Space Rangers PC Games Trailer – Trailer



  1. You are idiot.Second Space Rangers named"Rise of Dominators".Reboot is simply addon to Space Rangers 2.If you dont trust me, simply look the screens of first Space Rangers.And sory for bad inglish.I am russian.

  2. It is a common tactic of these Russian companies. They just do a few things differently or add in a few more areas and call it a new game. Kings Bounty and its brethern come to mind. The sound effects are the same as SR2 and Reboot is the same.

    That is not a horrible thing, IF you liked the game. You are glad to get more, but they go a little to far as the expansions add nearly nothing either.

  3. That IS Space rangers 2. I'm playing the game right now.

  4. This is Space Rangers 1. Space Rangers 2 is called "Space Rangers 2: Reboot". According to Steam, it includes a lot of updates over the first. They look nearly identical, though.

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