SPACE GAMES to Play While You Wait For STARFIELD

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  1. Outer Worlds? That game is so short it was not worth the price I paid at release. It was pretty, but it did have numerous issues, many of which still persist. The price for the base game today is what it should have been back at release, and honestly, Obsidian should have given folks who paid full price for it back at release the DLC for free (which also came after the game was no longer relevant). I did enjoy what was there, but there wasn't much of it.

  2. I cant imagine that someone who wait for top tier space games want to play crap.

  3. How did you not mention No Man’s Sky & Star Citizen?

  4. Seems weird having a FFXIV ad in tye space game vid… but its actually what i've been playing since Elite Dangerous😅

  5. Good rule don't wait anyting so passionately that it affects you walled or preorder them. Just play games and when it comes out and early adopters say is ok then think should i buy it or not.

  6. I'm more looking forward to the Startfield mods than Starfield itself haha. I can only imagine what the community will do. Especially with space-to-surface transitions etc. I remember when the Skyrim "Open doors" mod came out removing all of the load screens associated with entering/ exiting cities, like Whiterun and Windhelm and Markarth. That was "beyond next gen," to me because literally everything was seamless then and he doors could literally be kept open.

  7. But starfield is not a space game. It is an RPG in space 😊

  8. Adding this for any old school Escape Velocity fans out there: Endless Sky is a completely free top-down 2D space game and a remarkably good modern reimagining of the Escape Velocity titles. Not very similar to the style highlighted in this video about Starfield, but figured there are many like me who just can't resist a well made space game and might not know about this one.

  9. I'm holding my breath and gonna wait on Starfield…knowing how Bethesda has botched their new releases in recent years, I don't have much faith for it.

  10. More like games you can play till starcitizen stabilizes.

  11. I have another one for the List: Space Engineers

  12. I'd also suggest: Stellar Tactics and Mech Warrior 5 in the interim as well (both on Steam).

  13. Playing Spacebourne 2 right now and have played the rest of them couple of times. 🙂

  14. No Mans Sky its better than all this games, best space explorarion game ever made, suprised its not here lol

  15. So No Mans Sky the sanbox of space games, the "space minecraft" its not here???? WTF????

  16. I try every decent space game that comes out, but I keep going right back to Elite Dangerous.

  17. A shame how Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has a fixed camera.
    2023 and still not able to look around in the cockpit…

  18. Have a look at Everspace 2 as well. Still in Early Access but a lot of content already

  19. …except i don't wait for starfield 🤷🏻

  20. If you buy a bethesda game on release you have a luke warm Iq

  21. Spacebourne 2 is not currently developed by one person, it has been since the start and think will be till the end

  22. You Like sci fi Games where you travel through space in your own Starship?

    Why Not try Final Fantasy 14? 😂

  23. You could also check out the original Rebel Galaxy. It's a bit different than the sequel, Outlaw, since it uses a naval warfare combat model and sees you piloting larger classes of vessels. It's an easy entry point into the spacer genre and makes a good recommendation for players new to space games. Depending on your taste in music the 'space trucker' soundtrack can be nice.

  24. When will final fantasy xiv get the new graphics update

  25. Obsidianart have you ever played shadow of Kepler amazing game

  26. When is the old republic getting the new 64bit version

  27. Thought you meant the mmo but the loved the original

  28. Everspace is a really good space combat game that has a great control system. The gameplay is a bit frustrating but never gets boring.

  29. Love Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, basically a remake and update of the old Wing Commander Privateer. 🙂

  30. The outer worlds spacers edition? My old gtx 1050 just laughed at me and died trying to run it.

  31. Starfield is going to suck but a space game list is good.

    Bethesda doesn't know shit about how to make a good game.

  32. Elite Dangerous Odyssey – best for VR today

  33. I will suggest Chorus, I am almost at the end of the game and it is FANTASTIC. Such a great space game!!

  34. Everspace 2 is coming out this week, might be the closest thing out there

  35. pretty surprising that No mans sky and Elite dangerous weren't in this given that those are the two major players in this field, good video tho

  36. The Many Musical Wonders Of Planet Earth says:

    Everspace 2 is a great space game.

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