Space sim games in a NUTSHELL

Space sim game stereotypes…remember jokes?
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Space games mentioned :
Eve online, Rebel galaxy outlaw, Outer wilds, Earth analog, Objects in space, X4 foundations, helium rain, Space engineers, Starbase, Dual universe, No mans sky, Infinity battlescape, Starpoint gemini 3, Hardspace Shipbreaker, Star citizen, Kerbal space program, Everspace 1&2, Redout space assault, Spacecraft : arcanum system, Hellion, Elite dangerous, Starfield, Space engine, in the black, Avorion, Star wars squadrons, Hunternet

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  1. Yamiks, you should check out "House of the Dying Sun" on steam, while taking a break between beaten corpses.

  2. Maximum of two, non german sentences?

    DAS IST INAKZTEPABEL! Wenn meine Spiele mich nicht an meine Arbeit erinnern, wo ist dann der spaß?

    (For the interested: "THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! If my games do not remind me of my work, where is the fun then?"

  3. I would love to see a video on the old classic Freespace games!

  4. I'm german, I try to play X4 sometimes and you made me laugh so hard 😀 a full release laughter

  5. Ich stimme nicht überall zu. Aber witzig wars schon,-
    (As you said, no more than two German sentences) XD XD XD

  6. There was a good amount of garbage pre-2000. Sir.

  7. Dark orbit the worst pay to win and hardcore punitive ever but was fun to play

  8. Humm, I wonder..? Elite Dangerous with $350 million in backing..??

  9. Empyrion – Galactic Minecraft survival try not to piss off the other factions rpg kind of space sim trader… Well you get the point, right?

  10. Hey man I see where your coming from… we need more space…

  11. Redout Space Assuallt confuses me because Redout is legitimately the best arcade racer out there.

  12. Starpoint Gemini 3 is just bad, 2 was ok, but i prefer the Orgininal one, sure only on a 2D but still better than the 2 successors

    also the Helion Devs said they abdon the game.

  13. Anyone besides me remember Blast Radius on the PSX?

  14. ah, well you missed some of the coolest ones.
    Fractured Space – so dead that not even the worms are touching it 6 feet under, buuuut the original space moba. Looks like a spacegame, plays like fighting with submarines. kind of.
    Artemis – the closest anyone has gotten to actually making a Star Trek simulator. Real 10/good, just looks garbage, but very enjoyable.

  15. What about strike suit infinity/zero?
    I know it's not really a sim, just space combat but compared to some in the list here it should get a spot perhaps?

  16. As an NMS player, yes. I'm a fricking casual and that's how I like it to be. I don't need to use spreadsheets or third party tools or watch 10 tutorials on the same topic just to know wtf am I supposed to do. I like ED too, I just feel dumb playing it

  17. I backed star citizen in 2013 and I've been through the whole rollercoaster. Your joke is on point.

  18. Regardless of what space sim you play, one thing is for sure. In space nobody can hear you fart!

  19. Star Trek Online maybe?

    NMS is a great game, but not a space game. Space is the loading screen to the gameplay.

  20. Evochron legacy….yeah, ok I.m afraid I’ve left that behind now too.

  21. WTF did i do to get banned from your discord ????

  22. That "alpha sentences" joke hit me right in the feels. Just like my empty wallet.

  23. Der gute, alte "Wing Commander": Katzen-Nazis im Weltall abknallen, ein Traum! @yamiks: Sorry, aber als Deutscher muss ich das auf Deutsch schreiben 😉

  24. Yes to everything. Just like she said.
    Anyway I am surprised by how many space sims are out there now… but how many of them is actualy completed?

  25. Freespace 2 cause it's still the only one to get the scale feels right. Remember Capella!

  26. I'll never play No Man's Sky. No, I don't give a fuck about how good its gotten, they shouldn't have released it in such a sorry state . Besides, I'm too busy playing Eve on 6 accounts.

  27. Everything you mentioned seems negative cries I'm a SC backer, so hoping that turns out. I have already enjoyed over a good 200 hours or so, so even if it totally face planted/failed I did get some enjoyment already.

  28. Can't help missing Empyrion Galactic Survival in the list! One of the best Imo, it's come a long way now, space is now huge! Can't miss it Yamiks for the love of Dog!

  29. All true lol but we will still play space games even when they're kinda bad sometimes.
    Btw if you're going to do a part 2 and include some of the 2D games as well, it has to include Starsector and also Shortest Trip to Earth which is basically FTL but better.

  30. Dyson Sphere Program… space sim grafted onto Factorio. DSP actually comes through on the "see a star, you can fly straight to it" thing… games like Elite and NMS fail in that, as you need to go through a warp load screen, othewise the star isn't there when you arrive.

  31. “Star Wars, but good” how this hurts me so.
    I grew up in a time where bad Star Wars was reserved for Christmas specials and knock off toys. The games were (and to an extent still are) some of the best in class.

    Hopefully one day engine/emulation tech will get good enough we can direct port old/dos games into a new engine without some hipster ret- erm “neurologically deficient” individuals rewriting the script, setting and core gameplay.

  32. I’d take a silent hunter or subnautica over most space games at this point.
    Live services ruined the genre, multi platform ruined the UI/sim.

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