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A new show here on the channel: WHY I LIKE IT – where I’ll talk about games, models, hobby tools and more and why I like them. And for the premiere: Space Weirdos by Garske Games!

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  1. Yes! I can't wait for more of these! There are so many fun games with great rules!

  2. Things I never expected to hear from you… “I’m going to talk to you about Space Weirdos.” LOL

  3. Is there any reason this system wouldn't work with the Star Guard miniatures? I live north of Dallas and would like to start a gaming club, but don't think 400 page rules are a good starting point.


  4. Great series idea! I've bought a few games (including Space Weirdos) and stuff because you mentioned it and I thought it was my kind of thing. Can't wait to discover more!

  5. This system sounds awesome! I love the idea of changing die type instead of using modifiers.

  6. Gotta check it out, it sounds really fun and fast.

  7. Looks like a fun game. Nice video. Keep up the good work.

  8. I picked Space Weirdos up after your previous recommendation and really loved it. Zona Alfa and Reign in Hell are also waiting their turn as well, I'd love to see more in this series on other cool miniatures agnostic games. Love painting and playing my GW models but the GW rules can be such a turn off.

  9. I use to run lotus booklet maker for my anime zines in the early/mid 90s.

  10. The only thing I wish this game had is some sort of campaign system. Thinking about adapting planet28's one, should work okay for shorter campaigns at least.

  11. I dunno man it sounds interesting but I heard there was this miniature agnostic sci fi skirmish game coming out this summer. I might just hold out for that…

  12. Old Leonardo DiCaprio giving tips on wargames wow

  13. Space Weirdos sounds awesome! Can’t wait to play this! Thanks for the share!!

  14. getting a copy of this a ruleset that doesnt takes months to learn

  15. This sounds interesting! I've been toying with the idea of a 'Dunmer inspired old metal Eldar model' warband and this would be a cool game to use them in. Like I was thinking to sell these old minis but I can't bring myself to.

  16. Where do you find your miniatures? I really only know about the obvious companies: GW, Reaper, and Northstar. I don't know other reputable companies or sources.

  17. Play Games Have Fun .. Luv it ✌️💚

  18. Bought! 😁
    While I’ll be playing One Page Rules’ Grim DarkFuture this looks like a great game to introduce my wife to Miniatures wargaming.
    Many thanks for the suggestion!

  19. Heck yeah, this is my jam. I love the idea of you talking about indie rulesets and models/tools. Excellent format.

  20. Sounds interesting… I will go and checkmit out. Thanks for the video.

  21. I enjoy your videos, but I particularly enjoyed this one. Looking forward to future installments.

  22. Now do Planet 28!

    I checked out Space Weirdos after you first mentioned it some months ago, and you're right, it's a lot of fun. One of the best things about your channel is that you frequently mention indie games and products that I might not have heard about otherwise.

    I should mention that folks intending to publish their own game, based closely on an existing, copyrighted game, should be careful when doing so. It is true that game mechanics can't be copyrighted, but presentations of game mechanics can be. You're right that GW can't claim the exclusive ownership of the mechanic rolling high on a d6 to hit, but they can copyright the text in which they explain that rule in their rulebook. Another thing that you can copyright is a table, which is apparently–in the US, at least–a copyrightable presentation of non-copyrightable mechanics. That's why every old school retro-clone of D&D uses a slightly different values on its experience point tables–if they just copied the original tables from 0e or 1e D&D, they could be sued for copyright infringement.

    Matt Finch, author of the OSR retro-clone Swords and Wizardry and a real-life attorney, did a series of videos a few years ago about publishing under the Open Gaming License, the legal basis for the proliferation of non-Wizards of the Coast D&D material that's thrived over the past two decades. Though the series focuses on RPGs, the legal concepts it raises are relevant to indie wargame heartbreakers like Space Weirdos. The series is on the Matt Finch RPG Studio channel, and starts here:

  23. Love the idea for this series! I’ve already learned about a number of games, products, techniques, etc., from your various videos but sometimes fairly brief mentions of things during your streams go by too quickly. Looking forward to learning why you like more things! Thanks!

  24. Great review on an interesting system. I am getting confounded by the complexity of some systems so will look into it. Kinda interested if vehicles get a mention but I guess that just ups the complexity level.

  25. Geezuschrist I was wondering how people are able to staple together ‘zines’ like that — that is LITERALLY the stapler I’ve been searching for all my life since I was putting together comics at age 6!!! Amazon, here I come, armed with keywords!!!

    Edit: ok, I had to cheat and use Google image recognition. It’s a Bostich Booklet Stapler!!

  26. Just downloaded the rules,looks great,going to try it with old rogue trader figures or even my starwars legion stuff,thanks for the info and keep on doing a great channel,all the best from the UK.

  27. Just bought Space Weirdos because of this video! VERY cool!

  28. Great discussion. I had heard of Space Wierdos, but never really took a deep look at it before. Fun read, well worth the 5 bucks.

  29. Space Weirdos might scratch my 'Warcry in Space!' itch, that Kill Team didn't.

    Also, love the idea of the 'Why I Like It' series. We can all use some positivity in our hobby.

  30. Hey…what were those models facing off against the Delaque in that desert town shot?

  31. Reminds me of Gruntz 15mm

    A game I recommend you check out btw!

  32. 'Zines??? WOW! You're as old as I am! I still have some from some shows that I went to in London. I'll have to go dig them out of the attic.

  33. Opposed die rolls from D4 to D12… Sounds like a variation of the system I love about Stargrunt II, Force on Force/Tomorrow's War! Given the 'rules lite' nature Weirdos, I'm sure it leaves behind the weakness (runaway reaction system….) of Force on Force/Tomorrow's War (well, maybe not intenionally, as the designer may have not played those games). I will put this on my list of Independent publications to aquire.

  34. I feel called out. I have a special stapler for such things.

  35. Is there a similar version but built for Fantasy instead of Sci-Fi? I know Frostgrave has some similarities but also a lot of differences.

    I already have so many fantasy minis, starting to collect sci-fi minis feels like an entirely separate hobby that I don't particularly want to do for just 1 game.

  36. Cracking idea Uncle A 🙂 might be worth having a few standard/template facts to present such as – number players, solo gaming, length of game, campaign options, Learn to play time etc could just be a table at the end of useful gaming facts
    Just realised that this only applies to games you like and not anything else so maybe not that relevant 😉
    Looking forward to seeing more episodes of what Uncle Atom likes 🙂

  37. As an old "Kinkoid", I am sad to day, Kinko's died in 2004 when Federal Express bought them. I exited soon thereafter. It was clear we were then primarily a shipping company.

  38. I'm pretty sure it was part of Kickstarter's Zinemonth or Zinequest. There's another one coming up near GenCon time. There's like 300-500 zines that come out during that time.

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