Star Citizen is Almost Mainstream

Star Citizen is currently free to play during it’s Invictus Launch Week event. It also just got its biggest update ever and it’s shockingly… playable? Lets check it out.

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  1. Is it going in the right direction? Yes. Is it good? Absolutely not, performance and bugs are unacceptable at this point.

  2. Meh. I'm starting to have more faith that Star Citizen is eventually going to become something great, but even after so many years and so much progress, the game feels half-baked at best. Obnoxious and persistent bugs / physics quirks that seem to persist for years, relatively lifeless NPC hubs, feature creep that constantly seems to emphasize trivial things… I dunno. It's pretty obvious that we still have a LONG ways to go.

  3. Will I ever be able to earn any of those super cool ships ingame tho?

  4. What level of concierge are you in Star Citizen?

  5. Havent played since crusader became a giant gas cloud that was a VRam eating mess. Got my ship, flew a bit. called it in to land. hanger doors did not open at all. things are going well….

  6. nah the free-to-play isn't working i won't let me play

  7. You have almost 9,000 referrals already why do you need more?

  8. It's been an overwhelmingly mixed bag. Some days I can play for hours uninterrupted, others I can't play more than 30 minutes without a crash to desktop. Somedays bugs are just cosmetic, others I lose all my gear because I fell through the planet (just learned the work around to that is to alt+F4 out of the game so it will respawn you back at your spawn location with all your gear.)

  9. 12 years and 670 million and its still barely playable lmaooooo

  10. It is still not ready. New lick of paint, same bugs as before…

  11. Would this run decent on a 4070ti w/ ryzen 7 5800?

  12. bro ive been trying to play this with a friend it is so shit and jank idk how are meant to play with friends servers are just crashing and everything is out of sync.

  13. really disappointed you are still sharing your referral code, you have 3x many as you need for a free Javelin…. leave some referrals for the rest of us, not cool.

  14. Sad to say that if you have a game that's been in development for 12 years and you still can't put together a bug free 30 minute tutorial, the writing that's been on the wall for the last ten years is still apt. Promised so much and yet to deliver anything remotely viable. My advice, don't waste your time, at least not yet. Sad thing is by the time this becomes playable, new players will not be able to compete so the game will likely die off anyway.

  15. No it isn’t and isn’t nearly ready to be with those prices and the current state of in-game economy and stability

    Just answering the title

  16. Oh wow, those npcs seem quite dumb, its like they are going around waiting to be shot.

  17. Kids that were born when develpment startet will.go to highscool this year

  18. Wooooow that crazyyyy ez worth 1 trillion dollars and 2445 years of development

  19. Well, it seems like the game got more mainstream. But every game loop has bugs who destroy the flow, and many players quit after getting in at least 2 of them. CIG should really focus more on the playability rather than pushing out new ships. At the end, no one is going to buy all those ships (in the shop) when you can not even start off from the hangar due to a bug.

  20. is it good now? uuuuhh , no, the game will never be finished, it will never release, it has been 12 years and they still don't have a working game. The bugs are game breaking and they never seem to be able to fix them. Chris roberts will abandon this game like he did freelancer when the online store profits fall below his thresh hold.

  21. Starcitizen, not only are you poor irl, but you're also poor in your virtual life too

  22. SC still needs a lot of work, and really shouldn't be taken as an even semi-beta game (because several game loops are still absent including:cargo hauling missions, live bounty missions, the entire actual in-game economy, piracy, vehicle transport mission, ect).

    BUT, what I will say, as someone who bought into the game, the entrance fee of $45 is worthwhile if you are willing to try the game and OK with the bugs and updates/wipes.

  23. One thing I almost forgot about, and many people who look at SC now, or ignored development for a while, wheren't around for, or don't remember, was the 2017-2019 Crytec lawsuits.

    For background information, from 2012 at the beginning, CIG signed an argeement to develop SC using the Crytec Engine, so long as the Crytec engine remained supported. In 2016, the studio that created and supported Crytec moved to instead use Unreal Engine, and basically the Crytec engine became abandoned save for a few bugfixes.

    CIG, unable to properly continue SC development on the Crytec Engine that was quickly becoming too underpowered to do what they needed, instead started developing on Amazon's Lumberyard Engine.

    Crytec's new owners, EPIC Games, proceeded to sue CIG for moving to another Engine. CIG won the lawsuit because they where able to show Crytec was no longer being properly supported. But that took a few years, now everything is being developed in Lumberyard since 2019, and all the fun it brings of developing in a new engine from an old one.

  24. They need to work on the quests. I've been into Star Citizen for a decade. Never did quests, never needed to or wanted too. Just flew around, explored, killed things. (Few times I had tried, NPCs were really bugged)

    Gave it a shot this time around. Took the very first "priority" quest. Go to a bunker, access computer. I get there, kill all guards. Can't access the computer, the quest can't be finished. I need a crypto key…I check all bodies. Check every inch of the facility. Nope. Okay, maybe bugged. Do it THREE more times before I find out via General Chat that you need to buy the crypto key somewhere before doing the quest.

    Had no idea and the quest didn't mention it. THAT'S what you want to sell to first timers? Quests that you have to Google to finish? Bad design.

  25. Small minded people, like Shroud, don't understand that this "game" is not like other games. He says "12 years" like it should all be done already like MAGIC. He completely dismisses all the hard work that the devs have put into Star Citizen. It also ignorantly hand waves away all the accomplishments the team at CIG have already delivered on that no other game in history has been able to do. Persistent objects across an entire solar system, server meshing, seemless planet to space travel, etc. All these systems had to be build from the ground up for this game because they don't exist anywhere else. Game development isn't magic, and it's incredibly short sided to be holding this game to normal standards and expecting that it all should have been possible to make on a normal 6 year timescale or whatever. Keep in mind there's no other developer doing this. Most of the big developers and publishers are multi billion dollar companies, yet they stick to what they know and none of them have tried to do something so ambitious like Star Citizen because they don't actually care about innovating in this industry. They only care about profit margins and return on investment. It's okay to criticize the game and the developer, but we all should also have some level of respect for the amazing work that is being done behind their doors.

  26. Game should've been called "IF Star WHEN Citizen POTENTIAL!!!"

  27. bought my game in 2016, and this is "the most game like it has felt ever before" is how i describe it. This week, ive played for 20 hours. I've completed my initial misison which was a delivery. the next 12 missions i've done have failed in 14 different ways. This game is not ready, and I have 1300 hours in Elite Dangerous, so I have a ready tolerance for hardship and anti-handholding. I died on an elevator on a planet in SC recently…. you know what i'm tired, i've played a lot t his week and i just dont care, i'll check back in 5 years as is my usual. …. AND THIS IS THE MOST GAME LIKE THIS GAME HAS BEEN since "launch"

  28. Fun fact, Rockstar, with all their issues, with 1 less year then the guys making Star Citizen, released RDR2 and GTA 6 (next year). Yeah, let that sink in.

  29. i think every veteran can confirm, the avarage experience is: logging in…laggs laggs laggs, oh finally i can got to the hangars……damn why is my ship stuck to the wall… why cant i press any button…. yeah f that im out!

  30. I reinstalled the game and it is still a buggy mess LOL!

  31. 6116 hours into ELITE DANGEROUS and waiting for Star Citizen to be finished.

  32. I don't want Star Citizen to go "mainstream" The whole reason it's been so successful and is raising the bar as high as it has, is because it hasn't fallen into the bullshit that huge AAA game developers have. I hope they stay where they are. an island away from the chaos, lies, and deceit. The same people that are whining today are the same people that were whining and saying it's a scam before. They are all eating their own foot now and are gonna have to SWALLOW it when S.C. exits alpha. PERIOD.

  33. CIG reminds me of a certain company….fucking Aperture lmao. The scope creep is unreal, like they struck gold, and the game is becoming exponentially more impossible to manage

  34. Been playing Star Citizen since the start of 2020. It was fun then, and it's more fun now. Some of the major issues remain. It's hard to group up with friends. Server performance is a roulette. Lack of gameplay loops. As soon as those problems are resolved, it will become very, very popular.

  35. I'm hoping the game can run above 20fps this time around. I got a 3070 which is a pretty solid graphics card, loaded on my SSD, just so beyond laggy.

  36. After shilling this tech demo for a decade it’s finally mainstream, congratulations

  37. This patch has actually made me want to play it regularly between game sessions. I can really see the ramping up of development and if it continues then I honestly could see myself recommending it to my friends. Until then I'll have to play solo

  38. Game is still a buggy mess, from blowing up to invisible walls or opening a hanger door. Missions keep failing or cancel themselves. Items still just dropping randomly when looting then cant pick them up. As a person with a good amount of ships I want it to be good, it just simply is always broken and becomes more of a "Well guys we can try" kinda thing then just switch to something else cause frustration. Im not on the scam train however I do feel ripped off after owning for 5 yrs and game still isnt a game.

  39. For those of you still paying into this game to the tune of $45,000+ a day on average, this is your sign that it's okay to stop now. It's been more than ten years and $700 million dollars is more than enough money to complete a game like this by a reasonable deadline. You've been scammed.

  40. >endgame is nowhere to be seen
    Zoomer Brain is strong with this one.

  41. Shroud almost always has the worst takes on everything lol

  42. I took off, and right as I was about to accelerate, I crashed out. Will try again

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