Space Rangers Legacy – 1C Online Games – Gameplay – iOS / Android

Space Rangers, the legendary stellar RPG, is now available on mobile and tablet devices

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Destroy the cybernetic fleet and save the Universe! Set on an adventure in the world of the breath-taking cosmic saga. Help the Coalition to oppose the intransigent enemy — cybernetic Dominators, who aim to conquer all galaxy — one star system after another. You’ll need to stop Dominators by destroying their key nerve centers. Make alliances with the sapient races, accomplish versatile missions, defeat space pirates and be victorious!

– Explore all ways of completing the game
While you are playing, the universe lives and develops on its own: the star systems undergo change of powers, even the quest objectives might change or perish. The sandbox-style gameplay guarantees that each walkthrough would be unique.

– Uncover all galaxy secrets
On your way to the Victory you will meet new races, work on sophisticated planetary research, brawl with space pirates and resolve unusual quests.

– Plunge into the game world
Do what you want to do — trade or steal, rob or protect. Your game reputation impacts the walkthrough.

– Command ship in tactical battles with active pause
Take your best space ship and weaponry, gather a team of trustworthy allies and show the Dominators who is the best ranger in the galaxy!


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  1. Caraca, que cara burro, morrendo muito….

  2. Игра потеряла свою изюминку, система монетизации оставляет желать лучшего..

  3. Трек в начале играет – оригинальный?

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