Star Atlas – The “Epic” Space Game That Sells Wishes and Dreams?

Star Atlas is perhaps one of the more visible blockchain projects. The plan for the game, built in Unreal Engine 5, is an ambitious space MMO on a scale to rival Star Citizen. Here, players will be able to own ships, walk around them and travel to the far reaches of space. At it’s core, it is claimed to be a grand strategy game with trade, politics and a functioning economy.

NFTs and Blockchains. The next big step in the games industry, and it’s a change that a lot of people aren’t too happy about. That said, there’s also the possibility – although at this point I think it’s a remote possibility that NFTs are just a fad.

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Star Atlas “Gameplay” Trailer


YouTubers on Star Atlas

Epidemic Sound



  1. I like video games. I like crypto. And I like NFTs. But I don't necessarily like all these things together.

  2. I miss buying finished games with actual money

  3. I would have hoped people learned by now from video baits of Mass Effect Andromeda, Anthem and not to mention Star Citizen. As for gaming Nft, it remains to be seen if it's worth it put our time into those games.



  5. I load up Star Citizen and after few hrs of playing it I came out of it the same full of bugs and glitches will try again after the new patch before I unstalled it again and wait for an other 6 months 🙃

  6. So many ppl giving Star Citizen flag here, but I just payed like 50 bucks for a ton of playtime. Don't see a problem there…

  7. What? People bought a ship in a game for 650 000 DOLLARS?!?! REAL MONEY?!

  8. It’s the new unreal engine. It’s insane how beautiful the actual game play mechanics are becoming!
    Check it out and this seems more realistic.

  9. For me it was simple, I went to the website, it said to play I needed to attach my bank info to my account. I left the website.

    easy peasy.

  10. This is Star Citizen all over again, but worse. This is Star Citizen the NFT pyramid scheme.

  11. I think if they go down the star citizen path it will never leave open beta let alone alpha.
    I love the idea of being able to make real money playing a game like this, but I reserve my judgement and my money until its a commercial 1.0 release.

  12. Id love to see the game, but "Atlas" would be a security and if they dont register with the SEC, then the SEC will bring it all down, just as they are doing with XRP and LBRY.

  13. So effectively, they want to get in on the Roblox child-labour boat. Noted
    Good content, keep it up

  14. star atlas is the scam that everyone thinks star citizen is.

  15. NFTs aren't going to go away, its like real estate in virtual reality that will be an extension of the world wide web and beyond

  16. Say what you want about star citizen but this game looks 1000x more like a scam than SC ever did.

  17. steam banned NFT games because it competes with their ingame item inventory system

  18. Nope. I'll stay as far away from SA as I can. Preferably the other side of the galaxy.

  19. NFTs – is all about you need to know to get the answer.

  20. Seems like most people have no idea what ownership is or why it is important. Simps stay poor!

  21. and ppl call Star Citizen a Scam >_<

  22. If it was gameplay footage, they should easily be able to replicate it from actual gameplay footage instead of four separate cameras making it look like a movie. Basically just show raw gameplay footage of the very same scene.

    And maybe show the targeted audience that you can create your own little videos using your in-game footage or create your own in game footage using some software in the game to see how the video was made.

    If that cannot be replicated, then it's more than likely a scam.

  23. NFT’s are a scam. If you can’t build on it or harvest energy out of it, it is worthless. NFT’s are for dorks with too much money, and people willing to take it from them.

  24. I think Star Citizen is a scam too but ppl dont listen 😂😭

  25. IT IS A MOBILE GAME!!! People are blind to it. It will be a mobile game then with the millions they are making they will run after or spend 5+ years to make a game that will NEVER be even CLOSE to Star citizen

  26. Welp with NFTs crashing 90% I feel like we know how this story ends now

  27. Do Not write clickBate titles you trash people if you dot't believe in this amazing project you can get the hell out of here poor haters

  28. I'm a little intrigued, but where is the gameplay?

  29. Not only are these games a scam they also deliberately set up a market that itself ends up populated by scammers and truckloads of prey. It like a scambuilder ideology.

  30. Scam or not, I'd rather hear "whoa buddy look out for that pit!" Oh man thanks, I would have fallen in there, because it's disguised as a cool looking game! While others will argue "no dude, there's gold in that pit if you know what you're doing."

  31. NFT isn't new, the idea of digital ownership has existed since the first MMO and people are trading gear with real money. the issue with persistant game world is maintanence, what is the point of owning an asset in a digital world if that world is dead and no one is playing anymore? so these item don't last in value as a game usually goes out of popularity in 4 years. you may have some long lasting world like EVE online, but those are really the minority and they will never be quite as big as game produced by triple AAA studio.

  32. this sounds like another Chris Roberts scam.!

  33. Back in 1998ish..
    There was a game called Ultima Online. You played, you had fun, you might get rare items, or excess gold, an in-game House, or just a valuable account overall.

    You could go to UO Auction House and sell your stuff, you could sell stuff for real money.
    Digital Assets are not new. Guess how much these 'assets" were worth 2 weeks after World of Warcraft released.

    I wonder how sales are going now since NFT's and Crypto have crashed?
    People don't seem to know the difference between non-fungible and intangible.

  34. Personally I'm just sad that all this incredibly beautiful concept art and trailer stuff is for an NFT game. So much artistry for a distant cousin of the hideous thousand-dollar monkey pictures.

  35. it don't even sells Dreams. It sells probability of a profitable investment.


  37. Hi…what is the soundtrack? It's absolutely beautiful…

  38. What is your estimate of how many cents the price of atlas coin will be in 2025?

  39. NFT is great for developers because you can generate money from absolutely ……………………..nothing 😊😊😊😊….except you need a lot of willing suckers 😊😊😊😊

  40. opph, I dropped out of the video at second 30 or so when you said "blockchain projects". no thanks.

  41. the game is going to be on Epic Games – there are some games out there that I'd like to get into, the problem is they're either NOT available yet and or their NFTs cost too much for my current budget restraints…. I'm thinking tho, with current events and America's state of being there could be coming quite a large crash in the financial markets and I'm wondering if these game companies will stop and cease to be since everyone is going to be going nutz about not having enough food or other supplies to get by…

  42. I could listen to you narrate anything. Such a cool voice. Very relaxing. Great content as always. Space is so cool. Love me some space games. Don't buy NFTs people. Predatory practice I feel. Not good for gaming.

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