Space Games To Play Whilst Stuck At Home

Space Games are a great form of escapism, and now seems like a time to have a strong desire to travel the stars. Here then are a few space games that can take up plenty of great hours.

Eve Online

X4 Foundations

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Elite Dangerous

No Man’s Sky

Star Citizen


Space Engineers

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  1. Just wanted to include a warning about No Man's Sky. It's a great and fun game to play, just beware of the flight mechanics, if you like the freedom of movements game like elite or star citizen give…. Well, you won't find them in no man's sky, it's an arcady style of movement

  2. STAR CONFLICT is also a pretty good game (PvE and PvP) and there's no huge learning curve.

  3. Definitely suggest FreeSpace 2 with the FSO mods (just grab the Knossos launcher). FreeSpace 2 basically set the precedent for space sims and it still hasn't been beaten in some aspects. Even better if you can manage to get your hands on an old Force Feedback joystick. One of the few games that benefit from it. I've never felt more immersed than when I played FreeSpace.

  4. I don't know if it fully counts but Spore, when you reach space age is pretty cool and fun, I liked terraforming planets

  5. Star citizen yeah! but still I can't afford their requirements

  6. I discovered E:D a week ago, now I can't get enough of dogfights in my vulture or massive profits trading with my type 6. Currently looking to get myself a ASP explorer worthy of the neutron star highway into the outter edges of space. This game has a way to suck you in..

  7. I played no man sky its sucks ass would rather drink myself to death.

    I have elite but meh evertime I get anywhere I get ganked and loose all my money and ship.

    I have ED on pc and Xbox one.

    Star citizens I would be interested in.

    Although with elite I have lost interest in it as of now though.
    I like it but I also hate it
    It's okay at best.
    Way to grindy and making credits suck endless you can mine but good luck with making anything after every nerf Fdev does. <_< looks at my 29mil balance

    But idk it's okay pvp one sided and a waste of time if your not engineered like me then you already dead if some engineering ganking shits get you. Which is always my luck I have such bad luck when it comes to gankers.

    Some aspects are cool with elite though although it was way over hyped. I am just like meh whatever at this point.

  8. Honestly Space engineers is still a buggy mess with less then exciting features and physics. Ill take kerbal space program everyday over it. Aside from the lack of multiplayer, has all the same features, benefits more from mods and has 2 campaings.

  9. Star citizen is an epic game even in alpha stage

  10. We all know the best space game is Space Station 13.

  11. Thank you for the introduction to elite dangerous love it so far only about 10-15 hours in

  12. If you like 4X games, also check out these titles:
    – Endless Space 2
    – Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
    – Galactic Civilizations 3
    – Homeworld Remastered

  13. Eve is to much of a grind, X4 is another grind .. I need a new game

  14. thumbs down for trying to legitimize star citizen

  15. sins of a solar empire (especially with the mods)
    star trek online
    stardrop (walking simulator)
    battlestar galactica deadlock
    between the stars (early access but beautifully done)

  16. Star Citizen is a total waste of time…, and I was considered a Chris Roberts fan boy. I have spent hundreds of Dollars (original backer) believing that the game was going to come out years ago. CIG just taking the piss now…, and deliberately dragging the game out to milk the cash cow. I believe this game will NEVER be finished.

  17. Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, free on Steam Unlocked. Different game with micro management of your cap ships and viper squads. Check Youtube for gameplay.

  18. Each video the list is almost the same… Lets be honest, the whole genre is stuck with all these "ambitions"…

  19. Haven't played an even half-decent space RPG since Privateer. I completely skipped over the Star Citizen bit, since that's not a game, but rather an overt scam.

  20. X3 AP is still better than X4 if you're interested in that franchise, though X4 has gotten better. Either way it's still got a long way to go before it comes close to X3 AP w/Litcube.

  21. I recommend Void Destroyer 2 where it has more of what X4 is trying to be but is done by i think 1 developer. Its quite an easy miss.

  22. Does the Outer Worlds count as a space game? I haven't played it but would like anyone's opinion on it since I'm still trying to decide whether to get it or not.

  23. star citizen…. overpromise and under develop but will take hundreds of your $s… and still never fix a single bug and keep promising shit you will never see. if you can get over 10 hours in this game then you have nerves of steel and unbelievable patience bc its a HUGE scam

  24. Wanted to play elite cause of VR
    couldnt land ship on the tutorial . . . . too dumb for the game it seens

  25. what controls you recomend for star citizen please

  26. if eve had a solo or offline option I would play it immediately (an option like elite)

  27. Starsector guys. Search sseth tzeentch starsector review.

  28. No man sky better get its act t pgether or it will become obselete

  29. I note your summary of Star Citizen and that you forgot to mention that in addition to its ships, it's planets are unlike anything in gaming. They have real atmosphere, gravity and weather and you can visit every aspect of its vast universe in real-time without cut scenes or contrivance. It is a genuine virtual universe unlike all the examples here and for that I consider it the most important. However as a game – which is what your review is about – it falls considerably short of many of the seasoned examples here, and while in development for the past ten years it is unlikely to ever be complete within the decade.. or the one after that (on recent form). Rather than a game it should be looked upon as an exploration of human endeavour with cutting edge technology and experienced as an example of what can be done with the technology of today. Check it out lads – if only for an experience you're unlikely to get anywhere else.

  30. Star citizen is my favorite, it’s much better than no mans sky

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