Mouse Wheel up/down (Tiny square Icon on the VEL meter (on the left of the hud))))

    TAP B = "Spool Up" Quantium Drive; Align with where you want to go
    HOLD B = Once "Spooled UP" DO IT!


    Diamond is a general Point of Interest, like OM-1 (OM means Orbital Marker, OMs gives your Quantum drive something to lock onto so you can "mini" jump around to other side of a planet or moon)

    Hex Points of Interest on a planet or moon like a Mining Facility

    Square Space Station

    Circle Planet

    Two Circles Moon

    Homeplate shaped Symbol Capital City on a Planet Like New Babbage


    When traveling in systems under the jurisdiction of the UEE Navy pilots will be presented with two icons in the top right of their helmet UI.

    Satellite : When this icon is present you are under UEE surveillance and any infractions of UAE laws will be reported.

    Crossed Bullet: When this icon is present your personal and ship weapons will be deactivated by the UEE armistice technology (modification or removal of armistice technology from weapons or interference of the armistice field is punishable by no less than 30 years in a rehabilitation centre)

  11. You had those extra ships for a free fly event only for a short time

  12. I dun got bamboozed! I have my launcher window open..and the same back ground… I had full sized the video on pause before taking a work call and when I turned around i was confused as to why when I clicked my desktop music started playing.

  13. I'm a veteran player. Here's some tips.

    You can turn everything on by just pressing r on your keyboard. "I" turns the engines on and off. It's good to turn the engines off and leave the shift powered on so your Shields will stay active. Speaking of shields when you first turn on the ship they have to power up. That's why you got the shields critical warning.
    Check out the key bindings page in the settings to get an idea where everything is. You're not going to memorize everything right away, because good God it's a lot.
    The extra ships are leftover testers from the free fly event. So you have access to them until the white which should be today.

    When you do land on the planet remember to close your ship up. Because if someone doesn't destroy it they can steal it if it's open. If they're not part of your party they can't open it.
    Looting is a thing so make sure you check all lootable boxes and fallen NPCs. Good idea to take a backpack with you. I like doing missions in heavy armor with a large backpack. But heavy armor you move a tad bit slower, and you don't jump quite as far keep that in mind.
    The tips that pop up are random, not necessarily always relevant to whatever you're doing at the moment. I wish there was a way to turn them off if you chose to.
    If you're going to be playing a lot, I highly recommend grabbing the x56 HOTAS from Logitech. It's not cheap but it's not expensive either at 250 bucks. There are some that are more than double that. It makes a big difference with immersion.

    The elevators on microtech are bugged. You have to look before you walk into it. If there's nothing there when you open the door just close the door and open it again just by pushing the button again. Hopefully with this next patch they'll have that squashed

  14. R to ready your ship. R will turn on everything that needs to be turned on

  15. Just a little feedback, make your keypress noise go away plz 🙂

  16. Actually, it is "R" that turns on everything on the ship. It is called Flight Ready. "U" is power and "I" is engines. Leave "U" on to keep your shields up and just turn off "I". As others have said "C" is cruise control. It causes more crashes than any other key. Don't worry, you actually did OK. I believe that the steep learning curve is what keeps out immature players. Soon you will be an old hand at this. Don't take for granted to just use chat and ask for help. You will find it to be one of the best communities of any game you have ever played. Be sure to tell them you're new and they will go out of their way to help both physically and sometimes financially. I subscribed because all of us in the game love to watch others go through the same fascination and amazement that we all went through (and are still going through). Keep the videos coming. We'll keep watching them. Welcome to the 'Verse. o7

  17. "I can't wait for star field to come out so I can see views like this"… Yeah nah… There will be space and planet but no seamless transition so you won't see views like "this"… hahahah

  18. awesome dude. sorry gor the rought start but it´s the sae with everybody. Your experience will be much nicer w=if yu find an org to play with.

  19. "I can't wait until Starfield comes out, to see views like this." LMAO! No you won't, there's no planetary landings or takeoffs in Starfield; it's all cutscenes. 😀

  20. Ahhh, the joys of being new to SC. Welcome to the 'verse! Learn to love your medbed, you're going to see it a lot.

  21. Been playing for 2 months and I still love "first day in SC" videos. They always make me feel better about my own hilarious and sad mishaps.

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