Space Games & Space Beer: Let’s Play SpaceBourne, episode 001

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We’re officially kicking off a brand new (hopefully-)recurring series of videos for our channel: Space Games and Space Beer! In this series, we (aka: NPC) play space-themed video games while drinking space-themed beers. Aha. Ahem. Sweet gimmick, right? Right?

NPC’s kicking this one off with a look at a single-developer indie title called SpaceBourne. It’s a fun and ambitious little space-flight RPG made with a lot of obvious passion for the genre. This video was not sponsored and the game was not gifted, it’s just one that NPC has a lot of love for and wanted to show off.

Also, one correction: In the video I said the dev was maybe Russian, but after looking I believe he is in fact Turkish. Apologies!

Check out the video and maybe the links below, comment and let us know what you think. Thanks!

– Space Game: SpaceBourne at
– Space Beer: Fremont Brewing’s “Dark Star” Imperial Stout at
– Space Player: NPC
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