Space Games To Play Whilst Stuck At Home

Space Games are a great form of escapism, and now seems like a time to have a strong desire to travel the stars. Here then are a few space games that can take up plenty of great hours.

Eve Online

X4 Foundations

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Elite Dangerous

No Man’s Sky

Star Citizen


Space Engineers

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  1. Except for Star Citizen, I've played every single game listed in this video and the only one I wouldn't recommend is X4, every single aspect of this game is poorly made, from trading, to mining to piloting ur ship, from upgrades to crafting. The only thing I appreciated in X4 is the travelling highways. But there is one I discovered not too long ago, Avorion, very fun; I started as a simple miner and ended up with an empire. It's in my top 3 space game.

  2. What have u got against Evochron Legacy? There is a lot contained within. Takes some time to learn but at least it logical and well explained. Maybe it is just big-time underrated.

  3. Homeworld Remastered collection is an amazing game that was left out 🙁

  4. Elite kinda walled me out with the need to be online. I could play it a bit solo but then it would need to use the network and I'd get kicked out of the game. I have "dat gud 'murican" internet. The area is covered by a single ISP so I can't change ISP either. Lulz

  5. I been looking for a space game where you can build your own space ship from scratch. (Sandbox, rpg.) know any?) Other than space engineer's

  6. can i own multiple ships and command them in star citizen or elite dangerous ?? also what about stations ?? im X3/X4 player and im looking if there are some other games like them to play

  7. im super hyped because NASA keeps talking abt there plan to Colonize the moon an stuff so ive been wanting to play some cool space games thank you for thiss

  8. My god.. is there an upsurge of carebears lately? Need to get back into eve

  9. You missed Sins of a Solar Empire on this list. games don't take aslong as Stellaris'

  10. Hardspace: Shipbreakers is interesting early release game…needs much more to be considered finished (and not a repetetive grind), but it is quite playable, and is keeping me busy.

  11. Ships in star citizen are trash and desigmed by morons. The advanced tech demonis a scam STAY AWAY FROM IT!

  12. I kinda interested i Stellaris. But I've only been playing Elite and NMS..

  13. Most videogamers believe the pandemic is a hoax… but it makes no difference as they would have stayed in the basement anyway.

  14. how sad is it that he makes one of these every couple months for years and its still the same unfinished games or 4 year old games. .. . .

  15. FREELANCER one of the best ones, soo much underrated

  16. Why is empyrion galactic survival ignored ?

  17. No mans sky and space engineer are kings of this list, they are games that every gamer should play at least once. Stellaris is game you want to love and you will really try, but, bugs stupid ai and really boring end game kills it for me and it lags even on my i9 rtx2070 32ram pc. So i would skip it. Elite dangerous is hardest of them all, flying space ship is 10 times harder than for example space engineers. Eve online is free but can be heavy for beginners. I will recommend getting no mans sky, it really beautiful adventure and exploration game. I recommend also Subnautica, really epic game and also space game. And if you ever liked legos, well then you just have to get space engineers, it is really creativity and mind challenging game 🙂

  18. X4 Foundations same its way to small of a game and the mining mechanics totally sucks!

  19. Star Citizen mining mechanics totally sucks as well definitely not worth playing!

  20. Elite Dangerous same as the other's the mining mechanics totally sucks as well!


  22. Is it me or does this guy have the most amazing voice. You should voice audio books, Seriously! Love the vid btw. Subscribed 😉👍

  23. helium rain is a stylish small space game with an automatable complex economy.

  24. ED would be much better if it had some well designed spacecraft. The ships in ED are unbelievably boring.

  25. I can't play the majority of these games because I don't have anything that can run them yet, but I do have a Nintendo Switch which gives me access to Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Mantacore: Galaxy on Fire, Everspace, Morphite, Star Fox, and Star Fox 2!

  26. Eve Online never held my interest. I played until I realized that I would forever be a pawn. Star Citizen is still in a state that is unplayable even on my top tier system. No Man's Sky and Elite Dangerous, however, have held my interest for hundreds of hours. I've yet to try the others.

  27. The primary reason I never played EVE Online is the always-on PvP. X4 offering the appeal of EVE without dealing with griefers makes it hands-down a far superior choice for a player like me.

  28. get freespace 2, install freespace open, get tons of fanmade space games on the freespace 2 engine, including a port of freespace 1 which doesn't require the first game

  29. EVE Online requires A LOT of time, but is infinitely huge.
    X4 Foundation is currently the best singelplayer space sim on the market (except it's predecessor X3TC) .
    SPG3 has gotten a lot of bad reviews due to the sloppy rpg-element put in. Haven't played it.
    Rebel Galaxy has gotten a lot of bad reviews due to the cluttered UI and trashy designs on ships.
    If you have the PC to power it, SC even at it's current state is awesome.

  30. Hello ik i m late to this video, but are any of these games free?

  31. Interstellar pilot is a good mobile space game

  32. Every game where you sink 100s of hours into is costing thousands of dollars.

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