Star Citizen Is Finally Real – CitizenCon 2023 Recap

CitizenCon 2023 revealed Star Citizen’s single player campaign Squadron 42 is finally feature complete, the devs demoed Server Meshing, base building was shown, and so much more!

Live Reaction Streams with @SaltEMike
Day 1
Day 2

00:00 – CitizenCon 2023
01:02 – Wrapping up 12 hours of content is hard
01:29 – Server Meshing
04:05 – Squadron 42 is Feature Complete
06:06 – Graphical Improvements and Upgrades
08:23 – Realistic Audio
08:54 – Base Building
11:30 – Starmap
12:43 – Engineering
13:44 – FPS Upgrades
15:35 – Ship Flight
17:44 – Character Customization
18:27 – Pyro
21:33 – Ship Panel
22:58 – The Best CitizenCon Ever?

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  1. Still skeptical. None of this means anything if the game is barren & boring. I'll keep an eye on it once it's released.

  2. Sounds like a large-scale clash of clans. Cool

  3. They just waited until starfield was released so they could show the world how its done.

  4. You know, I was almost impressed. But then I remembered how long and how much money it took to get THIS. And then I was not impressed anymore.

    Also, I'm inclined to wait until the game actually comes out, when it's no longer just some vertical slice that doesn't make any concrete whole.

  5. As someone who plays SC regularly. No, not really.

  6. …. yeah, you don't get to say that until it is actually released…..

  7. star citizen will release shit like this to keep their cult quiet for a couple more years, if you cannot realize that, then you are too far gone

  8. So i didnt get scammed and i should give them more of ny money ?

  9. … everyone forgot No Mans Sky launch, Cyberpunk 2077, City Skylines 2, Kong Skull Island, Gollum, and Starfield?


    You all really just forgot how abysmal the hype-to-reality train was?

    Rinse repeat forever I suppose … RIP.

    Let's recap:
    – Multiple network connected servers, so Planetside 2 but with ~30 physics objects, not 10,000 … ok.
    – "Players no longer disconnect but transfer to new server" I'll believe it when I see it. This is a tech demo for sales. Keep that in mind.
    – "Feature complete" so like oldschool games with no updates, no DLC, the game is done-done? Will believe it when I see it.
    – "Polish phase" – fantastic – so 1 month of fast-polish or another 1-1.5 years that it needs for full polish? Let's see.
    – You see one starfighter and get Battlestar vibes …

    I can't go on.

    Too 👏good👏 to 👏be👏true.

  10. Can you imagine Server meshing being used for other MMOs? Like, imagine ESO but all of Tamriel in real time. No load screens (kinda a joke, its bethesda). Or better, the world of WoW being able to utilize this tech. This will (hopefully) be a HUGE step forward for multiplayer games

  11. I'm so confused. Is this game a single player game or a multiplayer game? Or is it two different games? If so what are the names of the two games?

  12. No. It's not. When it's released, I'll believe it. The hype is ridiculous

  13. If it runs like crap nothing else will matter. Is there even hardware that will get stable and playable framerates?

  14. Has there been an update to the quantum economics that were presented in the 2949 con?

  15. Wow, imagine forced local video comms between ships like Star Trek. Pirates could present themselves. Looking epic.

  16. Haters are going to get back at it lmfao, im not sure why people are so hostile to a very ambitious project becoming reality but who cares about them
    Still what im interested to see is how many people will actually be playing Star Citizen since they are going the EVE Online route, im eager to see 😛

    Im less interested in Star Citizen now and more interested in Squadron 42 which i think will be where the main show will take place, after all even Chris was having tears of joy because his dream game is coming together at last

  17. It's not at all an exaggeration to say that the Server Meshing breakthrough is one of the biggest in this entire industry and has been the force holding back Star Citizen's development for so long. This is the first time in a good while that people have been able to see just what they are making over at CIG. They are fundamentally changing the industry and I hope Star Citizen can finally start moving towards it's final vision with a little more haste now.

  18. Scam Citizen keeps raising the bar as far gaming scams are concerned. It's incredible. They robbed their fans so hard they developed Stocholm syndrome.

  19. Wish I could play it on my 2019 razer advanced. Sadly a 2080 doesn’t cut it lol

  20. Ok now I want to play a real space game, what do i need to do to play star citizen?

  21. What's Real is the fact it'll never release, because it can't even fix it's own DEMO hahaha WTF.. Get REAL!

  22. $600 million, no game. One star system. You've been had.

  23. I won’t ever believe it til I can buy it on steam and play it lol.

  24. Who remembers when Todd Howard tried to make this game. 😂

  25. Hey! Maybe it does take 15 years to make the best space game.

  26. Being able to hover and rotate anywhere and the ships weighing nothing needs to change.

  27. Most expensive game ever and still not done … Just sucking money . I will wait maybe in another 10 years , When you can play it as a finished game .

  28. honestly i didnt think this game would ever become a reality but here we are. i hope to all of you that i will live up to the hype. not my type of game but it does look impressive af

  29. Omg lol. I haven’t touched base with SC for like 2 years. And your telling me last time I looked pyro was supposed to be out next patch …. But it’s still not out. People gotta step back and just admit this is sad and the constant stream of 500 dollar “ships” while adding zero gameplay loop to the game is just what it really is. Mismanagement and greed.

  30. there have been a bunch of kickstarter games in the past that have just taken the money of the kickstarter and then vanished.
    but i am happy to see that this company is still going strong and i am hopeful, even thrilled for this game and company. if they succeed with this game, it's gonna be the best spacegame for many many years to come. thus far i just want to say good job to everyone that have been a part of this game

  31. WOOOOOOT good graphics but crashes every hour forcing you to lose all progress (specially the money you had in your ship you were trying to sell at a space port). This trash is a barely playable tech demo at most. I backed the game in 2012. all these new people have no idea the Giant HOT GARBAGE FIRE that is Star citizen.

  32. 10 vehicles previewed in the silhouette section. You said 5, but then condensing 16 hours of live stream into under 25 minutes isn't a easy task and minor errors are expected, we are all still human after all. Also, the six wheeled rover was a Ursa variant as the G12 only has 4 wheels.

  33. I mean after 500 million dollars its about time

  34. I just hope it becomes an official released game soon.

  35. I'm really close to buying the game. But I already feel overwhelmed by all the features. What about completely new players? Are they somehow picked up by the game itself or do you have to learn everything bit by bit in forums and trial-and-error?

  36. As much as server meshing is cool in presentaion we dont know how it would do with different servers around the world

  37. it’s been 10 YEARS. The game is not coming out.

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