Star Citizen added new missions..

Star Citizen update 3.18 is full of some great features and one of them is new FPS mission on orison. Be careful, keep watch and don’t get caught out! It’s a great addition to Star Citizen. Want to try star citizen?

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Star Citizen is an in-development multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game. The game is being developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows. An extended retry of unrealized plans for Freelancer, Star Citizen is being led by director Chris Roberts. star citizen update 3.18 star citizen 3.18 ptu gameplay


  1. This is what we need!!! More missions in random parts of the system, AI random encounters, missions that lead to surprise combat, I love that the mission team are starting to be able to flex their muscles a bit.

  2. I can't do FPS against A.I. in it's current state. It is far too janky and induces a lot of unnecessary rage in me.

  3. You thought this was eerie?
    When I was new I discovered the Siege of Orison platforms with everything prepped for the event minus the enemies, and I hadn't even heard of that event, plus it was night.
    So I spent like 2 hours wandering the place, wondering what's going on and constantly expecting Aliens to jump around the corner.

  4. Dungeon missions like this that you can do solo will be welcomed for those days that your friends are busy petting puppies and kissing girls. Thanks for the look.

  5. I can't wait till they move this to other areas. Area 18 would be fun to have a fight in.

  6. I love star citizen but let’s be honest , a full playable enjoyable game is still 5-10 years away ; and who knows if CIG will be the ones to deliver that game .

    This “game” is more of a tech demo showing the potential of what COULD be in the future when the technology develops further 😂😅

  7. Finally shooting someone on the ground for fun 😀 nahh jk im not a psychopath

  8. Always love how when Olli goes and does FpS missions, he has like only 1 gun with 1 mag in it then wonders why he almost dies or did die during the mission. Lol if I did that mission, I’d have 10 spare mags in my backpack, and I’d have a sight and a suppressor on my gun. The suppressor would keep the AI from bum rushing you like mad men the whole time. Always nice in bunkers too. 😂

  9. You shot the guy in the bumm and he held his bumm in pain as he went down? 😳
    Wellp, I can't wait to experience the "can't find the last enemies" missions in a new location now… 😒
    I feel they really missed the chance to make this a cool scifi experience of fighting enemies in narrow hallways and rooms. Instead we get these insanely confused open platforms that will make it even harder to figure out whether we just can't find the remaining enemies or they just failed to spawn in properly, like the do so often in bunkers.

  10. Olli needs a partner for these excursions.

  11. you have to double click to equip that gun, it does work tho.

  12. This did a good job of showing off how good the AI could be (and is capable of being) – proves CIG’s point it’s all server tick rate related. I’ve been on PTU servers where it is insanely lethal, far more so than this even. This was actually well balanced and about optimal for a solo player experience.

  13. Judginging from your encounter the AI spawns after you pass a certain area I think because they ae randomly scattered and ot organized in key entry points in the tower.

  14. Oooh, so this is what it's for. I found this last month in 3.17 after getting lost. There were bodies everywhere and a small field hospital at the next station after the one you got off at (or before, I forget now). I didn't see anyone but I was being sneaky anyway just in case. I looted the place by carrying as much as I could and dumping it on the tram as soon as it reached a place where I could find my local inventory. Stay on the tram loop for 2 stops and you get to rinse and repeat. The funny thing was I could loot all of the poor patients at the field hospital too, and the doctors and guards were all nonchalant about it.

    It may still be there in 3.17 but without the mission. I never did spot any hostiles while I was sneaking about the place, and although it said I was trespassing the whole time, the game never slapped me for it. Worth a look who want a sneaky peek on 3.17.

  15. Well this is exciting. I'm not well versed in the SC FPS side. I look forward to this! Thanks Olli o7

  16. Did you ever hire a new video editor? I saw that you were hiring on Twitter.

  17. Olli: What’s in here? Eh, just ammo.
    (has no ammo)

  18. Graphics are ok but the game itself looks so boring, all the gameplay I've seen so far haven't inspired me to get the game.

  19. My man rushing in with no spare mags like a boss 😂

  20. yeah on a pristine server running 30 server fps this is terrifying at night lol the AI are liker Ninja deadly very fun though

  21. man I wish we could get some interesting mission objects, how hard is it to have a sneak into or blast into x, hack y and defend y while the hack is completing with the optional objective of take out generator b to make getting to platform J easier as it shuts down missile platforms blah blah its not hard

  22. Comparing anything in SC to chatGPT is uh.. yeah nah

  23. This makes me cringe so much when people go on FPS mission in SC with only the mag that is already in the rifle xD.
    Nice vid tho !

  24. i don't like orison, it looks so cartoonish, like world of warcraft blood elve starting area

  25. 3:15 – there was this guy with the very same kind of attitude, you know? 2 hours later this guy was burned alive with his arm and legs chopped off.

  26. Honest question, is there any release date planed? 2023? 2024? I would like to play this game but when is the release date?

  27. so, how are we doing today ? except wow . Fromm blogger; -) we have 10 years of development and one single system , shop spaceships , some weapons and armor ……… and nothing else !!!!! and hundreds of millions earned by the company !!!! again, I say that for 10 years !!!!! ….. and yesterday I tried to install the client and it doesn't work !!!!! I tried 4 times !!!!! and my computer is top of the top right now …… what can I say ?….. I will try again in another 5 years ; -) I may see at least 2 solar systems ….. we are promised the universe.) I hope I'm alive by that day 😉 btw Starfield is close !!!!!

    and that system is not in the game how you know 😉 and not will be soon !!!! developers do bla-bla for many systems 😉 but we have 10 years and only 1 system 😉 by the way, these people get paid to do these optimistic reviews !!!! believe me i know this game from begining before 10 years when in game was one hangar and one ship !!!!!!!

  28. They should have some Judge Dredd type missions in the massive cities, that would be epic.

  29. I know that sci fi designers are going to be sci fi designers, but…
    The bunny ears on your rifles front sight are pointless and won't protect the front sight from getting bumped out of zero!

  30. So how do you enable a weapon? I can't seem to find the button for some reason.

  31. Style citizen needs to add segways for players to own and get around faster.😋

  32. It would be pretty cool if they could add missions where…. you could find damaged capital ships like the javelin and 890 jump and you would have to fix them up and at the end of the mission you would own the ship!!!

  33. playing ready or not then coming into SC to do missions is like a cake walk. I really wish the ai in this game wasnt such ass.

  34. Damn this is exceptionally bland as far as mission design goes

  35. The ai is vomplete dog shit. Everyone playing this game is just using their imagination to make it fun

  36. looks too cartoonish, so empty and silly enemies… expecting more from this game

  37. Another question, how do you get that nice overview look and zoom out as you always do, I know you can use "F4" to see over the shoulder and press "F4" again to go a step further and press "z" to have the "Free Look" but I don't know how you zoom out so much, can anyone explain that to me please?

  38. This game looks and plays like a bargain bin ps4 game

  39. "a little bit sleepy" that's a little bit of an understatement

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