Space Jet: Online Space Games – Android Gameplay HD

An online 3D space shooter
Space has never been so close!
Join a global online space war, face with everyone or join with your friends and create a team!
Complete simple daily tasks and earn game currency by taking part in battles.
20 unique battle machines are waiting for you in the store! Unlock and upgrade them all!
More to enjoy:
– Gamers from all over the world fighting in real time
– A large number of maps
– Daily quests
– Upgrades for your space jet
– A large collection of camouflages and decals
Attention: permanent Internet connection required
Download link –


  1. Play pubg mobile and your subscribers will be 1 million. Pubg mobile is world no.1 game

  2. Space Jet is a game I love mainly because it’s a game where you fly around and destroy ppl and because of the people on chat, like Don1, Carnage, HotShot, GENERAL CHAOS (its caps in real username) Executor, Agro Beast, and Commander Kill (just to name a few) I myself am called Captain Ryan I play on here nearly every day

  3. Game is a complete joke. It may seem fun at first, but as soon as you hit level 7, they throw you in with players 10, 20x your level. There is absolutely NO CHANCE to level up normally. Top level players possess little to no skill — they simply shelled out enough money to pay for the most powerful ships.

    Don't waste your time or your money on this pay-to-win bullshit. Or, if you're a glutton for punishment, play it and find out for yourself. A fool and his money are soon parted — I found that out the hard way.

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