Anton Petrov
Hello and welcome to What Da Math?!

This is a review of another space games called Void Destroyer.

This game features an interesting combination of space real time strategy, and a realistic space combat where you are playing as not just one, but all of the space craft on the battlefield. This game also has construction and resource gathering and is quite challenging again.
This is a one man project.

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  1. I didn't know you made game reviews. Amazing game, Good review!

  2. neagtive reviews from some of the bigger reviewers? careful, the bigger they are the more they expect there to be to pay for, i believe IGN is an example of that. angryjoe is a reliable game reviewer. or i may be talking from corrupted data in my ibrain

  3. …and I searched and searched this video trying to find the math class promised and I DID NOT found any math :/ too shame !!!

  4. This game reminds me of another one so much. It had a base in an asteroid like that and you flew into it to get missions and refit or buy new ships and you could hire ships to be part of your fleet. I can't remember what game it was! :O

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